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Tuesday, April 09

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  • Tuesday, April 09

    Good early morning Rounders! Oh, JoGee, what a day you and E had. So sorry to hear about his diagnosis and the upcoming Sx. I knew there had to be something wrong and I can't believe the doctors gave him the runaround all that time. Bless him and I'll certainly be manifesting a successful Sx & outcome. You take care of yourself as well.

    I called the Chiropractor yesterday and made an appt. for Wed. at 9:30, but I'm going to have to call and move that to Friday. I'm concerned that after the adjustment I'll need some recovery time and DH has his doc appt. on Wed. at 3 pm. I sure am hoping this adjustment works and I can walk like a normal person again without pain and dragging this leg around. I sort of overdid it yesterday when I moved the pavers in the front yard and I will need to take it easy for the rest of this week.

    I have lost weight. The shorts I had on yesterday will wrap around my legs so they are going in the cast away pile. The cast away pile is a garbage bag in the closet with cast offs for the thrift shop. I will be pulling some shorts that didn't fit a few months ago back out of that bag. There are also some capri's in there that would not button at the waist. Thank goodness I hadn't returned them to the thrift shop. I bring them home and wash everything before I bring it in the house and try it on and if it does not fit it goes back into that bag. It's a good stash.

    DH is having quite a bit more pain with his foot and is taking an extra pain pill per day. I sure hope nothing is wrong, but we'll find out soon enough. Maybe the staples are saying they need to come out, or at least half of them. She has already warned me to have him medicated when he arrives and have an extra pain pill for afterwards. I know he'll be in pain!

    I am going to be a good girl today and keep taking the Advil. My only chores today are to put the trash out at the curb tonight and to gather the Cleome seeds. They have started to ripen and pop open and I really don't need anymore Cleome's coming up in the garden, but I need them in other places around the yard. They are going to make a big impact this year on our property.

    Today I will make TexMex for our dinner. I need to use up the Cilantro and I love adding it to the rice. I will make Tuna Salad for lunch.

    It's time to go grocery shopping again. I'll do that today too.

    Maxie, I'm glad you are getting that hot weather and I'm sure you have thawed out. Our AC has been kicking on in the evenings, but it does not run too long. I have all the ceiling fans going and it helps. It was so hot out yesterday when I went out for the mail. I just close the blinds and stay in when it gets that hot.

    I've written a book. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good SUNNY Morning!

    Yesterday was good. I didn't cook or bake one thing. I cleaning & organized, and did up the laundry. This weekend Cork ask me AGAIN if I had sorted & separated the clothes pile I've had sitting in the pantry. Now, if the pile looks the same as if did last week, doesn't that indicate that I HAVEN'T sorted it yet? Well I finally did it yesterday and even went through some of Blaise's clothes and picked out what was too small. The small clothes are going to Kathy for Xander. I'm sure she won't use all of it because she thinks I dress Blaise like a dork. Jeans & t-shirts. I did have to ice & take a carrot cake down to the restaurant. She said the waitresses are really selling the dessert lately. This is good! Took Blaise to karate & spent the rest of the evening reading a new book.

    Not sure what all I'll get into today. I'd like to mix up 4 different kinds of cookie dough. I don't have Easter orders like I normally do, so I'll work on the wedding orders. Want to run into Sharp Shoppers too. We'll see. Karate tonight. It's an early evening for that....515-6pm. Works for me! Jim is coming home with Cork after work & they are going to replace the rotors & brakes on the older Escape. Jim use to own a garage and is teaching Cork how to do these things himself. Normally we take things to Gary's down the road, but Cork's finding it interesting learning how to do it himself. I'd like to say it's costing us less, but he always seems to have to buy a new tool or two to do that jobs. LOL! Boys & their toys. Hey, I'm guilty of that too.

    Take it easy KA!

    Have a good one all!


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      Good morning...yesterday was ok...Today will be crazy at work. I don't know what plans I have for tonight...other than washing black pants for work.


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        Another sunny morning! I am getting used to this...sun and temps in the mid 70s again today. I did buy new landscaping lights yesterday and Jon and Andrew transplanted some hostas. We have found a different spot to plant a couple of tomatoes but the hostas were growing there. We had stuck them there a few years ago because we didn't know what to do with them but now I have a place. I have a vision but getting people to work on it is a different story. It would be nice if Jon didn't only have every other weekend off. The off one fills up with family stuff and leaves little for work around the house stuff.

        In spite of it being a beautiful day I am going to stay in and do some housework. Someone or two tracked in a lot of mud and I can write my name in my bedroom furniture. Going to change sheets and just plop a meatloaf in the crock pot so I do not have to turn on the oven. Mash potatoes and there is a perfect meal for this outfit. Sierra will be home between her internship and running to work at McD's so this may be our only family meal this week.

        Andrew came in from his Memphis weekend full of tales. He had a wonderful time. I am not much into car racing so he has to stop and explain things to me. I'm the city grandma! He ask me to make some dip for graham crackers. Sierra has made it and texted the recipe so want to mix that up for him today. He is so spoiled...but a cutie who dug hosta's last night.

        Jo, so glad they found E's problem. Three blockages is a lot for them to have not found earlier and why aren't they doing the surgery quickly? I love the word appropriated! Not one you hear often. I wear men's tees all the time. For one they are bigger and comfier and two they are a lot cheaper than a womens style. My flannel shirts are men's and sweat pants/sweat shirts. But I like my jeans a little snug...go figure. Oh, I also wear cons just so you can complete the picture of what a snazzy dresser I am.

        Hope you are able to get the allergies under control Beth. Cookie nothing dorkie about jeans and tees..add a boot and belt buckle and you have my grandson. Time will come soon enough when he tells you what he wants to wear. I had one who was a fashion plate and another who didn't care if his clothes were washed. Guess which one I live with? What a pig! When Kathy starts buying his clothes we will see how 'stylish' she dresses the kid. Lol!

        Well, I got nothing. Baseball tonight after winning last night. Time to stop procrastinating and get some dirt gathered up.


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          Before I forget: Donna, if jeans and a tee shirt are dressing like a dork, how would Kathy dress him? that is pretty much standard wear around here.

          I am running and trying to get more things done this morning. And of course, the dogs have startd fussing to go out again. They pick up on my hurrying, I guess.

          I was asked to a political dinner a few weeks ago by a friend who Ikow wants me to serve on the county committee. I said I couldn't and then yesterday my friend whose house burned down in the Camp Fire texted and said he has two tables at the dinner and wanted to invite me. He added he asked his wife (one of my college roommates) and she said Ask paula, so now I am going and called the first woman to tellher my plans had changed and I would be at Mike's table...I offered to pay for the plate I would have been at her table but she said she had filled her table and no problem. the things that can mess up your plans and sticky up your friendships. And I am not going to serve on the county central comm. I do really support my local government leaders. They do a great job for our ag area and instanding up to our gov: Mr. Let's put a tax on everything! Gas is now at 3.49!

          Ok, I am in a hurry and yet, I sit here spouting off...sorry.

          I have a top in the wash on the handwash cycle. that is for the dinner and that is why I got onto that subject. When I asked Terrie what she was wearing she said it is Red Bluff casual which means dressy (?) jeans and blouses, etc. Our congressman will be wearing his signature jeans, jacket and cowboy hat, I am sure. It is the candidate I want to meet and hear and that was the one thing Mike promised. He will be there representing the CA Teachers Assoc and all the elected officials will be talking with him.

          I gotta go. Someone already drove up!!!!


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            Good morning ☕️

            Yesterday’s weather hit 94°, so we should get at least that again today. But cloudy and windy as well today. Hello allergies. Would you believe tomorrow is slated for only 71°? Such crazy weather, these days.

            Yesterday was hectic ..... at the hospital, everything is hurry up this, then w-a-i-t.......then hurry up that, then more waiting. It helps to be told WHY the waiting. E finally asked what we were waiting for if he was done. The male nurse finally explained it, and it finally made more sense. But the waits were an hour or two.

            Once home, I urged him to wear the sling (from his not-too-old shoulder surgery) as a reminder to not use his right hand for a couple of days. So he is. We don’t need setbacks. Any relatively heavy stuff he needs to move, I will at least help him with. We need to pack the car for tomorrow’s trip to Casa Grande.

            Today is trash pick up day, the bins are at the curb. We have to have a few feet between the bins. Our neighbor apparently pushed ours closer together to squeeze his in without blocking his driveway. Our driveway is already half blocked. So E is going to ask him to use the other side of his driveway where he has twice the room that we do. They are nice people, but can be thoughtless. Most of our neighbors don’t follow procedures, like bagging garbage and trash. Guess who’s yard that blows into. When we get back from Casa Grande, we will have a messy looking yard. E is usually picking up crappy trash for 3-4 days after pickup day.

            Karlinann, you and hubby need to take it easy, too. Save some of your energies to let your injuries heal completely. Which I, for one, learned the hard way. E needs to, as well.

            cookie, “dorky” clothes are sometimes more appropriate than the “cool stuff”. Some of those”cool” outfits make kids look too rebellious. (Depends on the kind of tees they wear.) That makes the teachers subconsciously pick on those kids. I did an experiment with one of my girls whose grades were fallling. I gave her warnings, that one D on her report card, and her “cool clothes” were hidden or secretly repaired or trashed, and she had to agree to my dress code (or else!). She had 1 C and all D’s. Cool clothes were confiscated. She followed a strict dress code til the end of the school year (or else!), soon teachers treated her nicer, and she brought home all A’s and B’s. Dress code psychology goes a long way....she learned her lesson.
            I haven’t had carrot cake in so long, I haven’t baked in eons, then I read about yours and get cravings.
            Oh well, I need to lose weight anyway.

            Have a good day at work, Beth. Stay calm and smile a lot!

            I took so long with this, I bet at least Maxie and Paula have already posted. LOL
            To everyone, have a good day. ☀️

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            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Ok, I have a gripe. I am taking a coffee break and reading my face book. When people say they have something free to give away why do you need a picture or ask what condition it is in? If it is free it is free so get up and go look at it yourself. Or if someone is giving free kitties do you really need a color description? It is free people..go be appreciative and take a look yourself. I just don't get it. And if you need a job do you think face book is the place to ask if anyplace is hiring? I must be old because I remember going business to business and putting in applications. I just do not get this modern society. One of Sierra's classes made them go to a job fair and write a paper...I told her she looked nice that morning and when she came in she said she must have been the only one who had to pass grandma muster. AND I think she is actually a poor dresser! If someone on face book ask who was hiring and then used poor grammar I am pretty sure I would not tell them of anyplace. Ok..maybe not the place to complain but it was just irking me. Evidently cleaning house has an adverse affect on my mood....maybe I should stop and cheer up?


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                Oh, to answer your question about the heart surgery, Maxie....
                They would have just kept them and done it. However, the cardiologist and the surgeon have to discuss that Y shaped vein, which might prove a little tricky.
                So E has an appointment next Tuesday to meet the surgeon and talk with him. Then Friday next week he has an appointment on Friday with the cardiologist, and they will set up the surgery appointment.
                If E follows instructions and doesn’t do any heavy tasks, he will be fine. And he can enjoy seeing his daughters in the meantime, which will give them more incentive to visit him in the hospital. They will find out about it when they see him in Casa Grande.

                and you are right about getting free stuff. If people want the freebies, they shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Most people, however, greedily envision a new looking freebie....or for kittens or puppies, they want something that’s super-cute, not awkwardly spotted, perfection only....or nothing.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.