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Wednesday, May 15

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  • Wednesday, May 15

    Good morning Rounders! I'm up and I have been playing games on They have changed the games again and I'm not happy with the ones they took away. Oh well, it's free. What are you gonna do?

    I did not even venture into the yard yesterday except to take out the compost bucket. Guess what? One of my Hydrangea's is blooming. Yes. It has 2 blooms and another coming. I'm so happy. It has not bloomed for 2 years. I will get out there into the garden this morning and see what else is sprouting.

    Today is trash pick-up and I've got to get it to the curb. We may venture to the library this afternoon too. We'll see. I also need to change the dsg today, which is only a small Telfa pad and a little bit of Neosporin ointment. Easy, breezy. DH has been doing exercises to strengthen his leg muscles because next week is his doc appt. and his first PT appt. starts.

    It's official. I only lost one Poinsettia plant when I transplanted them. That is not bad at all. They will grow big and bushy this summer and then they will turn red again in Nov/Dec. They will be so much prettier out front where they can soak up all that sun.

    I bet my Four O' Clocks are blooming now. They were about to pop out last week. I brought the seed from our last house and sowed the seed right away, but they only bloomed a little last year. It was enough to save some more seed and I've sown those and now a couple more are up. They should perform better this year and I hope to plant some in different places. They are drought tolerant and prolific if they like the area.

    We went out to eat yesterday and had pizza special. It was ok, but a little burned on the bottom. DH said it was good, but I prefer my crust not burned. He called it crisp. Whatever! They have different specials Monday thru Thursday. I had a bit of difficulty getting out of the parking space because it's very tight, so we are going to wait until DH can drive again before going back. We have another new Italian restaurant in our neck of the woods. Something to look forward to.

    They recently installed a dog park in our community. I think that is great for the dogs if their owners will take them there, but I have a feeling a lot of the dogs won't ever get to go there and pee on the dog statues throughout the park. LOL! No, we don't have pets, but we have raised our fair share of pets during our marriage.

    I've written a booklet. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good SUNNY Morning! FINALLY!!!! Would you believe it's 39 degrees out there and the furnace is running. It ran yesterday all day. It was wet & cold.

    Yesterday was sort of productive. It's my fault it wasn't super productive. This computer kept calling my name to play, and I said yes. As soon as the bus left, I was in the car, and off to town. Made 6 stops and way home before 10am. That was really good. Got what I needed & was right back out. I eventually got 4 carrot cakes baked & ready for the freezer. I did ice 2 carrot cakes I had thawing, and delivered one of them plus 2 PB pies to the restaurant down the hill from me. I did have the kitchen cleaned up by the time Cork got home. Didn't cook dinner though. Picked up Subway on the way home from karate.

    I FINALLY ordered limestone for our driveway/parking lot. I've been wanting it for 3 yrs, but something else always was demanding the funds. It's not that I really have a ton of extra funds, but I'm just sneaking it in there before the something else happens. I'm delivering a big wedding order this weekend, and that's paying for a good part of it. My husband can't understand why I'm doing it. He grew up where they just pulled into a rutted part of the lawn that just quit growing grass. The price includes delivery & tailgate laying it. Works for me! He's coming Friday morning first thing....8am!

    This morning I'm not sure what I'll get into before going for my 11am appt. I'm going to go visit the pastor that married us. He'll be retiring soon and moving away, and I just wanted to chat with him. He's a wonderful man. Very dynamic and sincere. Unfortunately I think he's been there so long that people worship him, which is what happens when a pastor is there too long and well liked. It's not his fault. The Methodist church moves their pastors around. Anyways, not sure what the rest of my day will bring. Need to pick up around here. I COULD go outside & weed....naaaaah. I think I'll cook a real dinner. I've got a chunk of cod thawing.

    KA...a couple years ago I planted a bunch of perennials because I didn't want to have to fuss, but quite a few of them didn't come back. What a waste of time & money. We dug up one whole area and moved all the Hostas out of there, and not a one of the new plants came back. Should have just left the hostas there. Live & learn. I don't have a green thumb. The only green on my thumb is from food coloring.

    Have a good one all!


    • karlinann
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      I'm sorry that you lost those plants and I know you paid a pretty penny for them. Everyone who has ever had a garden has done the trial and error thing. I have slaved over gardens and lost everything too, but by the same token I have thrown down seeds and the magic of nature made a beautiful and bountiful display. It's freaky that way. What I am doing now is not buying anything and just getting stuff from other gardeners and saving seeds and trying to improve the soil. I have lots of plants right now that reseeded from the initial seed packets; i.e., Pink Baby's Breath, Forget Me Nots, Verbena, Four O Clocks, Sweet Allysum, Vinca,3 colors, Celosia,and Golden Creeping Jenny. I also have English Ivy, 3 kinds of tomatoes, Cosmo's, Purple Hearts, Compass Flower, Yellow Bells, Asparagus Fern, Cacti, at least 3 varieties, succulents, Poinsettia, Tea Tree Olive, Cleomes, Drift, Sago Palms, Camellia, Hydrangea, Mexican Petunia, Ferns, Agaves, a Chaste Tree, and Azalea's, 2 colors. I have 2 struggling Blueberry bushes and 2 Thornless Blackberry bushes that are struggling also.

      Now you might say that is a lot of plants, but really it isn't because I have them in different areas of the yard and some of them are packed tight and some of them are the bones of the garden and last all year like the azalea's. The Sago Palms are tiny and it will take them and most of my plants years to get big, if they survive that long. The Sago Palms have already been attacked by the Armour Scale disease and I lost the biggest 3 that I had. I hate it when that happens. I just take it one day at a time.

      Now I know a little bit about PA soil, weather, etc., cuz DH is from PA, and my ancestors almost stayed there to farm, but they moved along to KY, but I know stuff grows there and I don't know what kind of Perennials you planted, but I do know there are all kinds of Perennials that are tough and will survive for many years. I used to have quite a few in TN. The ones I like the best are Echinacia or Purple Coneflower, Lavender, Achillea, Hollyhocks, Iris, Lily's, Tulips, Jonquils, Lenten Roses, and the list goes on and on.

      Hey, I have bought many plants that failed and many packs of seeds that not a one sprouted. We are sad about it, but we keep on keepin' on. For the love of gardening.

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    Good morning everyone...
    Rise and shine...
    Early bird get the worm...
    Kiity got me up early.....
    I wanted to say "HI"...I have full pot of coffee where is Aunt Maye..Do not forget the donuts..


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      Good morning...snuggling with Cori for now..then a Walk at the mall. This afternoon I have it in after appointment. Tonight Iím going to dinner with friends. I really enjoy my time off.


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        A sunny but cool morning. Did not sleep well and know the furnace ran on and off all night...I was still cold! BUT the good news is close to 90 in a couple of days. Seems Spring is just for flooding and not being very pretty anymore.

        Getting a haircut this afternoon and will get a pot of stew on in the crock pot. Last night Jon came home and we met the bus and di some grocery shopping. I thought we did a stock up last time we shopped? Well evidently we did not stock up enough! Jon takes a cart and I take a cart and Andrew bounces between the two of us and makes a haul...he even found a football he had to have. But the kid is a good bag hauler and we allow him to treat himself. We won't be seeing him everyday in a couple of weeks when school is out.

        Both Andrew and his dad have a green thumb. When Jon was little I would tell him to go touch anything new I planted. Andrew has a good eye when digging a hole and lining plants up...of course he has young eyes and that may be the difference! Ya think? Everything we planted this season has come to life with all the rain we have had...that may change this summer when they bake out there. I did lose my hydrangea over the winter. It was several years old and should have wintered better. But what ya gonna do? Stormed last night and I was having a bad enough time sleeping...normally I love to sleep with a storm but last night I could not breathe and keep sneezing. Not sure it is a cold or allergies.

        Hockey tonight...Blues play at 7:00. Sometimes men do not see things women see Cookie...or see the necessity of other things yet they will sit and full credit of a job that looks good or is well done. Karlinann I envy you your energy and stamina for planting. I am wanting a palm tree to put on the front porch but they are expensive and then where do I winter it? First I need to get the green off the chairs to set out on the porch. Wish I could throw them in the dishwasher. Which reminds me I need a trip to the dollar store for dishwasher detergent. I have switched to Finish because I was not happy with how Cascade was making the dishes feel. Some detergents just do not work with some water.

        Well, gotta get my stew on and start laundry. Once this girl moves out the laundry will be cut in half. Imagine doing it once a week instead of every day and some nights?
        Have a great day everyone...


        • cookielady
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          I say go buy that palm tree. Winter it in Serria's old room. You've GOT to fill up the room, or they'll come back. Are you SURE she won't come back to have her laundry done? Is there a w/d in the place she's moving? I ended up doing Kathy's because I didn't want her doing 15 loads instead of 6 loads like it should be. Waste of water & electric....and I'm paying those bills. I think they KNOW how to work us...just like the system. They play dumb.

        • karlinann
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          Oh, she'll be back to do her laundry if she does not have one at that apt. She won't have any money to put in the machines.

        • Paula A
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          Or time. Moms and grandma’s have so much free time!

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        Good morning,
        Just checking in.
        What a time for stuff to go haywire. A plumber is coming to fix faucet leaks and the water heater. Next week an electrician is coming to fix some electrical connections. Stuff E had put off, but are surfacing with an ugly face. E had said he is the pro in crastination. Itís costing, too!
        Gotta go get dressed before anyone shows up today.
        Have a good day, everyone. ☀️
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


        • maxie
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          Oh Jo, you just knew that would happen. Always does...just when you think you got it all under control something else goes wrong. But you have this and your family is there to share the stress.

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        Quick good morning. Avon lady already came and delivered the Skin so soft that repels mosquitos. We haven't had any for a long time but this year I have seen them and the SSS helps Becky's skin rashes so...

        A friend posted yesterday so she could tell all her friends at once she is starting chemo for Stage 3 breast cancer...a shock and we willall be praying for her. She is only 44.

        Cloudy skies and there are wind warnings for the next couple of days. The college sent out an email saying towatch for updates on times and even the possibility of cancellations of ceremonies. there are three days of graduation ceremonies with 4000 students. Friday is our day and the best one for weather. The worst is Saturday and Sunday and my good friend's daughter's ceremony is scheduled fo r8:00am Sunday!!! I can not even imagine getting ready and down there that early (gates open an hour earlier than the ceremony and grads have to be there earlier. The school email asked all to join in hopes for good weather: for a CA school that is as close as it gets to asking for prayers.

        I have to go open up. I hope all have a good day.
        So happy you have sun, Donna!


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          Bedtime already....

          D. gets settled in the recliner in the living room . he has not slept in bed since sometime in Feb... I think he likes it there because He cannot toss and turn... so the is a night light on in Kitchen and one very small little lamp on in living room..and the TV running!... probably all night.. If I am awake after he drifts off, I go turn volume down on TV..but leave it on..

          I m heading for bed, to read for an hour or so before I try to sleep..need to catch up on some books that are coming due..

          D. is moving around more. he got into car, and we went to Walmart.. He was going to set in car and did for a while. finally came in the store just as I was checking out.. then we stopped at the local Burger King. went in to eat. handicap spot right near the side door. I was glad to roam the shelves and pick up things I didn't know I needed.. .. got all necessary stuff. felt good to be outside of house..

          time to hit the pillow.. see you tomorrow,
          Again,, I do read all your post and enjoy reading what you are doing... I feel Like part of your family.. hugs to you all.