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Monday, April 8, 2019

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  • Monday, April 8, 2019

    Good morning Rounders! We had a good day yesterday. I didn't find the ripped baseboard until just before going to bed. DH has tried to ride his rolling walker into the kitchen the night before instead of walking behind it. That is also when he put too much pressure on his foot and caused all the pain. Oh well, I really don't care about the baseboard, but I told him to not try that again in the chair. Those thresholds are impossible to get across and it could cause severe injury to his heel. Anyway, we're straight and from here on out I think he'll be fine.

    I moved the Scooter into the garage last evening and maybe DH might want to get out there on it today. He will just stay here on our cul de sac. It will help to break up the boredom. He did not sleep well last night and I got my 5 hrs.

    I'll be making a trip to Aldi's on Wednesday. They are offering a set of cutlery, a set of food storage containers, and a set of small plates. I'll check them out. Our GF grill bit the dust so I will be looking for a new grill also, but they may not offer one for a long time. I just don't want to go to Walmart. Hey Paula I read your post yesterday about the beggar outside Walmart and it's worse here. We have all kinds of street people or homeless people begging near the Walmart shopping center. This is a super Walmart and the parking lot is huge and even though they are not always in the actual parking lot they are nearby the fueling station or near the other strip shopping centers around the Walmart. We see them right in the median of all the main roads. They are usually in a chair with their belongings beside them, and they look drunk or out of it slumped over, or they sometimes have a dog on a leash and a sign. All kinds of beggars. They change daily and I'm sure some of them get arrested. They probably want to get arrested, Baker Acted means getting a bed in a hospital with 3 meals a day and the taxpayer's are paying for it. And it's not just here in our city, it's at the beaches and everywhere. They camp out in the libraries in some places to use the bathrooms, etc. It's really bad all over our state.

    Enough of that depressing stuff. Today is a new day and let's have a good one. I hope all of you see the sun today and have a chance to laugh. Bless you! Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Allergies suck! Enough said.

    Work today..

    pick up grocery order

    Church meeting tonight.


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      Good SUNNY Morning! Yesterday was cloudy all day, but nice temps. It finally started down pouring around 7pm.

      Yesterday was good. After church & SS, I came home & puttered around while Cork went to the flea market that opened for the season. I made an apple pie and took it & some wedding soup over to Aunt J's. Had a nice visit. Came home to relax, and Kathy called. Ask what I was having for supper. Thawed more chicken and made some mac salad. We had company for dinner.

      We've replaced many gas grills thru the years. Mostly because the old one looked all rusty and I didn't want to move it. Always said I wished I had a charcoal grill. Well this move I FINALLY got a charcoal grill & LOVE IT! Granted, you have to be organized and plan to use it because it takes a good 45-60 minutes for the charcoal to be just right before putting on your food. Oh but the flavor is out of this world. I made chicken breasts & legs last night, and Kathy & Matt were in 7th heaven. Told them the next time they need to bring some meat & grill it & take it home for the next day. Matt said it was perfection. LOL! Now he doesn't like anything with mayo, but he sure enjoyed the veggies & apple sauce I had with the meat. So did Xander. Kathy bragged how I could whip up a meal in no time flat. Matt was embarrassed she ask to come to dinner. LOL! We had a nice visit. Blaise & I caught up on our snuggles. He told me about talking to his REAL Dad. I'm just a bit touchy about the word REAL. Since both girls are adopted, that word was thrown at me quite a bit, especially by Kathy. I never considered myself fake. I know it's just a word, but it hurt. Blaise didn't bring the subject up anymore after he told me. Like it was non-news. Boys are definitely different than girls.

      Not sure what all I'll get into today. No definite plans until it's time to take Blaise to karate. There is always cleaning & laundry to do. I guess I'm blessed to have a place to clean & clothes to wash.

      We really don't have beggars around this area, though when I lived in other areas, we did. I wasn't sure what to do because the Bible tells you to take care of the least of you and you could be entertaining an angel. I was told before not to give money, but rather purchase food & give it to them. Out in Shelby, OH a lady was arrested because she wasn't as poor and was just hustling people.

      Time to get started.....have a good one all!


      • karlinann
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        They printed an article in the newspaper about the homeless people and one guy said he got his SS check every month for X amount of dollars and that he had a drug habit of $800 a week. Where do you think he got the rest of the money? There are whole villages of the homeless here and they live in the woods because they want to maintain their independence so they can keep on living that kind of life. Heaven forbid that they should get a job, get a place to live, and support their children. Yes, there are whole families of them.

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      Good morning. It was 65* at 5:00 when I went out to feed the cat! Yesterday was overcast and windy so I put on a long sleeved sweater. when I went out it was 70*.
      We were taking flowers to the cemetery and by the time we got home both Becky and I had itchy eyes and I was sneezing. I took cala lilies and didn't touch the yellow stamen but they are really powerful allergens. also at the cemetery there was a lot from trees blowing around. The cemetery is putting in sprinklers and have little flags up where the pipes will be installed. I am not sure but hope it will help our family graves. I was taking water to them during the drought when no one was watering much. the roses I had planted look like they need some attention. I lose the one by Gary's grave. Grocery store roses are not the best, I guess. I can't have a dead bush though, so I will see what can be done or have it taken out.

      We took some snickerdoodle cheesecake bars (so yummy!) over to the shelter last night. Becky wanted to take them yesterday while they were fresher and I wanted to see how many guests there were. Only 20. It is at a church further out (but nothing in our town is very far and the shelter provides rides to this church) and the warmer weather might be a factor, but for whatever reason, the numbers are down this year. but the person who calls the cooks and tells them how many to cook for is still saying high numbers??? I am giving her the benefit of the doubt and thinking she doesn't know how to cook for larger numbers and figure in enough for seconds, etc. We do (my 3 friends who cook with me) and if you tell me cook for 25 I know how to have enough for that number. When Becky volunteered last Monday the cooks had been told to cook for 60! there has not been that many ever... so , I saw for myself how many were there and we will be doing a ham dinner onFriday. I am going to add something else to what we are serving from what I saw Donna had served; I just can't remember now and will go check back. We always have a salad and homemade rolls, a vegetable and dessert and the main dish.
      Our shelter is open November through April, so this will be our last dinner unless there is a day in the month that no one has volunteered for. I always choose the second Friday so everyone of us has had a payday and a weekend to shop for the food.

      My car now has a fine dusting of pollen every day all over it. and I was reminded that getting in, I am getting it on my hands whenI touch the door handle. Wipes and hand sanitizer are in my purse and car all the time during Spring! I still have a time convincing my mom that hanging her sheets out in these high pollen days is not what she should do, but those habits are hard to change.

      I did oneload of laundry this morning and now will go get my breakfast, I have a friend coming to start washing the ceiling. The tops of my cabinets and doors need it, too, so we will see what she wants to do.

      Donna, I am just about ready to get our charcoal grillout of the storage shed out back and start cooking. For the longest time I just waited to be asked to someone's for a barbecue because Gary was the one who did that. finally thought, I can do that if I want to...I asked a friend ifhe had any rules to follow and after he said how to get it started and how to finish, we started doing our own grilling.

      the soup sounded wonderful that you did for Aunt Maye and Uncle Dave, Donna.
      Karlinann, here it is so hard to see those on the streets who are asking for help and I always try to follow the promptings of my heart. Our law enforcement advises to tell the where to go for food in the community and not give them money. I have given food, but also some money at times and in the summer I carry a case of water in my car for our needs as well as to give out when I see anyone I thnk needs it. those with animals just really tug at my heart, I always think of the mothers somewhere wondering how their child is.
      Opioid epidemic is rampant around here and contributes to the whole scene as well to the thefts.
      It can get you down, like Karlinann said, but trying to do my best and give what I can and keep moving and serving is how I get through.
      You all certainly keep me going!

      Have a great day and give those guys a hug who are healing and improving!


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        Good morning!..Sun is shining and yesterday we reached into the 80s. The house got really hot especially when some dummy ran the oven but it is too soon to even think about the a/c. Back to highs in the 50s Wednesday. Storms last night went either north or south of us. The trees suddenly have leaf buds and there is a whole different look outside. I could be planting shrubs but the last two pieces of lattice still needs to be hung around the steps.

        Allergies are horrible here also Beth. I think that is what had me down a couple of days last week. Gotta pay the price for Spring! And the bees and wasp were buzzing yesterday. icky!

        Today I am heading home to cash a check and get a new debit card. If I go into the bank I can leave with a new card but if I did it over the phone it was two weeks...go figure! Scott called for my social security number...he needs a new card and to get a replacement needed both mine and his father's numbers. Seems strange. He had his dads because when I moved in here I gave him all the family papers. And I also made sure each boy had copies of death certificates and marriage licenses...I need to look where his dad's military records are. He should have those too...amazing how often I needed papers after my husband died. And all the places that would not talk to me without death certificates. Yet I can hand Sierra my credit card and no one questions her charging tuition, books, clothes, etc. Or my name at the bottom of a check paying a utility bill in Jon's name. Funny that..

        This weather has been beautiful and the Cardinals won yesterday. Blues do not play until Wednesday in Winnipeg. Let's hope they play until June!!! Wednesday is also Scott's birthday and we are going to Sikeston Sunday to celebrate. I have a stack of birthday cards and Easter cards on my desk. The grands are getting gifts...Andrew his remote car and Sierra a new baseball jersey and gift card. Andrew is having a hard time with this growing up stuff so may want an Easter Basket and if he does his dad will do that. He was way to old for the Elf this Christmas but he was not ready to give it up. He is smart enough to know things change when you grow up. Plus with a mom there and a dad here he loses a lot of loot!

        Jon is off and cooking today. I would imagine grilling and chicken sounds great Cookie. I do hope Kathy does not fill Blase's head with the joys of having a dad because some people are not dad material and they are strangers to each other. Karlinann I envy you this weather and your gardening skills and am so happy you are not going to be tied down to the house. If your hubby can get out and about you can take him out to dinner or an ice cream cone. You can go out and blow the stink husband used to say that...'lets take a ride and blow the stink off'. LOL!

        Time to get moving...will stop at the local grocery and check out meat for the week. Need laundry detergent so will run into the Dollar Store. We seldom have beggars here unless it is around the holidays. I would hate to be approached in a parking lot especially in this day and time. People are scary!!

        Have a wonderful day and hope the sun is shining on all of you.


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          Hamburgers on the grill tonight! The house is hot..78 but I refuse to turn on the air when it going to drop to a low in the 30s this week. Besides it is so nice not to be cold and I am certainly not sweaty so they can suck it up. Only problem is I want to plant so bad! All the flowering trees are in bloom. I noticed that this morning while out...I must have been shut up in the house all weekend watching hockey and baseball to not notice. Think? Beth I have been on allergy meds a while this season but still have come in with a headache and runny nose today. Plus the bees and wasp are out. Lots of things to make me swell and blow my nose. Jon swatted a bee and stomped it...that is one that will not be sending me to the clinic but looks like we will need the exterminator sooner than expected before we start outside painting.

          I should have changed my bed today but tomorrow is another day. I plan to stay in all day tomorrow. Loving this heat and it has been a long winter!!


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            Good morning.... it was an early trip to the hospital, so Iím late posting.

            Two hours later E is now being prepped for the procedure, which will take a couple of hours.
            I am sitting in the waiting room now, my purse, my bag with a book and my iPad and lunch (such as it is...leftovers) in it, Eís clothing bag, and Eís overnight bag in case he needs my feet.
            If that lady here coughs once more, Iím putting on a mask. Iím now wearing the mask I keep in my purse.
            Our niece is on standby to come take me/us home when E is done here.

            Todays weather will be 92į, tomorrowís 94į, then back to the 70ís and 60ís, with rain forecasted for Saturday (our family day in Casa Grande). Win a few, lose a few.

            Speaking of beggars, there is a busy traffic corner near us where there used to be 2-4 beggars at a time.
            Two on medians, and any others on corner sidewalks. One gal (Miss V) we were sorry for decided to write a ďbookĒ, which was pamphlet style. Actually she wrote 3 (yeah, I bought them all), and read about her life. Sad. She obviously didnít get much education. And life on the streets can be rough, but some of them find they get more money than any job they can hold. (One man was an executive of some sort but made triple his salary when he begged with his two pretty young daughters behind him.). As far as Miss V, begging is a *choice* so they donít bother with taxes, etc. I see where she and her S.O. have a small trailer home and she does own a laptop computer. They actually resent people in shiny nice cars who donít stop and donate...they need at least $35 a day. Some days they donít make that much. I have since pointed out to E when she was actually *training* a few people how to beg. OK....bottom line, no matter what their story is, it is their choice! I really donít mind helping someone in real need, nor does E. But in general, we have quit giving to beggars. I hope you donít think I am terrible. We saw one very old, skinny almost toothless woman begging, not expecting anything, and it was obvious she really didnít want to be there. So we went around to get back to her, and gave her $10 (our last bill) so she could get a decent hot meal. She was surprised and speechless, bless her.

            E will be discharged today. But he will soon be returning for surgery.....he has heart blockage in 3 places.

            gotta go....
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            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


            • Paula A
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              I don't think that is terrible at all. Too many have found ways to scam the public in their Will Wok for Food (but really just want the money).
              Sad to say, I have come to recognize the look of drug addiction and pretty sure where that money will go.
              Heroin is so cheap around here that it doesn't take much to buy it...

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            finally, we are home. It is almost dinner time, but we feel beat from the hospital.
            I had dressed for the coldness in the hospital. Waiting for our niece outside, it had already reached 94į.
            So E has a follow up with his cardiologist, and already has a referral to see the heart surgeon.
            The doctor didnít expect to find the blockages, but once E was hooked up he saw them quickly.

            I am going to change into something cooler, and get something started for dinner. I still have tuna salad, also frozen dinners. I hope to sleep in tomorrow, because last night I didnít sleep too well at all.

            I think Tomorrow I shall try on every item in my closet, and donate whatever isnít comfy to me. I have appropriated Eís nice long sleeve tee shirts and sweatshirt, because I donít have many. Thanks to my spleen, I wear menís tees best. Iíd just like to alter the necklines somehow, but no bling! When the weather is chilly, I easily feel cold. I have nice sweatshirts to donate, because since my colostomy days, mine are too short for me. I need tunic style tops.

            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.