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    OMG! DH has an infection in his wound, and he had a staple that has worked it's way loose, but she did not remove any staples due to the infection. The boot had abraided his big toe cuz it did not fit properly and the doc said it was not the right kind of boot for his Sx. She had him to get the boot through his insurance instead of coming out of her office and it was all wrong. She gave him, (well she did not give it to him cuz we will have to pay for it) another boot that comes up higher, has plenty of toe room, does not have the little pumps and has 5 Velcro closures in the front instead of 3. The boot that we went and picked up before Sx was not a good fit, but the guy said it was correct. DH will call the insurance company tomorrow and complain and we may be able to get a refund. Who knows. Doc did a wound culture and that takes 3 days to get the results. His doc is giving him a different antibiotic and she wants him to take an OTC Probiotic because he is diabetic. I will have to go to the pharmacy tomorrow morning. She wants him to not do any flexion exercises this week and we will take the boot off 2X daily then ice the back of the calf. His B/P was up, but I think now he will do much better.

    I am really looking forward to my Chiropractor visit tomorrow.
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    I hate when they do that.

    (I had a knee problem, the doc said I needed a leg brace. I got the leg brace, but despite Velcro straps it wouldn’t stay on when I started moving around. So I went back, told him my complaint, and this really big burly guy nurse brings out another brace. I managed to take the elevator down and get to the parking lot, and the darned thing slipped down. I complained, but he said I was stuck with 2 braces I couldn’t wear because they were worn out of the building. Long story short, I couldn’t get any refund, and I never went back to that guy.)

    Anyway, I hope your hubby heals quickly. He must be feeling miserable, poor fellow.

    hope the chiropractor ‘s administration of treatment works its magic on you.
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