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  • Should we worry?

    Our little group is getting smaller and smaller. Why have we lost so many members? I try not to say anything political but sometimes I can't stop my my mouth, if it is in my head it rolls out but I try to be less opinionated. I ramble sometimes but you do not have to read what I write. Just come and post. I know some non members come and read, so join and say hello. I would miss coming here every morning. Losing JoGee is is hard to lose a friend. I worry that we will become to small to be supported by our server or however we come to be on line and we will all be lost. Just sayin'...

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    Maxie, I was thinking along those lines just this morning. I have tried to get the visitors to join, but no luck. I sure hope it can grow.

    Ok, I went to my appt. and they asked me if I had any pain, but they meant in my knee. My knee is pain free and only hurts when it's going to rain which is normal. I did not see my doc, but one of his staff. I had already made up my mind not to get the CT Scan before I went. What is the use? I am not in that much pain with the Sciatica, just a hitch here and there. I pretty much stay at home, but when I do any gardening and bending is when it hurts, but it's not unbearable or anything. I can take Tylenol for the pain and I really think the Glucosamine Chon. is helping my joints.

    She gave me a return appt. for 12 weeks, but she told me I could cancel it if I'm not having any pain. I will definitely cancel.

    The thing that bothers me today is that my blood pressure was high. I have been eating too much salt food and after that appt. I came home and vowed to put myself on a Low Sodium Diet. I have to get my B/P under control and fast. I can do this.
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    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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      I love our group and really look forward to our talks.
      more than any Facebook page or group- this one feels like friendship!