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Sunday, April 14

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  • Sunday, April 14

    Good morning Rounder's! I have been staying in and not doing anything to undo what the Chiropractor has done and it is killing me inside becuz I know there are things that need attention, but having this SI fixed so I can walk again is even more important. I did not realize it but the Sacro Iliac is the joint that helps you to take steps. It locks and releases for every step you take in order to work your hips to move you forward. The human body is amazing!

    Yesterday I made Corn Bread Salad. I didn't have all the ingredients so I improvised, but next Aldi's trip I will get the stuff to make it the Paula Dean way. Love it! My improv was pretty tasty though.

    DH continues to walk better and is down to only 3 pain pills per 24 hrs. I sure hope the infection is going or gone. He has been a real trouper. Next appt. is Wednesday at 2 pm.

    My leg hurt all day yesterday, and this morning I can walk halfway decent. I don't know what to think. Advil is my friend when it hurts so bad with that nerve pain shooting down my leg.

    We watched Bear Gryls on tv yesterday for several shows and they were so entertaining. I liked these shows better cuz he was alone and not showcasing another actor, star, or famous person. He really does have great survival skills. Those Naked and Afraid people should watch all his shows and learn from the master.

    Ok, I'm off to make some pancakes for myself. Hungry. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Woke with a bad head ache..Haven't decided if I am going to Bible study..I have a few hours to decide.

    I got my hair done love love the color..the cut is to short but It will feel good with the warmer weather..

    A couple more hours in Bed then I will decide what day will be.


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      Morning...had a wind storm last night that woke me. The rain is hitting the window and it sounds like sleet and it is cold enough for sleet! 33 right now and there is snow around with a heavy frost warning already out for tonight. Guess I will drag out my winter coat today. Weather girl says snow will stay mostly in Beth's direction and if she stays in bed she will be ok! Back to 80 Tuesday. Gotta love Spring. So glad I did not get talked into planting those tomatoes by my son.

      Today we are driving south so hope the temps are warmer. Visiting my eldest son for his birthday and taking him to Lambert's for lunch. Blues play at 6:30 tonight so I want to be home for puck drop. It is a three hour drive so glad Jon is going along to visit his brother and Drive!

      Set my alarm for 6:00 Pm Instead of 6:00AM so need to rush around this morning. Have a wonderful day and hope it is a lot warmer wherever you are then here. Snow! How disappointing!!


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        Maxie, cheer up cuz it won't be long until you are fanning yourself and saying gosh it's hot. Wait until Easter to plant those tomatoes. That is the magic day and by then your nights should be in the constant high 60's or 70.

        My Peppers are up! Yeah!

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      Hey! It's a wet & dreary one here today. Suppose to get Maxie's cold weather tomorrow.

      Well we got blessed again. Cork was out giving the lawn it's first mowing of the season, and hit a chunk of wood. It stopped the mower dead in it's tracks. He fiddled & fiddled with it for a while, then our neighbor across the way came over with his tractor & offered to tow our tractor into the garage. We live in the very back corner of our 3 acre lot, and the tractor was out on the opposite corner...long haul to manually push it. We had never met this neighbor before. Very nice man. The two guys tinkered around and 3 hrs later had the mower up and running again. At the 1 hr mark they took our tractor over to his place. The frame cracked, so he welded it. The only cost? An egg custard pie.....blah! I'll make it though!!!! God is good!

      We went to several garage sales in the morning. Got a few deals, but not many. Some had nothing interesting, and a couple thought their junk was worth a lot and I won't even dicker with those kind. Took Blaise to the movie Shazam! The language & violence was a bit more than I thought it would be, but we had a good time. It's what memories are made of.

      This morning we went to church & SS. I then took Blaise down to Kathy's for the day. Stopped at Giant Eagle on the way home to pick up 24 containers of Cool Whip for my cream pies. During holidays they have it on sale. Stocked up. I've taken my Sunday afternoon nap, and now I'm ready to mix up a bunch of butter cream icing and start working on the 16 doz sugar cookies. Have to have the 4 doz Easter ones done by tomorrow. Sue is picking up several orders from me on Tues morning. Cork's requested grilled chicken for dinner, so I've got to get that going too.

      Oh....that couch I won for $1....saw it today at Kathy's. Fantastic deal! All items at the auction started out at a dollar. Nobody else bid against me, so that's how I got it so cheap. Kathy & Matt were thrilled. I'm on the email list for a local auction/estate sale company, and they let me know when there is going to be one close to me. Normally it's estate sales that you go to, but this one was an online auction. It's it out. I think they are nationwide.

      Have a good one all!