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should Donna ever say this to you.....

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  • should Donna ever say this to you.....

    Donna send me text when DAvid was in Hospital... "what can I do to help?...." the CORRECT answer to this is...

    "oh, some nice soup ...... like your wedding soup ... (and an apple pie!).....

    She delivered that a little while ago.... both soup and pie are simply out of this world DELICIOUS!.... I am soooo lucky to have her as MY niece.... many thanks Donna.....I know these two things were work .And your favorite Aunt loves you (with or without those goodies).. Uncle David still asleep...will call him as soon as I post t this...

    to all reading this.. just die with envy ...

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    Oh, I am! Trying to remember "charity envieth not..." but you certainly deserve some comfort!
    continued prayers for David's recovery and for your strength!


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      Oh my Aunt Maye! Do you supply napkins for the drool cuz those are two of my favorite foods in this world. You lucky thing you. Yes, I'm green with envy.
      "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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        Lucky, lucky you, Janet.
        Enjoy the lovely dinner.
        (Yes, Iím also drooling over the thought of that meal.)
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Oh she's too kind. Funny thing though, the pot of soup just kept growing & growing, and I had plenty to share with her, my Mom, and Kathy. Now they didn't get pie with theirs though. Wedding soup is so good, it just takes a lot of steps. None hard though.

          One time we went to Olive Garden and my husband wanted wedding soup & ordered theirs. It came out...clear chicken broth & shell noodles. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!! REAL wedding soup has chicken, meatballs, kale or spinach, veggies, and tiny pasta. My tiny pasta kind of grew & grew & grew. LOL!


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            Sammy's does not put the chicken, or veggies except for the spinach, but they do put some chicken broth and the tiny little meatballs. I don't think I'd like the chicken in it. I love Sammy's Italian Wedding Soup! You are a good soul to do all you do.