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  • Missing THE

    Are you up for a challenge?

    We use the word THE all of the time without thinking about it.

    Can you write a short story/paragraph and not use THE? Let's see how creative we can be!

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    It is hard to write a poem, story or paragraph - or even a sentence - without using a certain word, but challenging your brain cells is fun!


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      I Go Where Iím Towed

      My life is about to change. What has been normal for us will no longer be so. Our primary residence will no longer be a brick ranch in small town America but will now go where it is towed. It will be towed across rivers, plains, hills, mountains and from one coast to another. Upward to Alaska and south into Mexico is our plan and heartís desire.A recurring dream is finally becoming a reality. A new chapter, Lord willing, will be an exciting chapter in our lives. We have considered, we have planned and now we will go. RV life - will be our life. for a while at least.
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        Wow!!! That is a great story. I'm impressed.