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Monday, April 15

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  • Monday, April 15

    Good morning Rounder's! Today is Tax Day and I sure hope all of you have paid your taxes or gotten some tax money back from US.

    I don't have much to talk about this morning, but if I'm able to go to my appt. today I'll be back later to write more. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good Morning! It's a wet, cold, and windy one out there this morning. Shelby, OH...the last place we hit by a tornado yesterday.

    Yesterday was good, but showed how life can turn on a dime. Since it was miserable outside, we had a relaxing day. I had dropped Blaise off at Kathy's after church. Took a Sunday afternoon naps. Eventually mixed up 4 batches of buttercream icing, and then started icing the Easter sugar cookies. Still have a half doz flip flop shaped ones to ice ask requested by my friend Sandy.

    Kathy was suppose to bring Blaise home, but that's where life got changed. Xander was SUPPOSE to be with his Mom for the weekend and Blaise was lovin' having his Mom to himself. Well Xander's Mom called bawling, and they had to go rescue Xander. Mom's BF that she just moved in with, was having a total meltdown because Xander spilled a drink. REALLY? She told them to take Xander, that she never wanted to be a mother anyways. I told Kathy she'd calm down & change her mind. The police eventually got involved. This morning Matt is going to go court and request emergency full custody. I don't know how all that works, and I really don't ever want to find out. When I came to pick up Blaise, Xander was waiting too. He gave me a big ole hug & kiss and ask to come home with me & Blaise. He needs stability. We may not have all the bells & whistles at our house, but we do have hugs, kisses, and laughter. OK...I yell occasionally too....LOL! But I wouldn't be breaking things & having a total meltdown over a spilled drink. When I arrived, Kathy hustled Blaise into the car & we got out of there as quick as we could. There was a big storm coming & we were hoping to get home before it hit. We were about 2 miles from home when it started dumping rain, and we prayed our way through it. Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE driving in the rain at night? Thankfully the person behind me stayed way behind & I didn't feel pressured to go faster. We came home and watched Bees. A nice way to end the evening.

    This morning I hope to work on the rest of the sugar cookies. I have 11 doz wedding hearts & doves to ice. I'd love to get those done & out of the way. I'd also like to get the 20 doz ladylocks filled too. Want to take bets on whether I get those all done or not. There is karate tonight. It's going to be leftover grilled chicken for dinner. I ask Cork what he wanted for dinner yesterday & that's what he requested. He rarely asks for anything, so when he did, I made it happen. It was so good.

    I have to get my local taxes mailed out today. I'm getting a tiny refund, but it still needs to make it into the mailbox by the 15th. All the other taxes were filed electronically.

    Have a good one all! Hey, it's snowing out there!


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      Good morning! Hope everything is ok Karlinann...a guiet Karlinann is not a a normal one. Hope to hear back from you later.

      Today it is a sunny cold day. Yesterday it rained on us for three hours down and rained on us for 2 of the three hours home. A blustery and very cold day. But, food was good and we had a decent visit. You do not just sit and talk with my eldest. He is not a chit chatter but will be home next weekend for Easter so in two weekends I may get a glimpse of what is going on in his world. He has been working in the yard and it is beautiful. Just those few hours south make such a difference in the growing season. Their flowering trees are finished and ours are just starting. Trees have leaves and not buds. His grass is green and everyone has already mowed several times. The red buds are in bloom and from St. Louis south were beautiful along the highway with a dog wood sprinkled among them for contrast. But it was good to get home and the Blues lost but there is always tomorrow. Cardinals won.

      I woke with a gloom over me for some reason. Hope it is allergies! Of course, listening to the news could have caused that. I am so sickened by our politics and what this country has become. I am also so ready for summer and not have this cold back. It was 31 this morning!!! But I am thankful for my nice warm bed and would have been more grateful if they had left me a crumb of anything to eat with my coffee this morning. Guess I am going to the grocery bread and she will need a lunch tomorrow. Andrew starts his spring break Wednesday afternoon and won't be back until Tuesday so I only have to cook 3 days this week and if I stick a carry out night in there....well things are looking up. I evidently have not called my sister in law with our family head count for Easter dinner. Just me and Scott but I still have to bring a dish. Yikes! Looks like my mood is all over the place but I do have a little something disturbing me this morning and I cannot pin it down. I have looked in the mirror and this mornings bed head is something to write home about. How did I sleep on my head last night?

      Gotta go..hope all is well with Karlinann and that everyone has a great day.


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        Good morning, everyone.

        We had a wonderful visit with our WA daughter and the other girls as well.
        We will see our youngest daughter and her DH again later this week, they will be coming here to pickup a box of stuff that didnít make it to the car earlier.

        Today I have a doctors appt and need to get my prescription at the hospital. E has cardio appts tomorrow and Friday (unless the surgeon decides to stick him in the hospital tomorrow). We will see how that turns out.

        So today will be busy for me.

        Cookie, I could use some of that rain. Itís so dry here that Iíve had a bloody nose on and off the last 2 weeks.
        Karlinann, I hope youíre doing ok today.
        Maxie, we will have a quiet Easter here. But we will be busy, or I will anyway depending on what the docs say this week.

        Oh I just found out this morning from oldest daughter that my sonís daughter gave birth last evening, which makes great-grandchild #12. I have no idea yet what his name is. Their family hasnít told us yet. This granddaughter is the one who we havenít heard a peep from for several years, not even thank-youís for gifts.

        I had better get some breakfast ☕️ now and start getting ready for my appt.

        Hope you all have a great day. ☀️

        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Oh, my goodness! If I could read yesterday's posts and this morning without so many interruptions: Becky has been talking non-stop! she has a lot to talk about with the new job (sheis going shopping today in REdding for work clothes) and thinking she has to remind me about what I can do for Easter for the daycare and whatever...I kind of like a quieter morning time.

          Yesterday was just filled with all kinds of stuff and that is why I guess I never made it here.

          cornbread salad is one of my favorites but I make it only when I need a crowd recipe. It fills my biggest bowl.

          donna, that is the way neighbors should all be! After church yesterday I had a knock on the door and it was my back fence neighbor. He wanted to come through my yard to clean up any branches and leaves from the trees and bushes he was cutting on his side! When I heard them cutting their oleander I went out and asked him if he could cut the big branch that was growing through our shared fence so I could get it cleaned and out before the dogs or kids got to it. I have been cutting as much as I can with my smaller clippers, but it needed to be cut away so it won't keep growing into my jplay yard. He was very nice and said they were cleaning up from their renters and are going to put in a New Pool! and may move back. I didn't know renters lived there. A new pool will be really pricey. The jpool now is a large rectangle. When he came into my yard, he said, Oh, you have a nice little! It's inground and nice enough to cost me for pool service...he was very friendly and I hope they do move back.

          I went to the political dinner Saturday night and had a decent enough time. I met some nice (read that normal) people because I was sitting at a table with teachers and we were able to talk and pretty much all in agreement over issues that came up. There was a silent auction that I bid on a nice woodentray filled with items and an arrangement from my favorite shop (House of Design) but Idid not win it. Outbid by 10.00 but I just wasn't into going back and forth to check the bidding slips. I was also a little concerned over how I would pay; I hadn't been to anything like this and wasn't sure they would be able to take a card...why would I have thought that?! Between the two speakers they had a gun auction! Two handguns and one rifle all of which went for amounts hundreds of dollars over th retail value. My frien who Iwas with bid the handguns up to the point that he finally stopped.
          I thought the event would be food and hearing our elected and campaigning officials...when I got there and after talking around the room went to the table: in Big letters on the program was Defending the Second Amendment...and a book mark folded into our nicely folded napkins that had the 2nd Amendment printed on it. jAnd the centerpiece at each table was a slice of wood with some moss on it and two Mason jars, one pint and one quart filled half way with jbullets! It made me do a double take! I am all for all the Amendments, don't get me wrong. Love the Constitution but I was a bit out of my comfort zone...the two guest speakers were the head of the NRA in CA and the president of the CA Gunowners Assn...And all that worry I did over what to wear: I could have worn anything from cocktail dress (saw a couple) to regular old jeans and sneakers....

          People started watering their lawns this weekend! I need a new hose...
          I love dogwood trees and can't even imagine seeing them on the highway! We have oleander planted down the middle on a lot of our highways. Redbud, too, and some small big bushes of wild yellow roses...anything drought resistant, but for now we are out of the drought.
          The dam has been releasing water so the river is us and looks great!
          My lilac is blooming and the butterflies are all ove r it!

          I can't believe how long I have been typing. I gotta go!
          Take care and keep healing; all who hurt or care for those who do.


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            Just got home from my oncology/hematology appointment.

            Well .... since I donít remember medical terms, I will have yo describe things in general simple language......

            My doc says all my lab results are going in the wrong direction now.
            My Fibrosis is probably - most likely- what has been causing my backaches and leg pains.....the blood isnít flowing which causes my breathing problems.
            Bottom line, I may be heading toward leukemia.
            So tomorrow first thing I need to go for a blood infusion, in the hopes that will help.

            Tomorrow is a tight schedule. My infusion appt is @ 8 a.m., Eís is at 10:00 a.m.
            He can sit with me for an hour or so, then go to his appt. (Fortunately, the buildings we are going to are across the parking lot from each other.). If I take a bit longer, somebody from the CC will wheel me over to the cardiac unit, where I can join E and the surgeon. His surgeon does want me there with him. I get the impression it is more serious than we expected.

            Oh, at my next oncology appt, Apr 29, my NP will let me know if she thinks I need to see a cardiologist, since my breathing gets affected as well.

            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


            • Paula A
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              Oh, I will e praying for you and E. Starting right now. Love and Prayers!

            • karlinann
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              (((JoG)))) and (((E)))), I will be praying for you both as well. Many blessings.

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            Thank you.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.