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Please say a little prayer for my Sister and her kids/grandkids

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  • Please say a little prayer for my Sister and her kids/grandkids

    I will say that her kids are good to help with their Dad but My Sister is the primary care giver, and just kind of forgets to let them help. I know it's hard on all of them seeing him like this from the man he used to be. Nephew had tears in his eyes helping his Dad get his pants and socks on as you have to tell him like you would a toddler to lift his feet up ect.. Thankfully he isn't physically abusive (he does cuss them and get mad but doesn't hit). I will say they are all, including the grand kids coping pretty well. Grand kids come in and talk to him if he is awake and if he takes their hand will just stand there and let him hold it as long as he wants. If he gets up and starts to roam and the adults are busy or not close the 4 year old will say "Where you goin' Grandpa, come here with me" and lead him back to the chair or towards the bathroom until someone gets to where they can take over.

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    My thoughts and prayers are with your sister and family. We've experienced this with a family member and it is heartbreaking for everyone.

    I don't know if you've seen this by Glen Campbell, who has Alzheimer's, but it really hits home. Get a tissue ready when you watch it.
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      Thanks labbasgle, my Dad's family has lots of Alzheimer's (which is very scarey for me when I find myself forgetting) 2 of his sister's and several of his Aunt's have been lost to it.


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        Determined, I will remember your family in my prayers. What a sweet service they are doing, taking care of one who took care of them. Very touching how the four year old helps.