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Thursday, April 11

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  • Thursday, April 11

    Good early morning Rounders! I'm up for the day.

    I will get Rx's, and go grocery shopping after I get DH squared away this morning. I've gotta say he is walking fine behind the RW even though he has the infection and the loose staple. We found out the pain med may have been keeping him awake, so now he is taking the 2 Advil for discomfort during the night instead of pain med. It puts him to sleep right away. Amazing!

    Did you know I found 4 Zinnia's coming up yesterday in the garden? I could not believe it. So I went out there and sowed all kinds of the Magenta colored ones. I have about a thousand Zinnia seeds, different colors, but mostly they are orange, orangey red, orangey yellow, and the magenta color. I did have some peachy colored ones, but I don't know if I was able to save any of those. They are beautiful California Giants and I'm hoping they will grow on the bank. BTW, the bank is looking much improved.

    I hope Aldi's didn't sell all the items I had picked out to buy.

    I tried to fix the garage doors at the bottom so the snakes can't get in, but there is no way. There are definite gaps on each side and I tried cramming in pieces of old T shirts, but they won't let the door go all the way down. Bummer!

    Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good Morning! The sun is trying to peek out btw the clouds. Yesterday was very pretty.

    Yesterday wasn't super productive, but I did get 4 kinds of cookie dough mixed up & in the refrigerator. I kept stopping and reading another chapter of my book until I finished it. Dinner was each for his own. Cork's buddy from work followed him home & they replaced the front brakes & rotors on the old Escape. Something new for Cork.

    There's been an online auction at a local auction house, and I saw a duel recliner couch on there that would match the recliner we gave Kathy & Matt. I won the bid for just a dollar! Pick up in on Saturday morning. Matt REALLY wanted this leather red chair & ottoman with a max. bid of $35. Well in the end it went for $80. He REALLY couldn't afford it. He wanted it so bad. LOL! I saw a few items that I would have liked, but the bids were already higher than I was willing to pay. I'm on the emailing list of this place for when they are in charge of a local estate sale(s). You just never know what you'll find.

    This morning I had to meet Sue. She was delivering a wedding order for a clerk at her local WM. She also requested a sample plate for another clerk who needs cookies for a wedding. We both have been a bit down in the dumps, and we agree that it's partly because we haven't been together. We talk & work very well together, and it's been months since we've had a good sit down & talk. Next week. She works at a greenhouse until 1pm, so we are going to meet after that someday.

    Now I need to get busy and start baking off some of that cookie dough. I have an appt with the Endo's NP. I called in Jan & couldn't get an appt with the doctors until July, so I took an appt with her. Cork will have to get Blaise off the bus.

    Not a fan of snakes or mice, but have learned to not be as scared as I use to be. We went to several animal programs at our local library & held some snakes. I want an owl as a pet so bad. Love them.

    Have a good one all!


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      Wish we had something like that auction around here! What a deal..

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    Karlinann, can you put some Rough sandpaper down where the snakes might be getting in? A long time ago some friends were having rattlesnakes coming onto their lawn from the woods around them and I had read to put lava rock around the perimeter of your kproperty to keep snakes from coming across it. They did and no more snakes! So, it probably wouldn't be doable to put lava rocks at your garage door but maybe the roughest sandpaper or something similar to discourage them?

    Your yard sounds wonderful. My yard could be a lot better and I keep saying, WhenI retire...Out back my calla lilies are all in bloom. I have onetoddler who likes to stand and hit them (ugh) so I have to stand guard...He is trying to bat down the huge leaves and have the water on them spray off, but, buddy, No! I took some over to the cemetery on the weekend and now have enough to take more. there were only 4 bloomed out and I could almost hear my husband's voice saying, No, give them to Stephanie. So, now I will have more for her grave and for his also.

    You got a whole couch for just One dollar??!!! I need to move to where you aer. Except for that snow, I would be so tempted. closer to my son in MD where I have lived and know the area.

    My brother just called to ask why my mom wasn't answering all his texts and pictures. I told hm she has been busy but now that I think about it, Iam going to text him to call her. Sometimes we get so into texting that we forget the good old days of actually talking to someone.

    We have 54* right now and it will get into the 60's. Not that warm, but it isn't supposed to rain.
    Hope you all get some sun and fun!
    Tell those husband's to keep improving and doing what the doctor says.
    Jo, tell E we are all so grateful he has some information now and can start on the getting better!


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      Good morning..I am late! Woke up very early when the workers were heading out...inside voices do not work around here. I was going to get up then thought that I have nothing to do or no place to go and no one to see....why in the heck do I need to get up? I announced at the table yesterday that today is carry out Thursday or eat out Thursday or whatever Thursday, anything but me cooking Thursday! It is Thursday right?

      Today it is going to be 80 again but no sun and storms this evening. Going to be windy all day with a wind warning. The peonies are peeking up. I saw a purple hibiscus that is suppose to be hardy enough for our winters on line but not sure I want to spend $50.00 on a mail order plant. Need to think on that. But now for the good news....ta da.....Blues won last night!! Play in Winnipeg again tomorrow night then St. Louis on Sunday. It is a best of 7 series so have a few games to go. Oh, Cardinals also won last night and play this afternoon.

      Have a load of laundry today but the place is looking pretty good except the kitchen. Dug out my capris yesterday and they still fit. I think the problem is when you eat all that good food and all the crappy food together. I have cut out the good food, enjoying a crappier diet and not gaining any weight according to my pants. Can you believe we are digging out summer clothes? FINALLY!

      Karlinann how horrible about the wrong boot. And the infection but have no doubt you will get the situation under control and hubby will be on the road to recovery. Isn't there a rubber seal at the bottom of the garage door? Maybe it needs replaced? Or call a repairman about adjusting it? Love calla lilies Paula! Yes, people text to much! My boys do that. You can say so much more and I think it is easier to use a voice.

      Have a beautiful day people...


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        The rubber seal at the bottom is good, it's the little area on each side and now that I think about it every garage door we've ever had was the same way. It is such a small area, but snakes and gecko's can make themselves so small and get through that tiny opening. That was a very skinny snake that got in.

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      Good morning.
      had a lovely visit yesterday with youngest daughter. Eldest daughter showed up in the afternoon with a friend her daughterís age....20-something. We had lunch out and enjoyed their visit, too.

      Last I got only 5 hrs of sleep. The bed is fine, but pillow isnít. Iím feeling the lack of rest today. It will pass, though.

      Dont know what todays plans are. DD has plans with her in-laws, too. I look forward to the daughters all getting together Saturday. Sunday we are leaving. E suggested we could probably stay an extra day, if we get up early enough on Monday, and make it to my doctor appointment. I gave him ďthe lookĒ. He dropped the subject.

      The weather here is in the low 70ís, pretty cool and even E felt the chill in the heavy winds. Tomorrow will drop to the 60ís. Then it will remain in the 70ís til we leave.

      Cookie, you sure do know how to find deals!
      Karlinann, your yard sounds like a paradise. (Complete with snake..)
      Paula, he still faces a surgery and the healing time in the near future. But knowing the problem and all that will be done, he feels better about it. Thanks for your comforting thoughts.
      Maxie, yes itís Thursday! I donít have to cook the rest of the week.

      E just got up...he had a hard time sleeping, too. So Iíd better get ready to get dressed and groomed for today. Heís hogging the bathroom right now.

      have a great day, everyone! ☀️

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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Glad you are having a good visit. Take care of yourselves!

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      Hello everyone..
      I been here for little while..
      I been working so hard..Making things..I am making tote bags..
      The one i am working that hold your I-pad,I- phone,ear plugs..Etc..
      coming soon..