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    Have you ever looked at those magazines and seen where they have used chalk paint to make pieces of furniture that you want to look French/Chic? Well guess what, you can make your own chalk paint. It's a very simple mixture of baking soda and paint.

    I discovered the recipe online last year and tried it on an old desk that we bought at the thrift shop. It's on wheels and was in good shape so I wanted to make a kitchen island out of it. It turned out so nice. I mixed it with my sage green color and it totally transformed that desk. It rolls out when I need it in the center, but mostly I keep it parked at the side of the pantry for vegetables in baskets, platters, wine storage and other items that won't fit in cabinets. It has 2 levels plus the compartment down below that is perfect for my wine. You could even roll up a stool if you need to sit down while cooking. I love it and the finish is so good I just could not believe how well it turned out.

    Here's the recipe: 2/3 Cup of Latex paint, 1/3 Cup baking soda. Mix well and paint your piece. Let dry and sand off here and there if you want a distressed look or old and scuffed.

    Here is the other recipe using Plaster of Paris: 1/3 Cup P. of P., 1/3 Cup water, 1 Cup paint. Mix it up good and paint.

    If I buy anymore old furniture it will get a fresh coat of my Chalk Paint in a nice off white shade to look French Country. Rock!
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