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  • Mulch

    I raked some of my leaves into a pile and mowed over them with the mower and made a nice pile of mulch. I piled it up at the side of my garden for future use. I also piled up another huge pile of leaves and put a cover over them so they won't blow away. The wind is sometimes very strong and it blows the leaves all over the neighborhood. I want to keep them so they can turn into rich composted soil. DH is the one who came up with the cover idea. It's a beach blanket that we have had for years and didn't use. My days of crawling down to sit on the sand are over. These arthritic joints will not allow that. So I put the blanket on top and weighed it down with step stone pavers. Beautiful!

    Since the Maple tree was cut down we will only have the Sycamore tree to give us leaves to mulch. I'm thankful to have them and they are so big and easy to pick up. One leaf is as big as a dinner plate.
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