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Sunday, April 07

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  • Sunday, April 07

    Good morning Rounders! Yay! Uncle D is home in his own bed. That means a lot right there. Aunt Maye I sure hope you can get reprieve for a few extra hours to get caught up on your rest too. Nobody can sleep in a hospital with them waking you up every few hours for meds. So I'm glad he's home and we knew they would hem and haw about the reason the blood levels dropped. They are not going to commit to anything. I'm still manifesting a good recovery for Uncle D.

    DH overdid it yesterday by walking too much. How difficult is it to remember no more weight bearing than 2-3 minutes per hour? I have counselled him on it and maybe he will listen now. He is in pain. He had somehow managed to push the rolling walker across the threshold into the kitchen, (with him sitting in it) and shot his foot forward in the boot and the toes were cramped and pushing into the toe plate. Ay yi yi! I had to redo the boot at 11 pm. Neither of us has slept much. I am happy to report he is walking behind the rolling walker and getting around much better. He just tries to do too much.

    Aunt Maye what you said about not telling Blaise about all the stuff until he is older is probably true, but I waited until my daughter was in college to tell her about her father and she went to see him and saw how he was living, and she still blames me for everything. We cannot determine what the outcome will be, but we can hope he grows up to be a respectful, loving person who will remember the ones who nurtured and cared for him.

    We got more rain yesterday and my little transplants are going to thrive. One of my tiny Nandina bush's that I got last spring is blooming. It's not even a foot high, but it has a bloom and that means berries for the birds. Lovely. All of my Cacti are blooming too. Sometime today I'm going out to get weeds out of the lawn. There are so many and if they all go to seed that means next year we'll have hundreds more weeds.

    Oh, BTW, the salt didn't do anything to the stump. I guess you have to buy the Epsom Salt after all. I'm not doing it though. Too expensive. I'll let Ma Nature take care of that ol' stump.

    Today I will make pork chops, baked red potatoes, salad, corn muffins, and fried apples for supper. The salad will be just a few leaves of Artisan lettuce with some shredded carrot. Not much, but enough of a green. I have been making good lean & green meals.

    I'll be back later today. Peace & Plenty. May this day bring you many blessings and I'll continue to manifest good health for Uncle D.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning..yesterday Benadryl was my best friend! I have a bad case of hives on my hands and arms a bit on my face.

    I have Bible study this morning.

    This afternoon I plan to read a book.


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      Good morning, everyone.

      Today we should get back back to the mid-80 temperatures. A clear day ahead. The sun is coming over the mountain and lighting up my little world.

      Karlinann, your dinner sounds great. What is it with guys always trying to do too much when recovering from an injury! E is the same way.
      Does that stump have an even, flat top? That would be a good place to set a planter and grow something.

      Aunt Maye, good to see you posting. D will probably be tired for a couple more days, but he is adjusting to the changes as he rests. Nobody gets rest in the hospital! Not just because of meds....but the blood tests in the night and day as well. I had asked a tech why they have to do reason, except itís the hospital policy when they admit you. Last time I was in a hospital stay, the doc mentioned to the nurse about C-dif starting up in that department. I mentioned, ďGreat, that usually hits me fast!Ē I was discharged the next day! Made me realize they could have discharged me 2 days earlier, when I felt better, before the IV mishap that caused my neuropathy. I hate hospitals.

      Beth, how did you get hives? I hope they do not last long.

      Well, it should be a fairly busy day here, getting ready for Eís early hospital appointment, plus for the trip to see DDs this week. When we get back from that visit, I have a doctor appointment to see how Iím coping with the increased Med. So far I havenít had to use the cream for back pain. Oh, it does start up when Iíve been moving about, but itís an ďacheĒ and not the bad ďpainĒ I got before. So I just sit for a while til it passes.

      It is time to bring in the newspaper and have my breakfast. ☕️

      Hope you all have a great day. ☀️
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        No, that stump is not even.

      • bethina
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        Best as I can tell I got into something that am allergic too....and I tend to break out if I have to much anxiety! Mom also mentioned that it could be a spring allergy or something...its seems to hit hard in the spring.

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      Already lost my post and misspelled three of the first words in this one...hope it ain't going to be one of those days! But it could be...Jon texted me awake at 4:00 to say he is not going in to work. I am finally feeling myself and now both he and Sierra are grumping around. At least I was not grumpy!! MUCH!

      Blues won yesterday and a playoff schedule will be announced later today. Cardinals play this afternoon. I am hitting some button and losing parts of this not know what I am hitting but getting tired of rewriting stuff. Maye so glad you are home..maybe David will perk up being in his own environment. At least you will be more comfortable. Karlinann, told you your hubby would be up and overdoing in no time. Men! Hey, plant a climber of some kind over that stump while nature rots it out. Cookie, you will never be 'just the grandma'. To late for that! Blaise will always come to you because you and Cork have always been the ones who have been there. I have no opinion about the father stuff...Kathy took that out of your hands anyway. Just hope his 'parents' do not leave you with a bigger mess and heartache. Jo hope the next couple of days are not to hard on you and E. Sounds like the gardener did a pretty good job. Beth I have had hives just on my hands reason just wake up with them itching. Thank goodness for Benedryl. One of those miracle drugs!!

      Gonna go have another cup of coffee and sit in my big red robe on the patio. It may be warm but not taking off my robe or flannel sheets just yet. Have a wonderful day!


      • bethina
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        Unless you have to take a bunch of it....then you don't remember anything and you lose track of time...I called mom for something and she was eating supper and I was isn't it to early for that...I am still sleepy this morning and itchy but I want to go to Bible Study so I am putting off the benadryl this morning.

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      Good SUNNY Morning! It's just gorgeous here.

      Yesterday wasn't super productive, but I guess that's what you deem productive. I spent a few hours at the church in the morning and we got 30lbs of potatoes peeled & mashed, and got the pork roasts cut/chunked up for this evening's meal at the homeless shelter. Came home pooped. Eventually got started on the wedding soup. It's not hard, but it's many steps. Cork couldn't find any of the tiny tiny pasta that I needed, so I ran into town and got that plus of course a few other things. Slowly but surely I got the soup all assembled.

      This morning we went to church & SS. Just put an apple pie in the oven. Will got take it & some soup over to Aunt J & Uncle D later on. Cork was curious if the flea market would be open today and I told him to go find out. It is. Guess I missed out. Since that ice storm back in November, there a lots of branches to pick up and burn. Glad we are allowed to burn around here. Not sure what the rest of the day will bring. I've got a new book started.

      Have a good one all!


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        good afternoon..

        the first visit from the visiting nurses group was here... got all history, info.( yet again ).. Davids vitals were all fine. she was saying they will start physical theropy ... I ask , what kind, walking .?. yes. she said , so I enlightened her. about the lady in hospital who was going to Walk him down the halls.. and he almost fell straight backwards.. trying to convince them . its not just weakness, its brain signals not reaching to his legs and feet anymore.. so she can find something else to do!. we liked this nurse and it is an added phone number and someone on standby to come if I need help during the day..

        was great to read this morning posts .. looking forward to Donnas soup AND PIE... sigh, wish I could go back to making grease balls. and talking with her... but Mr D. cannot be left alone just yet...

        Karlin ,I bought two nice pork chops and plan to have potato, salad and veggie. with mine.. you made it sound so good.. Glad I have the chops in fridge!
        Maxie , I am glad to get David home.. he gets so irritiable when he is away from his BED.. and hospital worse of all.. I like getting into my comfy clothes.. and slippers..

        time to grab book and read a few pages..


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          good afternoon! Just started the post and still not able to hit the shift key hard enough for G! There!
          If typos and spelling count, maxie, I am getting a bed grade. I do know how to spell but I either go too fast or certain fingers are losing strength as I try to type...

          I am such a "I'll believe it when I see it" person that I am thinking just the effort ot get Blaise will be daunting to Kathy. I am not trying to be negative; we all want our children to succeed, but when another child is in the middle it sure gets emotional. In the foster care system parents have to prove they are able and ready to get their child back. that means following through on promises and appointments, scheduled visits with a routine, not just all the fun stuff. The courts want to see income that will support a child, and it would not be mean to show Kathy a list of expenditures for him. Good luck to all of you.
          No one can fault you at all, Donna!

          Beth, anxiety has caused my kids to get hives and the second reason one got a bad case was a change of detergent.

          I will be watching for the package.
          Yesterday while getting ready to shop at Walmart a man came up to my car and said they had some kind of car breakdown and only needed 13 more dollars.
          I told him I didn't have any cash to give. As I was walking in I saw a former daycare dad who is a cop and told him I had just been thinking I wish I had Mike around when I go back to my car. I just didn't want to be approached again. He told me he routinely drives by my house on his night patrols! that really touched me. their child is in school now and I haven't had him for years.
          When I came out to my car the other car was gone! I have no idea if Mike went over to them or not, just thankful I wasn't approached again. I started thinking the amount was kpretty strange. 13.00? Who has that? but most might have a 20 and just hand that over.. anyway, in my heart I did not believe the story.

          Hope you all are having a great day and so glad David is HOME!


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            $13 is a popular number with parking lot beggars. Be it a car breakdown,or bus fare to get somewhere, or hunger.
            The number is not too large, uneven, and some people think itís reasable for the problem.
            The ones on foot have a car nearby, and hit on several people before they go to the next lot.
            We left a restaurant, and told the guy we didnít carry cash. Someone else handed the guy money. We went down the street to the grocery store, and when we came out that same guy was there begging. He approached us, and E said *didnt you just approach us down the street.*. He denied it, but hightailed it out of there.
            Some guys are very very intimidating, hovering over you. I keep a bit of change in my pocket, and Iíll say thatís all I have left. Like 37c. They take even that, then go on to others.

            i also donít buy ďhomemadeĒ tamales, enchiladas, or taco breads that Mexican women sell in parking lots.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.