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Wednesday, February 12

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  • Wednesday, February 12

    Morning girls! Beth, Boffler, and Cookielady, I hope all of you are doing better today.

    Yesterday started out humid, (85 %), but turned out to be a lovely sunny day. I sowed some flower seeds in the afternoon, but they are the kind that will not die after a frost, Purple Coneflowers, Nigella, & Black Eyed Susan's.

    DH had a late doctor appt. with his new primary care doc. She did an ear lavage and he can hear me now. His blood work is excellent. We do not have to do a finger stick every day, just 3 times a week.

    Today is Aldi's shopping and trash day. Trash is at the curb already.

    We went to the thrift shop yesterday, but no Baker's Rack. It may take a little time, but they will get some in and we will find the perfect one.

    Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning I have checked in with mom to see how dad is..His fever is back up to 101. The highest it got yesterday was 102.7. They spent 5 or 6 hours in the er last night. They gave him a bag of fluids and a bag iv antibotics.

    I really feel like my sis and I need to go check on them...She thinks we just need to let them rest.

    I am feeling better today. Work and groceries.

    if Aldi has strawberries I will get that and melting chocolates and make chocolate covered strawberries for my nieces.


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      Morning! Going to rain and snow later today and tomorrow temps will drop to the coldest of the season...single digits! Geeze I am freezing every day and now the temps are going to drop? I am going to be an icicle!!

      Last nights Blues game was cancelled in the first period. One of our players collapsed on the bench and this morning they say it was a cardiac episode. Scary...not getting much in updates so hope all is well. Listening to the morning news and there are accidents all over both sides of the river and there is no weather to make for bad roads. There are two around Sierra and Jon has called to see if I knew her work hours today. I do not and am waiting to hear if he got hold of her. These kids do not understand how we worry. So many accidents...makes you wonder about the driving skills people have. I know there is no consideration or manners so maybe that explains it.

      Think tonight I will fix spaghetti. Last nights meal was fine. The rice a little spicy! I did not buy a pie yesterday but did pick up a mini lemon know one of those things that are bright yellow inside. I gotta say it was good...had a crunchy sugar type sprinkly top and a nice moist lemon flavor. I wish it would have been a little bigger...not that I would ever share it..just wish it had been bigger! Geeze!

      I must run the vacuum today. Been way to long for that and dusting. It just seems like a lot of work. Ran to walmart yesterday and ended up spending a bundle. Knew I would...had to buy a basket to put my crocheting in. I like baskets and was happy I had a reason to buy it. Not happy with the way the glasses are coming from the dishwasher so picked up something to clean the inside and am going to change the brand of pods. The clear glass bowls are coming out shiny and clean but the drinking glasses look icky. If I have to hand wash glasses then I will switch to paper cups! Anxious to start the dishwasher this morning and see if I have changed anything.

      Want to listen to some news. Not at all happy with things coming from the president and his posse. Need to see if there is a health update on the Blues player. No word on where Sierra is with all the accidents this morning so need to check on her. Have a good day everyone and hope those of you under the weather are feeling better. Enjoy that weather Karlinann...I am so jealous!!


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        Good almost SUNNY Morning! It's was gorgeous a couple hours ago, but the clouds are rolling in. Yesterday was just plan icky.

        Yesterday was good. Not super productive. Headed into town for my diabetic eye check & all was good. New doctor for me. Did some grocery shopping. Came home and didn't get a whole lot done. I did make that Cannoli pie. Not too impressed by it, but I'm not a big lover of fresh ricotta cheese. I like it cooked & baked. I did strain it for 4 or 5 hours before mixing up the pie. I got it cut & decorated this morning, and took it to Mel's. We'll see if they like it. If not, we'll pitch the recipe. Made the crust with waffle cones. YUM!

        Can I just roll my eyes a bit? Sorry. Gave Mel the bill & she must have went to her accountant lately. She said she has been pitching my bills I give her because she pays me in cash & I'm not a real business and didn't think she's have to claim it either. I said, "Mel, you sell the pies & get money for them, and you need to claim those expenses, otherwise I'll show as pure profit." She didn't get it. I told her I even keep every reciept just incase. If bookkeeping isn't your thing, you need to hire someone to manage that part of your business.

        Once I get my butt in gear here, I have a list of making & baking projects to do for the next couple days that are Valentines related for customers & the school. One new customer ask about Galentines ideas. Have you ever heard of that? I typed it into Pinterest, and by golly it was there. It's....Gal...entines…..valentines with your gal friends. Who knew!

        I'm feeling normal again. I think I'm going to take the second shot on Friday. It has curbed my appetite and my levels are lower and I'm taking less insulin. Just hope I don't burp sulphar again.

        Have a good one all!


        • Paula A
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          Does Tums help the burping?

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        Ok, I will try and post before anyone else comes in.
        Yesterday was the Dept of Ed visit and this morning right on the footsteps of a child being dropped off was my food check visit. Luckily I was ready with the right milk out (1%) and the right cereal ( whole grain Kix). Oh, and strawberries! I had leftover strawberries from lunch yesterday.

        Karlinann, as much as I love coneflowers you would think I would buy seeds, would t you?
        Cookielady, Mel better think on both sides of her register! Deductions are the name of a business owner’s game plan!
        Google that player, Maxi!

        I got a call at 6:30 last evening about my friend. She works at House of Design and was boxing up items. She was standing on a step stool getting a vase and somehow Fell! The vase broke and she fell on it, cutting her wrist so badly that when her husband called it was waiting for the helicopter to fly her to UC Davis for vascular surgery! A co worker drove her to the hospital (Ugh!) and when I asked Kent who was applying pressure to her wrist he said Marcia herself. Losing a lot of blood, probably in shock! You never send someone with just the driver when they are bleeding profusely, if you have a choice! Which they did. Not even sure why they did not call 911, other than they did not realize how deep the cut was and how much blood there was going to be. Kent said the car looked like someone bled out and Marcia’s clothes were soaked ( so no worrying if your underwear was clean, I guess). Sorry to go on; after so many years of First Aid and CPR classes and living with people in fragile health, I am probably more aware but honestly!

        People need to err on the side of caution.

        I had the news on for a bit and saw the results of the Westminster Dog Show. They no longer air it on normal tv and it was something our family always watched.
        Lots of memories.

        Hearing the comment on the uncooked ricotta I think I will make up the filling to test before I make the pie. If regular cannolis are uncooked filling then I will probably like it. I also have a really good lemon ricotta cookie that bake up soft and cake like in texture.

        I have on a cardigan with my top for this morning and hoping it warms up enough to take off later. After the work and stress of getting ready for yesterday I am ready to relax it down a notch ( which with two biters is not as easy as I wish it was). I am ready for whatever Galentines means! For me it would be chocolate in every form!
        Chocolate covered fruit ( even dried apricots) rich, decadent brownies, a few pieces of Dove chocolates ( or Sees!) and some chocolate covered nuts or mix of sweet and salty. You can just send that package out to me in the next day or two
        But I think I will make some brownies... Gary knew the way to my heart was flowers or a corsage of a beautiful big orchid. Not even my autocorrect knows how to spell the big purple one I am trying for. Sounds like catalia... Karlinann, know what I mean? Anyway, my family knows Mom does not buy nor does she want a grocery store corsage. Probably tmi but it is the truth.
        I wish I could sit and chat more but you are probably ready for me to close.
        Hope you all have a good day! Sweets and Treats to all!


        • karlinann
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          That orchid is called Cattleya. It is beautiful, but I have never cared for orchids or any exotic flowers. It's like they are too beautiful to be real.

        • Paula A
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          Karlinann, I have a wonderful orchid in my kitchen window garden and it is blooming again! I almost get tired of it, but it loves the humidity of being by the sink and keeps putting out new branches and buds!
          Thanks for the correct spelling !