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Coffee Grinds for the Sago Palm and other uses

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  • Coffee Grinds for the Sago Palm and other uses

    I already knew that coffee grinds were gold for the garden, but I did a little research into my Sago Palm insect infestation that has almost destroyed 2 of my palms and lo and behold, the coffee grinds are a natural insect repellent too. You can make a spray with the dried coffee grinds and water and spray it on all your plants for insect control. You can use the grinds around your palms for enrichment of the soil and it's been tested here in FL with a great growth rate to the palms.

    I also found out that it works with sea salt and coconut oil as a great scrub for the heels and feet. Who wouldn't love that? It helps to repel cats from your garden. It works as a scratch cover for furniture. You apply it with a Q Tip. You can put the dry coffee grinds around the foundation of your house to deter insects. Apparently they don't like the powerful smell. It's great for cleaning your tools and taking care of odors in the fridge. There are lot's of uses.

    I've been putting my coffee grinds in my compost pile for many years now and I know the benefits. It is pure nitrogen for your plants. You just sprinkle a little around each plant and let ma nature rain on it. Your plant will grow so fast you won't believe it.

    I am glad I did the online research and maybe it will rescue my Sago Palms. I have already put the Palm food that my neighbor gave me around all of them, but when that wears off I'll start using the grinds. In the meantime I'll be using that spray mixture on those infected palms. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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