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    I parked DH at the computer this morning and went out to move the pavers. They are the heavy ones that you stack and make walls around trees and gardens. I had them in a line around the front of the house, but it looked retarded because they were just not really serving a purpose. I stacked them around the corner of the house to hold the soil that keeps washing out after every hard rain. I stacked them around the mailbox and around the 2 fountain grasses in the front yard. This is all in the front yard. It looks so much better. While I was out there working one of my good neighbors stopped her golf cart and asked me if I wanted a Birdbath. Yes, of course I did. She was on her way to the Fitness Room to work out and said she would drop it by. She did and it's really nice. It's now in among the Cleome's in the back garden and the birds can drink to their little hearts content.

    My Cleome's are putting off seeds and I have to gather them every day so they won't pop and go on the ground. I will have Cleome's for ever and ever.

    I finally thought of a nice gift for my friend who let us borrow her Rolling Walker and Scooter. Bird food. She has bird feeders hanging from her Magnolia tree in the front yard and watches them from her front porch. I envy these people who have a front porch, but really I doubt if we would use ours that much.

    So, I feel good about the stacked pavers and they look good and I can get the lawnmower around that area in the front of the house now. Win-Win!
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