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    If you have some white fabric ornaments or muslin fabric that you want to make into Prim ornaments this is the recipe you want to use. It smells so good and lasts a long time. I have some fabric that I did last fall in a box and every time I open that box it just smells so good. Anyway, I made my ornaments first and then dyed them. Don't do that. It's much harder to dry them and is time consuming. I made snowmen, stars, and hearts with my fabric. You can go online and look at the Pinterest sites for free patterns. These ornaments make great gift toppers, place setting favors, and trim for the tree or on wreaths.

    Here is the recipe: Make a pot of strong coffee. Using a large bowl or pot add the coffee, a good helping of cinnamon, cloves or allspice and vanilla to the mix. Stir it up with a big wooden spoon. I used lots of spices and vanilla and I used dark roast coffee or espresso. Now add your fabric to the pot and stir it up. It takes the dye immediately. Just remove the fabric and hang it to dry Now you are ready to make your ornaments. You can find all kinds of ways to use the scraps. I made flowers with them or you could make pincushions. Oh, that wonderful smell! Happy crafting.

    Ok here is what to do if you already have a craft that you want to dye: Use a sponge brush to apply the dye. Place on a flat pan like a cookie sheet in a 200 degree oven for 20 minute intervals until they dry. Don't let them burn!
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