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Saturday, April 13

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  • Saturday, April 13

    Good morning Rounders! I am still in quite a bit of pain this morning, but I iced my leg down at 10 pm last evening and it helped. The limp is not as bad and that in itself is a miracle.

    I made salmon, brown rice w/cilantro, salad, & cornbread muffins for dinner and it was so good. I think I like the cornbread muffins better cold.

    I stopped up a tiny hole in the lanai with the caulk gun and it just kept coming out. It does not have a stopper on it. Now there is caulk everywhere; on the plants, in the pots, on the yi yi! That darn caulk gun. It was like a virtual fountain of caulk. LOL!

    Today I have nothing planned. I'm gathering seeds from the Cleome every single day. The Verbena has bloomed and the Poinsettia's have quite a few leaves on them. I thought I'd lost them. My Morning Glories are coming up and blooming. I am going to make a privacy fence with them so that when we sit on our patio we'll have a screen of MG in front of us.

    If you could have anything in the world what would it be? Some would ask for riches, some would ask for world peace, and some would ask for something bizarre like super human strength. I would ask for my health. To be able to walk, run, skip, bend over, and get through the day without pain.

    Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning! Sunny but the furnace just kicked off...storms tonight and will rain into tomorrow when we are going to Sikeston to have a birthday lunch with Scott. Gotta be home early though for the hockey game. Blues won again last night. That makes two and we only need two more to end the first round and now will have home ice.

    The caulk gun story is funny...a been there and done that. Now I do not have the strength to squeeze the handle so buy the caulk in plastic tubes and can handle them better. The best way to caulk is to call someone!! Jon has a better eye than I do but then he has younger eyes than I do! Caulk guns are faultily designed and that is some man's fault because they do not clean up messes.

    Sierra and her dad are running to Six Flags and activate their passes. It has to be done by a certain date to get free parking. If Jon can get free parking it is worth the trip this summer. Andrew also has a pass for the summer so it will be fun for them to take off on Jon's days off. Of course now she will be doing her big girl job and living away from home. Funny how things change since we ordered those passes at Christmas.

    This would be my wish Karlinann, that my family will always be safe and happy......and of course, world peace! Of course, I can think of many ways to improve the world situation but that would involve a voting booth and a political statement and we all know I am not political!

    Andrew stayed later last night so we ordered pizza. I did do a couple of loads of laundry and ran the dishwasher...finished the ironing. To cold to plant this weekend so guess I won;t be going to the nursery but would like to run to Lowes and pick up mulch. The tomato plot is ready. Saw that the local veggie stand is cleaning to open. I go when it first opens but it is to hot and expensive for heated up fruit and veggies in the summer. When the boys were little we would take them to the produce market in St.Louis. It was close to where my husband worked so he knew when the summer stands opened and we would take the boys. They were amazed to see the meat and fish plus rows of flowers and fruits and veggies. Then lunch on the McD's on a boat in the river. The boat is gone now but the boys remember. They were working on the pool area last night and this year Jon is determined to have it level this year. Right!! The running joke is what end will be shallow this year.

    Well time to get moving. Karlinann I hope your leg heals soon. Sometimes we need to change how we do things, maybe? Have a wonderful day everyone.


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      I have to say: I am practicing being polite and silent for the political dinner tonight! As long as they keep the talk local I can keep my smile on and remain friends with most of those people...

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    good morning! I agree with Karlinann: I would love to have healthy body parts! The stretches you told me about, karlinann, rally help and I am determined jto keep doing them. I already feel good enough to not use so much pain medicine at night and during the day. Donna mentions essential oil and one of the products from the company I use is a cream called Deep Blue. It is like a much more powerful Ben Gay.
    Anyway, I was using it day and night and then a different pain cream also, and now only when I start to feel something.
    Anyway, I am going to operate under the idea I can gain more health by doing better: moving more and eating better.

    Today I have a hair and nail appointment because I forgot my hair appointment that was scheduled for Tuesday after daycare. I had changed purses and totally forgot to check all the pockets in the other bag and that was where I had stashed the appointment card. I had not even looked at it so I had nothing in my brain to help me remember, even when I took a photo of a woman on tv because I liked her hair cut!!! so it is kind of hard to convince the stylist/friend that I had no clue about the appointment that I forgot/did not know about. Anyway, I sent her flowers to apologize and will take whatever gentle chiding I may get today. I did have a nail appt. scheduled and she must not have had any others planned because hair takes a lot longer.

    The shelter dinner last night was the first that I did ot bake or cook anything for. I bought the hams but I knew I would not be able to bake and slice them and get them to the shelter in time. I asked someone (I know I told you all this, sorry) and she was so happy to be asked! When I texted her to ask if she thought it was enough ham for 25 she said yes, and she and her husband knew how to slice it to get all the meat. What a blessing! Becky and I went over to take the dessert bars (sugar cookie bars with a cream cheese buttercream frosting) and all the shelter guests were just so excited and appreciative of the dinner. that is always what I have seen and our group always makes meals that we would serve to our own families.

    I love the idea of a privacy wall of Morning glories! We had a porch that had jasmine climbing and filling in one side but it was so hard on my husband's asthma and Becky's that we took it down and now just have the open flower bed in front of the door. However, that area needs weeding and planting. I did a quick trial pull at some weeds the other morning and the green leafy stuff growing there cam eup easily so later today that is what I am going to do.

    The tree in my neighbor's yard is fully in bloom and the scent just fills the air. At this first stage it smells nice and sweet but pretty soon it just gets to be overpowering. I saw a few bees yesterday in the afternoon and butterflies! My lilac is blooming but pretty sparse. I know it needs something. No real nurseries around here but when I get time I am going to the one in Redding. I know my mom will love going up there.

    I need to get moving. I am only halfway dressed...
    I amstill trying to figure out wha tI am wearing to the dinner tonight. I don't have any dressy jeans (knd of an oxymoron to most, but around here guys send their good jeans to the cleaners!) Today is the real beginning to Rodeo Week and already there are big pick ups pulling stock trailers everywhere you are trying to drive! So it is a dress up Western look..I will probably wear a nice longer denim skirt. In the back of my mind is that not so little voice saying: Now don't you wish you had been better on that diet?

    Ok, I have to stop but it is just so good to have real time to read your posts and that means the ones I had to glance over yesterday, too.
    So happy for your good visit, Jo!
    Take care and have a great day/weekend!


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      Paula, don't you have a calendar on your computer? Or doesn't your phone have a memo ap where you can leave messages for yourself? We use the heck out of our computer calendar and it reminds us of appts. 24 hrs in advance or whatever time frame you set it up for.

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    Hello everyone..
    I am here.!!!
    It been crazy weather...Bad hair day..
    I had little helper to day...I was making to day..Quilts for the Cancer Center..They want me to make more quilts...