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Wednesday, February 5

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  • Wednesday, February 5

    Good morning Rounders! It got to 76 yesterday. Whew, did I ever sweat cleaning up the kitchen after dinner!

    I got a really bad leg cramp last night and DH had to massage my leg muscle before it would release. It hurt so bad. That makes 2 really bad leg cramps this week. I am drinking enough water, but dh says I'm not.

    We have Aldi's shopping to do and the trash is already at the curb. Did I tell you that I saw a tuft of rabbit fur in the yard yesterday too? Maybe the hawks got a rabbit. There are plenty of them around here. Those hawks are big and scary. Sometimes they swoop low.

    Nothing exciting here. Peace & Plenty.

    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning..nothing exciting happening here. Hoping to make a quick trip to Walmart right after work.


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      I forgot to tell you my parents were here until yesterday. They came to have lunch with me at work. They got to watch me cook. Mom was so proud of me!

      I came home to a completely reorganized spotless kitchen, my mom did it for me. I am going to work hard to keep it like that.


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        Oh, what a great surprise!

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      Morning! Sitting here waiting for another snow storm to come in. We are supposedly in the 3 to 6 inch band. Last night it sleeted and rained and this will start mid morning into tonight. We are in the heavier snow band but my sister is in the icier band. I'll take the snow. Wish I would have sneaked into Boffler's trunk and headed south!! Instead of sitting in the sand we get to shovel snow...again!

      Jon is home today and tomorrow so he will run out if we need anything. I do need a pepper for a crock pot dish that I will make tomorrow if Andrew does not have school. He does not like this and he did not like last nights stuffed peppers so cannot feed him something he will not eat twice in a week. I gotta tell you those stuffed peppers were delish and that kid missed a great meal. He ate frozen french toast sticks..yick! Thinking tonight will be scalloped potatoes and ham...found the ham in the freezer and I know he will eat that.

      We found out what is wrong with Sierra's taxes we just don't know where to put the fix. She needed an Illinois tax pin number for e filing. So she got one and we cannot figure where to put it! Both she and I have gone over her taxes and her dad went over them and we cannot find a place to put it. When he took Andrew home he ask his mom since she does her own taxes every year and she she uses a pin on her Federal and we did see a spot on that form. Her federal taxes have been accepted so they do not require this pin? Her dad is mad at both of us since she should have paid the money and had them professionally done. I mean he is really upset with us over doing these taxes! But you know, she has a simple filing and why pay somebody. Only thing we did wrong was have this stupid pin number left over! Ok it would have been easier to have them done but paying for things you can do yourself is so ridiculous. Or maybe not....

      Today I will do laundry and wait for the snow. Blues won last night. Those leg cramps hurt! Amazing how tight that muscle gets. I always heard if you increase your calcium? I do know they will bring life to a painful and complete stop!!

      Have a good day everyone. Warm and sunny would be nice but not in our future.


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        Good Morning! Another dreary cold one here.

        Yesterday was good. I just plugged along. Got 12 Oreo crusts made & ready to be filled today. Made 6 carrot cakes & ready to be wrapped & frozen. Kathy came and I taught her how to make a cherry macaroon pie from scratch...crust & filling. It's Matt's absolute favorite pie. Btw timers her & I slipped into town to pick up my Escape from the Ford garage. Now both wipers work. It was still part of the vehicle claim from when the deer jumped on my car.....almost 5 mos since the accident. After we got the pie out of the oven, Kathy & I headed into town for dinner at Arby's and grocery shopping at Sharp Shopper. We actually had a nice time together. She's showing signs of being ready to learn how to cook & bake like me.

        Today I hope to filled the 12 Oreo crusts....PB pies & Samoa pies. Still need to mix up the sugar cookie dough & buckeyes. The order for them got moved up to Monday now, so I've got to get them done.

        Have a good one all!


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          It is a good morning here, the big garbage cans are back in the yard and now waiting for the yard waste truck. My lawn mowers come today, too, so it is our noisey day! Kids know to wait till the mowing is done before we go out.
          I am hoping he can cut back a sprawling rose bush that is on my play side and I donít want to get marked down for it when I have my observation next week.

          Pink Himalayan salt is what lots of people I know take to ward off leg cramps. Dieting can bring them on. At first I used magnesium oil and that sprayed on my legs at night took care of them but it is easier for me to use salt so I use Redmond Real salt and no more than usual. I realize you have problems with salt, Karlinann, and maybe try an electrolyte drink. That is what my brother uses as a runner to keep from having leg cramps.

          My days are moving as quickly as ever: when you have a deadline like an observation or taxes, time zooms!

          I want a piece of that Samoa pie! My favorite Girl Scout cookie!
          You can tell I havenít eaten breakfast yet? Food is calling!
          Have a great day and keep thinking of Bofflerís beach!