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Make your own fabric refresher

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  • Make your own fabric refresher

    Yes I know you can buy it at the store already made, but it could be your signature scent and you can't buy that. Here it is:

    Spray bottle, baking soda and your fav essential oil. For me that is Lavender. Add 1 TBSP of baking soda to 4 oz distilled water, heated. Add 10 drops of essential oil and cool before adding to the glass spray bottle. This should keep for a few weeks. You can use it to freshen your ironing, spray on your fabrics around the house, closets, drapes, etc. Everything will smell so deliciously like your signature scent. ps Walmart sells essential oils.
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    Karli, I make my own fabric softner. Where do you find the essential oil at in Walmart?
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    • karlinann
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      It's in the cosmetic/houseware vicinity, not the perfume/scent area. Actually I think it was at the end of a kitchen small appliance area. They will be glad to direct you. So long ago when I bought it.

      More places to buy: Walgreen's, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond
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    • Paula A
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      Jostoy, what is your preferred scent? I have some oils here that I don't use, but will be making this!

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    Thanks! Like I said in my reply to Jostoy, I have some oils and will go see what I have to use. The daycare rooms need a freshen up at the end of the day!