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Tuesday, April 16

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  • Tuesday, April 16

    Good morning Rounders! It is a nippy 51* here this morning, but it's going to 80*. Yesterday was absolutely perfect weather. I came home from my appt., fixed a pizza, ate lunch and went out and mowed the yard. No, I'm not 100%, but I will just have to deal with it. I still have the pinched nerve and I was nearly in tears again at the end of the day. The doc tried to bend my leg back and I screamed. That nerve is really making my leg hurt. The doc did not try to offer me any advice to get it right and I don't see any point in going back.

    Anyway my problems are insignificant compared to what Jo and E are going through. I'm going to be praying and manifesting good health for both of you. Miracles can happen, and I hope you will both keep the faith.

    I went to bed at 8 pm and got a whole 8 hrs of sleep. I feel so refreshed and ready for this day. Maxie, I am sorry that you were concerned about me yesterday, but I was in the wrong frame of mind to get on here and I'm afraid it would have been too negative anyway.

    I forgot to see how much the gas prices were yesterday, but I know they are rising every day. I'll check Wednesday when DH returns to his doc. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning...sunny and 80 today. Yesterday morning it was 31...this weather is sure a mystery. Oh, Karlinann I never let my frame of mind stop me form writing anything. I just let it pour out! Like perhaps mowing was not the best thing for your leg yesterday but I understand when it has to be done and there is no other way that you are the one who has to do it. Or if you are picky like I was and you want it cut to your standards and not the neighbor boys. Been there and done that!

    Yesterday I did a ton of laundry. AND there is another load in there now. Dirty people. Not sure if Andrew is coming tonight since he said something about asking his mom to let him go to his grandpas. Doesn;t matter much since I will have to cook for Sierra anyway...pork chops and scalloped potatoes I think. Pork chops for sure since they are sitting up in the fridge. Actually I do expect him here since she is not big on him switching buses but Jon can drop him off at grandpas later.

    I did call my sil about Easter Sunday and I am bringing mashed potatoes. Rats!! I need to run home and cash a check but maybe tomorrow. Cardinals lost last night and the Blues play tonight but late. May have to rearrange my day to get a nap in so I can stay up. I have been sleeping like a rock nights and going to bed early. Been getting up earlier too and that is ruining my day. I have not had an early start to my day in a long time! I am not a chicken who needs to be up with the sun.

    Jo hope everything works out for you and E today. Wish you had had someone who could be with each of you during your procedures and conferences. Karlinann how careful and rest. How is your hubby getting along? Watched the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral yesterday. Hard to believe it was that old! I mean you know it is but to hear history! Wonder what history will be saying about us?

    Need to shower.....If I get an early enough start I can run home to the bank. Then get gas. Might be nice to get out in the warmth today. But have to have a meal on the table at 4:00 on the dot since Sierra works both jobs today. She is bound and determined to keep up this schedule and I just wonder if that wanker is even making an effort to go to work daily. Who knows? Not us because we aren't suppose to know his business like he has business we want to know about. And Karlinann won;t post because she is to negative? I got negative out my pores when thinking of this guy and you never know when it flow out like you have just witnessed.

    Ok now I do need to shower away the bad thoughts. Have a wonderful day people and we are going to have a beaut today!!! And maybe even a nice Easter Sunday for once.


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      Because of the baby I have more laundry that usual...spit up and no wearing anything twice...
      Good thing heis cute and his mom really appreciates me.

    • karlinann
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      Maxie, DH is getting along fine, as a matter of fact I'd say he is doing great, but we really don't know until they take off that dressing and look at the wound.

      I didn't have to mow yesterday, but it was getting big in certain places and that means I cannot see the snakes crawling. We don't have a neighbor boy around here cuz everybody is as old or older than me and the ones who mow their own have a riding mower. The others hire mowing companies to do their lawn work, but they are expensive and they charge you even if they don't come every week. I like mowing and I walked very slowly behind the mower yesterday. I know there will come a day when I'll have to give it up, but I'm not there yet thank the good Lord.

      I usually don't hesitate to say something negative, but yesterday I was giving my Chiropractor visit the whole day before I made the comment about not going back. I doubt if there is anything else he can do for me, and he had a perfect opportunity to tell me whether he could or not and he didn't say a thing, so I'm thinking any more visits would be a waste of money for me. I am holding on to the hope that whatever is messed up with that SI Joint and the pinched nerve problem will somehow correct itself. I will continue to be extra careful and try to do the exercises.

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    Good Morning!

    Yesterday was good. I got all the sugar cookies iced & in the freezer. Filled all the ladylocks. Only have one more big recipe of cookies to make. The other ones ordered are only single or dbl recipes, and I could do all those in one day. Just keep plugging along.

    JoG & Ellis hugs & prayers for you both. So worried about you two.
    KA...don't minimize your pain & suffering. You amaze me how you keep plugging thru it.

    This morning I'm planning on going to the grocery store(s) and then home to bake off the thumbprints. I was going to go to the movie Unplanned this afternoon with my SIL & cousin, but I think those plans got delayed. My brother & SIL were going down to my niece's last night & then driving back up this morning. It'll be a caravan. My niece got a brand new car that she'll drive back, my brother will drive her old car that's been giving her problems, and my SIL will drive their car. I think it's a great idea that my niece got a brand new car. She's too far away for my brother to work on her car if it has problems. Now she'll have a car that's under warranty.

    Have a good one all!


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      I am here but a big ball of nerves and emotion. I am having issues with coworker again. Chef is bringing us into together for a meeting.


      • Paula A
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        Hugs to you and hold on to our love!

      • karlinann
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        Maybe you need to get tough with this gal. Is she bullying you? There has to be an underlying issue causing all these problems. I would try to have a heart to heart with her. Invite her for a coffee after work and try to get to the root of the problem. Maybe she is jealous, maybe she envy's you, or maybe she is just taking her anger out on you.

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      Good morning and I hope we are all healthy and busy with good things...taxes in and done and some sun to shine on us.
      It is 53 right now but we are going up into warmer temps this week. Upper 70's and then by the end of the week expect 86*! I always find it goes higher not lower...
      It rained last night enough that I don't feel guilty that I haven't got the new hose yet for the front yard. I am not sure why Idislike going to the garden side of Walmart other than I shop and park on the grocery side...

      Our gas is high and expected to go higher, too. It was 3.76/gal yesterday when Becky filled it up. We don't let it get below a half of tank for emergency reasons but now it will be to prevent sticker shock. With grad school and work in Chico we ae hoping Becky can find a good on gas car! She likes the crossover size like I have, but with the new registration prices and gas, I think she is realizing she needs to get a smaller more economical vehicle.

      Jo, you and Ellis will have many people praying for you.
      Karlinann, anytime there is an 8 as the first number on the clock when I go to bed, I count as a win!

      I took my big down comforter off my bed and it just feels so nice with the temperatures now. Storage for that thing is another matter
      Probably something else to keep in the daycare closet.

      Take care of yourselves and all in your house.
      Maye, I hope you and David are doing ok and letting others help in any way they can.

      Have a good day!


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        Good morning, everyone.

        Thank you all for your uplifting support. It feels good. All this is difficult because we both have issues to deal with at the same time.

        I am using the green color today, because itís the color of healing.
        It is a somewhat dizzy day for me, for some reason. Iím not used to this.
        I am sitting in the infusion unit, have been here since 8a,it is almost 9a......the blood is late, considering it was ordered yesterday. I obviously wonít make it to Eís appointment.
        And to think I have to go for another infusion on the 29th again.

        It is a lovely bright day, but clouds are coming in, so we will barely reach 80į. The weekend will bring temps in the higher 80ís and even 90ís. But no rain in sight.

        Paula, our gas is still $2.55 (without store points) at Fryís/Kroger.
        Did you read the constitution yet? The 2nd Amendment is the ONLY one with a caveat explaining what it is for. It is for the states having a militia.....which is way out of date, because states no longer have militias because they were replaced by the Coast Guard. Personally I think too many people have too many guns. Hunting for food or shooting are okay, but people have taken it too far, shooting people for the ďfun of itĒ, particularly the defenseless children.

        It is now 9:15, two people have come in for blood, and mine has yet to arrive.

        Karlinann, I hope you get relief for that leg somehow.
        Maxie, I have full laundry bags waiting for me at home, too.
        Cookie, most of the time we feel good. Then we get something annoying like pains and aches happen, and we canít ignore it. The dizziness is new to me today. Overall, if we wake up in the morning, it is a good day no matter the weather or anything. The day we donít, itís done, and we are beyond this.
        Beth, I hope there is a good outcome for you and the coworker. blood has just finally arrived and I am hooked up. FINALLY! I definitely wonít be able to meet with Eís doctor, and E will be leaving here in 5 minutes. Chances are he will be back here before I am done.

        Oh, yesterday I had a helpful surprise. I didnít know my Fitbit has this feature...
        walking from the driveway to the front door, I was winded as heck. A very short walk, too. My Fitbit buzzed. I missed the first sentence, but it said Calm Down, Sit Down, Relax!
        Then it gave me breathing instructions.....inhale as circle gets larger, exhale when it deflates. In a minute or two I was breathing better, back to normal.

        Well, we had a very good few days with our girls. I sent them our health update last night, and they said to call if we need them for anything, help at home to speed things up so we can get moved near them, or whatever else we can do.
        The DD who works for T Mobile says to watch for the new Senior special offer they will have out in a few months......we will save a bundle.

        Well, Iím writing a book, arenít I?
        I hope your day is beautiful and goes very well for all of you. ☀️

        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Our gas this morning at Casey's was 2.89. I don't know if casey's is local or not but every small town has 2, one on each end of town...good pizza and they deliver. I only get my gas there since I know how to use the pumps. Sigh, I should have a husband because I seem to be a very dependent person. He used to take my car once a week to get gas and then when Scott was home he took care of it then I was suddenly alone and mommy dearest took me to town and taught me how. I was 50 years old!! She really taught me a lot after he died but then I taught her how to balance a checkbook. Anyway gas this morning was 2.89. And some dummy had two pumps blocked while he went in for drinks, not gas, but drinks for him and his friend. I hate that! Is my mood showing again?