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    OMG! I went to the mailbox and on the way back up the driveway I saw a small Black Racer go into the garage, under the door. It was only 15 inches long. I screamed and the neighbor's daughter was outside smoking and she said what's wrong. I told her and as soon as I turned back around another snake was at the corner of our garage. That one was 3 1/2 ft long. I made it turn around and she came over and wanted to see it, so I told her to hurry. It started back around the corner, but she saw it. Maybe she has never seen a snake. Anyway I told her she'd better get going because they like to chase you and they're extremely fast. I went into the house and opened the garage door and I saw the little one at the bottom of the shelving unit looking out at me. It was so hard to get it out of the garage. It didn't want to go out, but I was determined and I started moving things so I could get it out of there. I gave it a huge sweep with the broom and it went halfway down the driveway. I cleaned out all the stuff on the floor under those shelves. If there is a snake in my garage I want to be able to see it and get it out of there. If it got under the freezer or washer/dryer I never would get it out. Ugh! I'll probably have nightmares tonight. I hate it cuz garage doors have an opening at the bottom on each side. That has always bothered me. I will try to stuff them with rags. I will also get moth balls, although I've read that the moth balls are not a deterrent for them.
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    I would have also screamed! I brought in a potted mum from the porch one year and thought I'd put it in the sink and give it a good soaking. Left it sit in the sink all night in the morning there was a baby snake in the living room. The kids had made those Styrofoam Halloween villages and it ran in there so I picked it up and threw the entire thing in the yard. I was screaming OMG OMG OMG the entire time! It had to have come in the plant. Never brought in another plant for sure! We have lots of varmints around here but snakes are the ones I hate the most because you have no control over them. Yu seem to have handled it with calmness and dignity. Icky!!!!


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      No, I was not calm. My heart was racing. I abhor snakes and they scare the crap outta me!

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    I am not crazy about snakes either. Yechhhh.
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