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  • Let's Go Shopping

    A super easy game. Name an item (food, clothes, household goods, computer stuff, anything!) people might get when shopping and then tell us where BUT the first letter of the item and the first letter of the location must be the same.


    I bought eggs in Elgin

    I bought paper in Paducah

    Isn't that easy? Have fun.

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    I bought apples in Astoria

    anchovies in Akron

    arugula in Amsterdam

    asparagus in Austin

    avocados in Atlanta

    bananas in Bangladesh

    beets in Bangor

    bacon in Beardstown

    blueberries in Browning

    broccoli in Barcelona

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      That's the idea!

      blackberries in Boulder

      cereal in Centralia

      cranberries in Cedar Rapids

      cantaloupe in Chicago

      chocolate bars in Chattanooga

      chocolate cake in Clarksville

      chocolate chip cookies in Champaign

      chocolate pie in Charleston

      chocolate mousse in Canton

      danish in Denver


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        asiago in Alton

        baked beans in Boston

        bagels in Bethalto

        I bought chokeberries in Casablanca

        coconuts in Cairo

        coffee in Carrollton

        cinnamon in Cheyenne

        corn in Corona

        cashews in Cordoba

        cauliflower in Columbia

        chicken in Cologna

        donuts in Dallas

        dates in Damascus
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        • #5
          dye in Dyersburg

          enchiladas in Eldorado

          earthworms in Edinburough

          figs in Frankton

          flamingos in Frankfort

          geese in Grandview

          gelato in Galesburg

          grease in Geneva

          grapes in Galveston

          gooseberries in Goshen


          • #6
            escargot in Eugene

            eggplant in Edwardsville

            eggs in Evanston

            eggrolls in El Paso

            flour in Frankfort

            french fries in Fresno

            Garlic in Griggsville

            grapefruit in Galena

            ham in Hamburg
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              hostas in Hankinson

              ice in Indianapolis

              jam in Jasper

              kiwi in Kirksville

              limes in Lima

              lemons in Lexington

              lettuce in Lynchburg


              • #8
                jelly filled donuts in Johannesburg

                kettle korn in Kansas City

                kale in Knoxville

                lasagna in Lancaster

                lobster in Lansing

                macaroni in Mexico City

                marshmallows in Mount Vernon
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                • #9
                  medicine in Maryville

                  mustard in Madisonville

                  nachos in Nashville

                  octopus in Olathe

                  pickles in Pickerington


                  • #10
                    nectarines in Niagara Falls

                    Neopolitan pizza in Nashville

                    oranges in Orange Prairie

                    pasta in Pittsfield

                    papaya in Pittsburgh

                    quiche in Quincy


                    • #11
                      pretzels in Piedmont

                      parsley in Paducah

                      quinoa in Quebec

                      radish in Rockford

                      ravioli in Rutland

                      rhubarb in Rutherford

                      steak in Sturgis

                      salmon in Seattle

                      turnips in Tulsa
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                      • #12
                        turkeys in Taylorville

                        tacos in Tuscaloosa

                        upside down cake in Urbana


                        • #13
                          ukulele in Ullin

                          umbrella in Union

                          vinegar in Vandalia

                          venison in Vienna

                          veal in Versailles

                          violin in Viburnum


                          • #14
                            vegetables in Venice

                            vanilla in Vicksburg

                            watermelon in Washington D.C.


                            • #15
                              wigs in Warrensburg

                              wafers in Wichita

                              wax in Wheeling

                              windows in Williamsburg

                              xrays in Xenia

                              yams in Yorktown