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Wednesday, October 9

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  • Wednesday, October 9

    Good morning Rounders! I got more sleep last night than I have in a long time.

    Today is Aldi's shopping and trash pick-up. Is that exciting or what?

    The door is open. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    I am posting by phone light and candlelight. The power has been turned off and the wind is howling. Even with my doublepaned windows it is noisy out there.

    Trying to get ready without real lights and power is tricky and who knows how either one of us will look today!

    I hope you all are having a better start to your dayí


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      Did the wind cause the power outage or are you having rolling blackouts or something? Night outages are ok I guess if you sleep and do not need the tv but morning is another story. Bummer!

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    Well thank you KA! Good Morning! Suppose to be another sunny Fall day here. Love it!

    Yesterday was very good. Spent most of the morning banking & grocery shopping. Got that all put away. Then the phn rang...ah oh...the lady from the pool place down the road was calling. Was wondering if it was too late to order cookies for.....SATURDAY'S wedding. WHAT???? She had told me about this wedding last spring & I didn't really pay attention to the date....thought it was next year. It's the other lady's family that the wedding is next year. Anyways, I said what do you need. Only 4 kinds, 5 doz each....very doable. So btw that order and the other order for Saturday, I have to make 12 different kinds. Got all the doughs mixed up and 6 baked off yesterday. Only made single batches of most. I kicked butt! I quit at 930, and sat and watched 2 episodes of Good Doctor.

    Got a text from Blaise's Math teacher. He used a calculator when he shouldn't have on his homework the night before. I ASK him if he did because I saw no work, just answers. Well he lied to me, and got a zero because of that, so being the mean grandma that I am, I found 4 pages from various workbooks I have, and he had a the 4 pages before electronics or no electronics for the day. He finally settled down to doing them around 8pm, and was done by 815, and got signed onto the computer for a half an hour.

    This morning Sue is coming. Baking cookies and mixing & rolling pie dough is on the agenda. I also need to make up 4 cream pies and ice a carrot cake. It'll all eventually get done. I have until Friday noon. Will just slap on another vitamin energy patch, and away I go.

    I thought of Jo last night while making dinner. I was revamping leftovers. She was famous for doing that. I sure miss her. I know our numbers of dwindling, and I would surely welcome new blood. I would be lost w/o you guys. I would love to get together...a Round Up. Hugs all around. Our site is paid up for another 2 years I think. FB just isn't the same. If others are reading & want to join in on the conversation, please do. Karlinann and Paula joined in later in the game, and they are now regular members. There is room in this house to love more. Maxie use to hide in a "closet" for a few years, but she's now back & as feisty as ever. Yes, we have differing opinions, but we don't start drama. Just chat.

    Time to get busy! Have a good one all.


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      We used to have drama but those people are gone. I can no longer sit in my is just to tight a fit now. Amazes me how things shrink..closets, clothes...can't even trust the dryer or my favorite chair!

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    Morning...going to be a nice day here, too, Cookie. House is cool but I am up, showered, and dressed. We have a family of something with stingers trying to winter in the front porch electrical socket. The boys have been spraying but they keep coming back so the exterminator is coming this morning...between 8:00 and 1:00. Kinda shoots a day doesn't it? Oh well, it is on record that I have a bee allergy so we get pretty fast service. Besides the new mattress is being delivered sometime today and I do want that. Sierra is also driving over with her car insurance money so if possible we will do lunch and the boys will get carry out tonight. Not a bad day. Got notice that the new yarn will be delivered tomorrow and I ordered as much as I have for the one I am working on and I do not think it is enough. I was going to make hers bigger too. Humm...could be a problem. But I am enjoying sitting here crocheting again while watching baseball or hockey or Hallmark or the news or whatever I stay awake through. Andrew's mom has Dish tv and she was telling us how much cheaper it is than the Direct tv we have. Jon laughed and told her we pay a lot of extra money so his mom can never miss a baseball or hockey game. Dish does not give me all my local we will stay with Direct. Ballgame this afternoon which will decide who moves on so I have my Cardinal shirt on...

    So in one long drawn out paragraph you have my life. Like I said yesterday, don't read my stuff if it keeps new people from coming. I am boring so just say hello and read about the others here. We are a pretty good group of friends.

    Nothing new but bees and yarn. Laundry. OMG! Your house must smell wonderful Donna...wish you could bottle that smell. I want to be your neighbor although I have noticed my jams are getting a little snug and that is just from McD's...imagine what having a cookie lady for a neighbor would do to my girth!

    Sink is cleaned and dishwasher running so a good way to start the day. Have a wonderful one people..


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      Good morning work is going. A couple of new ladies finding their spots on my side of the cafeteria. They got in trouble in their station and were removed now we have them on our side. Itís not been to bad yet but itís only been one day. I am hoping to not have to share my station.

      I am going to the gym after work...picking up a grocery order and going to church..all after work.

      Work maybe a bit busier the kids are back from fall break.


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        I'm pooped! mattress was delivered and then the exterminator arrived as they were going down the street. You know I struggle with mattresses and push and prod and work up a sweat just putting sheets over them and these two guys come in and one carried the new and the other just picked up the old and carried it across the hall. Then tried to tell me a nurse lives here...I am the only girl and I am not a nurse but he seemed pretty sure I was wrong. Which is why he is the delivery guy I guess and not the governor. Was that mean? Sometimes it is hard to always be nice without laughing...ya know?

        Two little boys came dressed in exterminator suits. They enjoyed every bit of their job and I was happy to see them so good at killing bees. It made me happy too!

        Put the guest bed together and will need a dust ruffle. Which means I will have to take the bed apart again but need to buy a ruffle first. My sister gave me a white spread she had and my Blues quilt looks so bright and happy. Need some pretty pillows and one guest room is ready for business. Sierra helped with the mattress pad and sheets so that saved my back. Still need to put my bed together then may just crawl up in it and test my new mattress. Then we went to lunch and walmart where I made her get a flu shot...heck it is free on her dad's insurance so why not? They say to get them before the end of October. I bought her some frozen food and bath tissue and got a hug for thanks. It was a good day.

        Came home and took the jeans off and put on my jammie pants. Still need to fold a load of laundry and the ballgame is at 4:00. Once I make up my bed I am done! A hug from my granddaughter and a pile of dead bees make me so happy!!

        It has warmed up nice and getting overcast...maybe rain? I dunno. Karlinann did you get to Aldi's?