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We need prayer warriors!!!

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  • We need prayer warriors!!!

    Let's start a prayer list for all those in need:

    For David, Janet and the Durst family: that God will restore David to good health.

    For me: that God will be wit me as I go through a divorce and that I will have the wisdom and charity to be kind. That I will ge grateful for the gift of sight and that I will find acceptance and courage when the time comes when I will be blind.

    For my sons: that God will change their hearts, that Donald and Stewart will be safe wherever they go.find peace. That they will use their time to really get to know themselves and become the people God wants them to be.

    For my sister, Judy: that she will be comfortable and that hospice will help her as she struggles with a terminal illness.

    For or country and all her leaders: that America will one again be, "One Nation Under God, " and that God will guide us as we prepare to elect a new president. That those who lead us will do what is right for all people and that they will place the needs of the country above their own agendas.

    Your prayers are powerful and I am grateful for them!
    "God loves us so much, He gave us friends!" Amen!

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    For my mom as she fights cancer and starts chemo this week
    For me to figure out exactly what kind of job I want


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      Prayers for my niece, Vicki. She lost her mother last February and her step-mom died a few weeks ago. her dad died at a very young age about 10 years ago. Vickie's grandmother (my sister) is in hospice.

      Prayers also for me. I went to the retina specialist and he said he wasn't going to do the injection because it wasn't doing any good. I can still see enough to drive, but I seldom do. Donald has been moved to a prison in Atlanta. I don't know if this move is permanent or temporary. Stewart is still fighting the charge against him and remains in jail/. And, I have filed a counter-suit against my husband. TOO MUCH real life!!!!

      "God loves us so much, He gave us friends!" Amen!