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Moving the Poinsettias

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  • Moving the Poinsettias

    Yep, I am moving them to the front of the house so they can reap the benefits of the sun, more enriched soil, and close to the water hose. Also, when they get big and beautiful they will make a big impact on curb appeal around here, which is so needed.

    They are currently on the west side of the house in pure sand and not close to a water source, except for the irrigation system which only goes off 2 days a week. I will have more control over them in the front and they will get huge. All four of the Poinsettias are in bloom, but they are spindly. When I grew one in TN it got as big as a bush/shrub and that is what I want to see happen now. I will wait until Sunday to transplant them. It's supposed to rain.
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