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Wednesday, April 10

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  • Wednesday, April 10

    Good morning Rounders! Every day is a new challenge. DH is having some kind of pain at the side of his foot and we think it might be the boot where he is laying on his side when he sleeps. He was worried about it all day yesterday. He is not sleeping well. I know the wound is ok cuz I take the boot off twice daily and the dressing is dry and clean, the swelling is going away and there are no sharp staples sticking out. Ai Yi Yi!

    Ok, I had a Chiropractor appt. for this morning, but I had to change it because we were both afraid that I wouldn't be able to drive afterwards. I called to reschedule my appt. to Thursday at 3 pm and she assured me that I would be able to drive after getting adjusted, but that I may be sore. I can live with sore if I can walk again and not feel this awful pain. I need mornings free to take care of DH's needs so this works better anyway.

    I was able to gather more seeds of the Cleome yesterday. At this rate I'll have about a thousand seeds at the end of this year and I've already sown more seeds for more plants that will give off thousands more seeds. And to think last year I only had that one plant to come up from that whole pack of seeds that I planted. Ain't life amazing? Maxie, better tell your brother to have some beehives close by cuz the honey bees love these Cleome plants like crazy. He will have a good crop of honey after one year.

    Today is trash day and I put it at the curb last evening. We ended up having leftover pasta and a salad for dinner. We both ate hearty and I had some graham crackers with butter for dessert.

    DH has his F/U appt. this afternoon to get half the staples removed. Pray for me. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Morning.... nothing new here


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      Good SUNNY Morning! Yesterday was sunny but that wind sure made it feel chilly.

      Yesterday was good. I headed to Sharp Shopper in the morning. Got home around 11am & text my 3 cousins & SIL to ask if anyone was up for lunch. Well 3 out of the 4 responded and we met around 1130. We had a nice lunch together. The 3 of them all had/have girls in baton at a local place, and they compete regularly. After a while baton talk gets a bit old. Didn't get home until almost 2pm. Didn't get a whole lot done yesterday. My SIL called & ask if I had a doz cookies she could buy to take to her niece who just had a baby. The baby is about 2 weeks old & the mom ended up in the hospital last Friday with infection in both breasts. She had to have surgery. Anyways, my SIL was taking them dinner. I still had Choc Chip dough in the refrig, so I baked the rest of it off. Nothing like fresh CC cookies! Blaise had karate. He got a stripe on his belt, so he's getting closer to being ready to test for his green belt. I spent the evening reading my book. Down to the last 50 pages or so, but at midnight I had to give up.

      I want to mix up 4 kinds of cookie dough this morning & start baking some of it off. Working on the two wedding orders for May. Don't have many orders for Easter this year. The Lord provides for our needs, not necessarily our wants.

      Oh....Kathy got a job yesterday. She went for an interview & was offered the job right there & then. She'll be a forklift operator at the local Aldi's warehouse. She trained at Leads as a FL operator. It's full time with plenty of OT, so she'll make decent money with benefits after 30 days. She told Matt that he's going to have to figure out what to do with Xander if she does work OT, because he's the one that wanted her to get a Big Girls job, and she needs to get sleep if she's going to operate equipment. I've been telling her she needs to find a babysitter. Easier said than done.

      KA...good thing he has a Dr appt today. The doctor can check out the area he's complaining about.

      Have a good one all!

      OH...Kathy would have Blaise dressing in "cool" clothes. She didn't like that I dress her in the latest fashions, though she can't afford them either.


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        Good Morning and Trash Day! I took out one full can yesterday morning before lunch when the daycare kids were outside and the baby was asleep. that left the other trash and the recycling cans for after daycare and so I have a lot that got picked up for the first time in a long time.

        Talk about bees! the big tree form my neighbor's yard that hangs over our shared fence is flowering and it will be buzzing with bees in a day or two. and I mean buzzing!! Like you go outside and you can hear them...I cut a few flowering heads yesterday that were really low and over my climbing structure. I told the kids to watch out and we should be all right; so far, no one has been stung by a bee in all the years I have done daycare here.

        Speaking of: how old is Xander, Donna?
        that is a good job Kathy got and they should both work out the details so she keeps it. With some experience with Aldi's she will be able to find even higher paying jobs; at least that is how it is out here. Women in construction are still not that common and can usually be hired all the time.

        And if anyone needs a great pie: Ta-Daa! Donna makes mouthwatering ones! Her pie crust is every bit as delicious as the filling!!!

        Remember I said I had a friend coming to clean my kitchen ceiling? Oh My Goodness! It looks as good as it did when we had it painted.
        All upper cabinets got cleaned, too.

        The flowers sound wonderful Karlinann! I will be waiting to hear how your chiro appointment goes. Is this for the sciatica pain? The exercises you told me help, but if an adjustment works I will do it, although I am nervous about all the movements they do on you.

        Everyone, stay well and be happy!


        • karlinann
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          Yes, it is for the Sciatica. The RN who told me about it said she only had to go one time.

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        Good morning to you all.

        We will get to only 71į today. I guess storms are starting to sweep across the country, northern states and Midwest they said.
        However, it makes for nicer weather as we pack the car and travel.

        It will be nice to see all the girls again. Especially together, if that can be worked out. We havenít seen the youngest one in a few years, and itís been even longer for the siblings.

        So, having just finished my breakfast, I need to get dressed and get stuff together to put into the car.

        Have a a great day. ☀️

        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Morning...going to be partly cloudy with temps close to 80. Finally turned on the air in the late afternoon. It was so hot in here and the house was not cooling at much heat built up. Maybe that is why my store list is full of drinks. But temps are going to drop later this week back to normal. Guess we will turn the heat back on!

          I did clean house yesterday and had a really good head of steam going then the phone calls and texting starts. Not even interesting stuff to interrupt me. But, I did get the sheets washed and changed and the floors cleaned. My room was picked up and shoes put away and will dust today after grocery shopping. Brought up all the ingredients for spaghetti sauce so guess what is for supper? I need lettuce for salad and a loaf of Italian bread. I am so darn tired of meal planning. I have no idea what we will eat tomorrow and it may be carry out night. In fact I am looking forward to it. Friday is "I never cook on Friday" day.

          Blues play tonight! Cardinals play too but you all know which team is my priority and I can channel switch during time outs to watch the ballgame. Can't wait. Yesterday Andrew cut the back yard and then dug the last of the hostas and took them to the neighbor. Then he set out the new landscaping lights and two are not working. I need another set so will have enough to put lights into the flower pots going down to the patio. I keep those steps lite at night so I can go out and sit in the summer. I am going to set out a couple of tomatoes later and for some reason Drew wants a pepper plant. Kid does not eat peppers! But he is so rotten I will go out and buy a box of 3 to get him one when the time comes. Guess the neighbor will also get tomato and pepper starts.

          So now you know my day plans and my future plans and I am going to shower and put on my spaghetti sauce and grocery shop. Going to have to drag out my capris but not going to put the flannel and sweats away just yet. Talked with Mommy dearest and her area in Minnesota has a foot of snow coming with this big storm system. What melts in Minnesota brings flood waters in Illinois. An unpleasant cycle for all involved. Hope you get good news from the doctor Karlinann. Always a worry until you get that reassurance from the drs. Congrats to Kathy and her new job. Could be a nice job opportunity. Hope everything is ok Beth with your short and sweet post.

          Have a safe trip Jo and you and E take care of yourselves. Paula, all those bees would scare me to death! The wasp like to nest under the porch railings and we have them sprayed special. Wish someone would come in here to clean but then I would be cleaning before they came so I wouldn't be embarrassed. Sorta defeats the purpose and I hope you did not do that. Or did you?

          Off to get another cup of coffee and maybe the kid left a cookie? Doubtful but something to look forward to on my trip to the kitchen.
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