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    Don't you love how they have those chalkboards on the kitchen cabinet fronts, on terracotta flower pots, and on walls in kids rooms? Well this is a recipe so you can make your own. Believe me the stuff you buy in the store is very expensive.

    2 Parts Plaster of Paris, 3 Parts Acrylic Paint, 1 Part Water. Grab an old coffee container(plastic) and use an old measuring cup to measure out the recipe items. Mix in the coffee container with a stir stick, (free at Lowe's) until it's smooth. Use a foam brush or a brush you can throw away afterwards. This stuff hardens quickly so paint it on whatever you want.

    You may need to do 2 coats, but that will depend on your surface and how porous it is. Buy some chalk and have fun posting a message, menu, or just drawing something. Paula I don't know if you already have a chalkboard, but the kids will love this. It's a way for them to express themselves.

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