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Cleaning out the Pantry

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  • Cleaning out the Pantry

    Yesterday DH and I cleaned out the kitchen pantry. We had to corral the plastic drink bottles, (too many IMHO), and put all the plastic containers in order. Phew! That was a big job in itself. Next we had several bags of tortillas, chips, peanuts, etc., so we just combined those to make a good full snack jar. I have big glass jars and gallon plastic jars. I have stuff like Pasta in the glass so it will stay moth free. We put all the pouch items in a box to keep it organized. I have a shelf in there to put all the canned goods on. I have a large wire basket for the potatoes and onions.

    It looks so much better and I can see exactly what I need and grab it. The main thing is that it's clean and tidy. I like that.

    Do you have a kitchen pantry? I used to rent an old house in Lexington, KY and it had a pantry, but no shelving. It was so cold out there that I didn't use it. My grandmother had a pantry and she put her crocks of pickles in there and stuff like big cans of Molasses and the butter churn and a large turkey roaster. Hers had a pretty curtain over the doorway instead of a door.

    Anyway only 3 houses that we have lived in have had a pantry. I think they are a must. What are your thoughts on the matter?
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    I did last month..I so much of can goods...
    I did something..I heard from the grapvine..I heard about this family...The mother just lost her job..And she had five kids under age of ten..

    I gave away half of my pantry away..Of food...Those poor kids were hungery...
    My old house did not have the pantry..But it have selfs..Now i have pantry..And i loved it..
    Nice and tidy..And easy to grab..and right up front...
    If i next the house..I will check to see if there if pantry..


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      That was very kind of you Sassy to give them food. You have a good heart.

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    Thank-you..And there was alot too..Like you say..It that time to clean it..The Pantry....


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      My husband says I have enough to open a small grocery store. I "stock up" when there are good sales. I have those 6' tall sturdy metal shelving units and create a pantry wherever we live. I've had pantries in some places and others I haven't. When we looked at this house there is this strange small room close to the kitchen, and as soon as we saw it, Becca & I both said "PANTRY!". I love it. I not only have food stuff, I also have one of my big upright freezers in there.


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        Good for you Cookielady, because being in the baking biz you need a bunch of inventory at all times. I like those metal shelves. I have one in the pantry that I painted bright red. Pretty!
        "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh