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  • Things are poppin' Up

    Just when you are about to give up hope seeds start poppin' up out of the ground. What a difference a day can make. Yesterday I found that the seeds I sowed a month ago are up; forget me nots, vinca and pink baby's breath are poppin' up abundantly. The one I haven't seen is the California Poppies. Maybe they are not going to pop, but I'll have enough plants to save seed and we'll try again next year. I would love to have them coming up everywhere because of that beautiful orange/yellow color.

    I threw out Pinto Beans from a holiday decoration and they are doing great and blooming. I have grown them before and they are good beans to eat while in the green stage. You don't even have to wait until they are mature and dry.

    My cacti are blooming. They have a pretty red bloom. The Poinsettia's are looking pitiful after the transplant, but I'm not giving up hope on them.

    I feel like we've accomplished a lot since we bought this house and the landscaping is looking better all the time.
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