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Thursday, July 11

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  • Thursday, July 11

    Good morning Rounders! My fingers are so stiff from pulling weeds and grass yesterday. The only thing I have to do this morning is get the yard waste to the curb.

    The Termite Inspection guy is coming today. He comes once a year to see if we have any unwanted critters. He only does the treatment every five years and he puts it in the ground all around the foundation of our house.

    The avocadoes were only 49 cents at Aldi's so I made Guacamole for dinner to go with tacos. Yum! Beth I did not buy the chicken salad. Too much sodium. Same thing for the Brats. I have to be careful about the salt and dh does not like it either.

    I transplanted a bunch of flowers to the bank yesterday morning, mostly Vinca, but a couple of Sweet Alyssum and Four o' Clocks too. The bank is looking awesome if I do say so. If I ever get a cell phone I'll upload some pics.

    My fingers are stiff so I'm going to get off here. Hi Aunt Maye! Be back later. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Morning. Another sunny warm morning. I swear it rained everywhere but over us yesterday. We heard the thunder but got NOTHING! Have you seen the pictures from New Orleans and they have a tropical storm coming in this weekend. OMG! Those people are in big trouble!

    Have my meatballs all made and ready so just have to start the sauce and plop them in. Made a big meatloaf to freeze too. Think today I will go out and pickup some strawberries and ice cream for dessert. Or maybe a watermelon and cantaloupe? Guess whatever looks good when I get there will be dessert. We ordered pizza last night an sat in front of the tv watching the news and I went to bed early. Sometimes you just crave a pizza.

    I also pulled some weeds yesterday Karlinann...the water grass grows so fast. Grass boy needs to cut but it is so hot I will give him a break....I wouldn;t want to be out there cutting grass! However, Jon is off today and he could talk to and pay him. He hired the kid and I end up being the only one home to pay him. Cuts into my fast food budget!

    Slow morning but I do have things to do. Company for supper tonight...looking forward to seeing the kids. Have a wonderful day...


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      Good morning..lunch with friends yesterday was wonderful! They loved it and I enjoyed making it for them.

      When my helper came I got bad news. I am getting some one new in her place. I am not one bit happy but I donít really have a choice. I can only hope I like her as much as my current person.

      Today is my wrap class. My parents get here too!! I will make my mom a chicken ceasar salad or a chicken ceasar wrap her decision. Daddy will be having Manwich. I will find something to eat. My parents offered to take me out. I wasnít in the mood to go out so I am fixing dinner. Also daddy needed lunch tomorrow.

      To say I am excited to see my parents is the least.No matter your age sometimes you just need to see your mom.


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        Good morning. ☕️
        This morning I was wakened to the sound of lawn machinery. Ugh! Normally Iíd be already up by 5 a.m., but it promised to be a good sleep-in day for me. Oh well. Too bad it woke my sinusí too.
        There are a few clouds floating around outside. We still are waiting for the monsoon showers. The hopeful weather people have marked every day into next week as 10-20% chance of rain. It would be nice. Mother Nature knows Iíd like a good, soaking downpour......not a piddly light shower. But she can be such a tease.

        I did manage to find an oncologist/hematologist yesterday. Yay! It took almost 2 hours for her receptionist to get all my necessary info. That was tiring. She asked my problem....I told her the short title I was given. But she wanted something else, I wasnít clear what, so I told her what it used to be called. Thatís it! she said! The thing is, the short name is what it got when it started getting worse. When I see the doctor, I hope sheís a whole lot smarter than her receptionist. Or else Iíll be switching doctors quickly enough. But I donít see this lady til the end of the month.

        Yesterday Miss Sunshine, my next for neighbor, didnít knock on my door for going to lunch as she promised. When I went to the dining room, there she sat with two women Iíd met before. They waved me over. She said our lunch date wasnít firm anyway......I reminded her, yes it was. So she dropped the subject altogether. As she gossiped about some secret rumor, I realized she was a confirmed gossiper, and remembers only what she chooses to. After one friend left, she said that woman had said 8 people died in one room last night. Miss Sunshine asked at the front desk about, only 1 person ďpassedĒ and it was not unexpected. The other friend left, so I decided I might too.....til another woman sat with us. She recounted her past bodily issues as she ordered her lunch, so I didnít stay. I am sure Miss Sunshine had more gossip to spread. She was annoyed with me because I had a FedEx package from the desk and wouldnít tell her what it was or might be. (It was one of my meds, and nobodyís business.)

        Most people here have their little groups. Many are card players, but Iím not. I need to find a group who shares some activity or interest that I do.

        A DD is coming by after work tomorrow. I look forward to that. In the meantime, Iíve still got unopened boxes to deal with. Two will have jewelry boxes. I hope I can reach them. Maybe she can.

        my sinusí have quit pestering me. So I will indulge in having some Cheerios.
        Have a great day. ☀️
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          We are getting ready for higher temperatures, but as I said not as hgh as we normally get and I do remember saying I would not complain after the winter chilly temps we had for so long!

          Today is my Friday: I took off tomorrow since my birthday was in the middle of the week and I wanted to make a medical appointment. I also said I was going to use the day to get donation items up to the Good Will in Anderson. They have a big store in redding but a drop off in Anderson, which is closer. I am really trying to downsize. Even things that fit, but I just haven't worn need to go. Why is it so hard for me to let go??? Right now I can see a red vase and a glass pitcher on a shelf here in the office that neither have been used for a very long time and I doubt that I would miss at all...they need to go and be on someone else's table. I have clothes bagged up and already in the back of the car. I will also take items to a county thrift shop here intown that is not open on weekends. They will get the "things" that sit on shelves and gather dust. At Christmas the shop offers children a chance to shop for their families without charge. They save back gift type donations just for them.

          Ok, I am wanting pizza, too. Not the bake it at home and heat your house up to 400* kind: the kind that is already made and I go and pickup. I am too impatient to wait on delivery!

          Karlinann, your bank sounds so beautiful! I have dark pink four o'clocks and want to find some yellow ones. Mine are all out back and are all out blooming like crazy. The crape myrtles are all blooming now, too. Mine and the neighbor's are the dark fushia.

          My brother had a red eye flight back to Orlando and said the humidity hit him like a ton of bricks as he walked out of the terminal. Two weeks was enough to get used to our dry heat...Spencer and his family are still there so they may all get together before Spencer goes back home.
          One of the things Spencer and Boone did was go to a virtual reality adventure (Nomadic) where you wear goggles that make you see thngs that seem real but aren't...anyway, one of his friends from childhood is the developer! Spencer and Anthony have been friends since preschool.

          Ok, the time has got away from me again and I need to get the dogs in and the doors opened.
          Yesterday the baby was fussy because he had shots and I am hoping today goes better but since I have tomorrow off: can't complain!
          Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and you stay healthy and happy!
          Jostoy, I am going to plant some hostas in pots in the shade out back...


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            Delivery is the only way to eat pizza...and our place delivers in the boonies! Sometimes you just get a taste for it and sometimes it is just to darn hot to even grill a cheese sandwich.

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          I have a question. A couple of days ago Jostoy said she was taking up all the mulch around her house. I know a lot of people are doing that
          but what are they replacing it with? We have the flower garden the length of the sidewalk along the side of the house and it is mulch with a liner underneath. Mulch looks great the first week you refresh it then it looks icky...I use the brown and it held its color better than most. But it is time to get ride of the stuff. The front landscaping is rock so I do not want to repeat that in the back. The rubber mulch is pretty expensive and I do not know how long it lasts. Any suggestions?


          • jostoy
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            Maxie, I use river rock in the place of the mulch. When I use river rock, I lay a thin layer of landscape cloth. Not the commercial kind. River rock stays in place when using the blower. However, here I may just plant grass seed. I put my flowers in large pots. Getting too old to be on my hands and knees pulling grass out of flower beds.

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          Good Afternoon! Yesterday was a gorgeous summer day, and I guess it started storming & raining thru the night. It's good here, but from what I heard it flooded, had mud slides, and roads were closed everywhere in Pgh. We just had a big old dumping here this morning & then it moved along.

          Yesterday was good. Met Vanessa in town & she took Blaise for the day. I went grocery shopping...again. Needed a few items, but ended up with a bunch. Aldi's has their strawberries on sale & they are good. I bought 4 boxes. Used 2 to make a pie for Mel's, and WAS going to make the other 2 into another pie late last night for Mel's. Well when I went to use them, SOMEONE ate one WHOLE box of berries. GRRRR!!!! Then he had the NERVE to grumble when I said we had to go back to Aldi's today for more berries. DUH! Of course it was my fault because I didn't tell him earlier that they were for a pie. Guess he never heard of ASKING FIRST. I had cherries, oranges, and bananas he could have eaten.

          My SIL came mid afternoon and we swam. Got in and saw a msg from Vanessa to come get Blaise. We met half way. All your talk about spaghetti put me in the mood too. I have containers of meat sauce in my freezer, so I just had to cook the spaghetti & warm the sauce.

          Of all mornings to sleep in, today it happened. Sue was coming at 9am, and I didn't get up until 845...oops! So much for going to Aldi's before she arrived. We busted butt. Made & rolled a bunch of pie dough. Mixed up and baked a couple kinds of cookies. Made up more Oreo crusts. I'm still baking off the rest of the cookie blobs. I got an order for choc chip & snickerdoodles for next of 20 doz.

          Oh, it takes little to make me very happy. Sharp Shopper advertised they have Lite Cool Whip again for $.99. Now last year it was 2/$1....oh well. Still cheaper than Giant Eagle. Well I was so thrilled to find out they were 16oz containers! I took all 7 they had out.

          Time to take Blaise down to Kathy's. He's not happy. I told him he may be moving in there in the near future, and he told me he'd run away. He's also not happy he's going to VBS next week. He's just not happy about anything any more. Kathy will take him to VBS Monday morning, and I'll pick him up afterwards. The week after that he goes to church camp for a week.

          None of the pizza joints in town will deliver out here. Now Mel's will deliver, but I'm there anyways.

          Have a good one all!