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Tuesday, May 14

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  • Tuesday, May 14

    Good morning Rounders! Yes, we got rain yesterday for a good long soak. We did not get to go out and eat, but the rain was more important and I'm so thankful for it.

    Yesterday we watched quite a bit of tv and they had old movies on all day. Some of them were good and I had never seen them. Most were black & white.

    I really don't have much to post that is worth reading. I hope you all have a great day. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good Morning! It looks to be another wet, dreary, and cold one. The furnace has been running for days now. Normally it's done for the season by now.

    Yesterday was good. After getting my bloodwork, I headed over to Sandy's to help sort eyeglasses. Man she worked us & we got a lot accomplished. Came home and started working on making 8 PB pies. It took a while. Blaise had karate.

    Kathy called. Apparently Xander had a bad case of hives. Poor lil booger. Sometimes I want to scoop him up and bring him home with me. Prevent him from living among all that drama.

    This morning I'm heading into town as soon as Blaise gets on the bus. I was going to start prepping for carrot cakes yesterday, but there was not a raisin to be found. I hate when Cork gets into my cupboards and uses my supplies. Will come home and get started on baking 4 carrots cakes. I made 4 last week, and I'm down to one. Also need to ice 2. I really need to sort the clothes piles Cork has plopped on the closet. I can't find anything.

    Have a good one all!


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      Good morning.
      Today we are going to 91į. I made lots of ice for cold drinks.

      Got a lot done yesterday. We dropped my brother off at the airport. Went to the Finance place and got things settled, plus I have an appointment there to learn about IRA and what I need to do/look for, etc óó like finances for dummies. Had a quick lunch. Stopped at a store where DD picked up a pair of capris.
      Stopped at the newspaper and arranged for Eís obit to be published (I posted a copy separately here in the DD thought E wrote his own obit!). They donít take cash or check, so DD used her card and I paid her back in cash. It cost close to $600! I was shocked.
      Took the ďlostĒ key back to the bank. Then went home. I plan my trips in one big circuit, because I hate going back and forth which wastes time.

      Today a friend of Eís will stop by to pick up a project E was working on for him. E hadnít finished it, unfortunately.

      Today I have a number of calls to make. Hoping this gets done soon.
      Have a good day, everyone. ☀️
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        I have started this twice and both times my fingers have hit something to lose it. Blues won last night in a late start..hate those late games but now they are back in St. Louis for two so maybe we will have normal start times. That is all I have to say before before it disappears again. Furnace was running when I got up this morning...some Spring we have had. But it is suppose to warm up by weeks end. Maybe I will get that pedi this week!

        Since I have done this twice and lost it I am tired of typing. Woke with a sore throat and congestion...a huge fever blister that needs its own zip code. Still sore from falling last Friday and that should be letting up by now and guess what? That is not all the complaints I have. I could go on but will spare are welcome.

        I was up early for some reason that is now not that important. Think I will call my sister and kill the morning. Have a wonderful day.


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          Checking in from bed and it feels wonderful!


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            Oh, Maxie, you need a hug (you) and a treat...sorry about all the stuff.
            Jo, I am so shocked by the cost of the obituary!!!! Even with a picture I would not think it would be that much...Wow!
            But it is one of the Best!!!! I feel as if I know him a little better! I will raise a chocolate chip cookie I his honor.

            cloudy skies and only going into the 70's today. we are expecting 2 1/2 inches of rain in the next two days. Scattered showers forecast for Friday. I am also now hoping the field won't be too wet: Becky is talking aobut her shoes and I am saying buy a pair of black flats and don't worry about it. Type A personality all the way!

            Cookie, can I ask why Amber even thought it might be measles???? With all the stress ove rthem right now I would hope if he hasn't had the MMR vaccination she would get it for him.

            Yesterday was Awful. the baby would ot let me put him down and of course, I had to a few times: fix food, change others, etc. thenhe would scream so loud I finally shut all windows for fear the neighbors would call CPS. When his mom got here I mentioned to her he had a really bad day and seemed to be in pain a lot with his stomach. She said she thinks it is the eggs she ate on the weekend. I was wondering what she ate on the weekend, too!!! I sure hope he is getting that out of his little system. When he is crying like that I can't even hear the other kids unless they are right next to me.
            Onward and upward, right?

            With that, I will say have a good day (or a better day!) and especially all of you having the terrible weather I have seen on the news.
            Take care and take time for yourself in all you do for others.


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              Paula....itís a running joke here. E discovered that he was 67 months older than Spam, and a year older than Toll House Cookies. Thatís why DD added them to the folks he left behind.
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                I just found out that Great Grandchild #13 is on its way....16 weeks along.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                  Good morning

                  every time I set down to write , Some thing interferes... David appears to be feeling much better.. and I truly hope his heart is doing the same.. so he is restless, and keeps me hopping...I just wish he could get his night and day switched back around... he sleeps long "naps" in the day... and then is wide awake from 1am to 4 am. or so... has the TV running. lights on.etc.. and by 4 am I give up trying to sleep and just get up.. I'm getting a lot of reading and crocheting done.. ...

                  there is my grumble for the day.... I am glad he seems to be recovering at last.. he is not ready to try the restaurant yet.. maybe tomorrow?. Visiting Nurse comes today to Sign Off on him..

                  how to get a cupboard cleaned!... just have a really bad smell in there... my Broom Closet got a good cleaning yesterday.. and down in the container that I store used,bags ,of all sizes. was a bag of very very rotten potatoes. aggggggggggggggg..... so today Think I will find another "spot" to clean.. maybe wipe out the fridge.. it don't look too bad but could use a general wipe down.

         much has to be done.. .I would be blessed with helpful kids but still a lot of decisions only you can make.. IF I go first, Those kids will have ALL the work to do.. DAvid doesn't have a clue where anything is... but the checkbook. .. so glad you have good kids too.

                  Maxie, I too lose things by touching a wrong key,, lost my Trivia Crack game. got the game back but all my friends are gone.. and ,amazing, I cant remember their exact name and can't find them. darn.. will have to start over.

                  Something is calling,,"help".. I can't find?????...... see you all later.


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                    Have an haircut appointment for tomorrow and hoping for a walk in pedi this morning. That should boost my mood. The scar on my ankle is still sensitive so I will not do the leg massage. That should get me out earlier. Jon wants to grocery shop after work so not cooking. Once these kids are gone for the summer I might be able to keep food in the house for 24 hours. Between Andrew's appetite and shoes he is a darn expensive kid to have around.

                    It has actually warmed up a lot already this morning and the sun is wonderful. A crabby baby would make me yearn for retirement. Beth, good for you! Jo I read the obit...Yikes on the cost but it was a really nice one with a bit of humor and insight to E's personality. Well done. Cookie, hives are miserable and I can see where she may have thought measles in appearance but like Paula said if he had his shots that should not have been a big concern.

                    Off to grab my book and head out. I always read in the chair and it hides my people watching. SOmetimes the clientele are very entertaining! Hope they can get me in so I do not have to clean up again on another day. When you are not social you can get away with being a little unkempt!!