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    At the beginning of our subdivision one of the good people who live near that area planted a Peach colored Angel's Trumpet and it's in full bloom. Oh, I wish I could take a picture and post it. It's beautiful. If you have never seen one I recommend going to burpee or one of the gardening sites and look at it.

    It is Blackberry winter here cuz the blackberries are blooming. Mine are the Thornless blackberries so that is why they are not blooming yet.

    I gave my neighbors some Zinnia seeds and they gave us a glass top for our patio table. Now I can sit out there and read, have a lemonade, etc. Perfect! My other patio table got destroyed by a strong wind when the umbrella blew over and broke the glass in the table and punctured one of the vinyl windows to the Lanai. Some of the Lanai windows do not have screens, but that is the only vinyl covering that is punctured now. The glass top they gave us is very heavy and it just fits the table I have out there now. I got that table last year when someone threw it out. That is also where we got the table, chairs, and umbrella and cushions. I was glad to have them and we had given away all our outside stuff from the other house. It's amazing what people throw out.
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    Be careful with Angel's Trumpet. Yes, it is beautiful but it is poisonous and can be fatal if eaten by humans or animals. It appeared in our yard and I've been trying to get rid of it for years.
    Angel trumpets (Brugmansia spp.) add exotic beauty to sunny garden beds with their pendulous, trumpet-shaped flowers and dense foliage. Their beauty and resilience belies the extreme toxicity of their flowers and leaves, which can cause serious illness and death if consumed. Angel trumpets are still widely grown ...


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      I would love to have it in my yard, but I already have enough landscaping. I have seen it grown in a pot and I may try that. I do not have pets and I always wash my hands really good after gardening. I might also be afraid of the root invasiveness. Thank you Lab for the info.