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Saturday, February 08

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  • Saturday, February 08

    Good morning! I went out at daylight and there were plenty of twigs and branches and dead Palm fronds all over the yard. Our neighbors trash can lid was in our yard! The air plants had even blown out of the treetops. I picked all of it up, even in our neighbors yard and now I have a huge trash can full for yard waste pick up this week.

    I thought I was finished and started around the house and looked at the bank. A trench of 6 inches deep and about 6 feet long had washed out by the torrential rain from one of the gutters, even though I have a long drain pipe attached to it. I had to fill that in with dirt and I decided to move some Mondo grass onto the bank. I put it around my lime trees. Today I will move some mature White Fountain grasses to the bank and some ferns and Mexican Petunia's. I plan to shore up that drain by diverting it with another pipe so it won't go in that direction. Every time we have a torrential rain it washes out and it has eroded enough to be a concern. I must fix it today.

    I got to pulling more dead things out and noticed that the pavers were not level. Even though I didn't want to work on the bank due to my aching knee, I didn't have a choice. Every time it rains those pavers need to block that sand from washing downhill. I was almost finished when my neighbor came outside and I told her we had looked at her house for sale online and I admired some wicker chairs she had and I thought she had already gotten the thrift shop to come and pick up the furniture, but she said she'll be here until March and that if the new homeowner does not want the furniture I can have them. There is a table to go with! I have several pieces of wicker and this will match.

    I was still out there working when dh got home from the gym. He made me come in and I was exhausted again. The wind blew all the time that I was out there. It has my sinuses so messed up and my teeth hurt. It blew that fine sand into my eyes and up my nose. I'm glad the wind has died down. We have a frost advisory for this am. I will be out spreading grinds as soon as dh gets them home.

    Don't know what's for dinner except coleslaw. Probably ribs and baked beans and baked potatoes, but we'll see.

    Peace & Plenty.

    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

  • #2 sun but the snow only stuck on the grassy areas and wasn't much. So tired of the weather guys getting it wrong all the time. Maybe someday they will predict sun and heat and flowers and grass and be right! No complaining about weather people then!! Does make you wonder what is happening in the world though doesn;t it? Virus's running this day of age we were unprepared for a new disease? Really? We have people in charge to be on top of these things...right? Oh, that is right we cut funding for those frivolous things like disease control and world health. You know, getting the flu or virus or whatever does not scare me. I sure as heck get angry that we were unprepared for something the health officials around the world are telling us was coming someday. Ok enough complaining about disease. Plenty of other bigger things to complain about like the state of our politics. Certainly not any big boys in charge anymore.

    Blues play tonight so have something to look forward to. Maybe a Pizza? I love pizza! I see where the dust bunnies are getting bold and settling along the baseboards so should run the vac someday soon. I keep promising myself on the next warm day I am going to wash the front windows. Unlike Karlinann I do not get right up and deal with what needs doing. Hope your weather clears up soon in Florida. Maybe Bofflers weather is better where she is?

    Guess I'll go clean out the sink and then think about ironing and laundry. Maybe something better will come along and save me from the drudgery of housework? However, if I have to dress for this 'something' I would have to think about it.... Have a great day!!


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      I donít have to get dressed or leave my house today so I wonít!! Mom and dad were here for the night. Their dog pooped in my house again! She doesnít do any of that at their house only mine and my sisters! She has a doggie door at home.

      I was up and fixed breakfast for everyone egg sandwiches for mom my sis and I. Daddy wanted oats so I made that for him.

      Heís coming back on Wednesday to help on a project at my sisters. I am planning to make home made pizza one night while heís here. My sis can feed him otherwise.


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        A little doggie trick is to take them out 15 minutes after they eat, and again 1st thing in the morning. That is a busy job taking care of a dog. I do not envy you.

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      Oh, Beth, I love how close your parents must be to be able to come and do projects!
      Karlinann, I am waiting for it to warm up today and then I am power washing the patio and the little playhouse. I cut out all the oleander growing through the fence from the back neighbors yard and then cut the Rose bush that was sprawling out into our grass play area. I fenced off part of the yard to keep grass because the other half has the play equipment and bikes and the kids have run it down to dirt. The sand box gets shared all over, too, so the white picket fence a gate is a reminder of what can go on each side. The pool is behind a 5í fence and auto gate so no one and nothing gets over there.

      I was at Walmart early and home by 9:10! You can zip through the store at that time. I saw a good friend and visited with her, too.

      Laundry is done, cookie dough made and the oven just dinged it is at 350. I had one errand up town, then decided to go for the last time to House of Design which is closing. I wanted to say good bye and could not believe how emotional it was.
      The owner is such a wonderful woman and I have loved the shop for the whole 25 years it has been open.

      I am having a problem with my email and canít get any nor send any.
      I hate how these tech glitches can get me down. I will probably have to open a new email and the one I have was mine and Garyís and I know that is what is bothering me. He would be shaking his head at me, and saying, Let it go, Paula.
      Before the Disney movie he told that to our kids and me when we were letting something or someone bother us.

      I hope you all are as good as you sound! Keep up with all the posting!