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Saturday, April 06

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  • Saturday, April 06

    Good morning Rounders! We are up to getting in the shower now. No more sponge baths and since dh has his leg hanging outside the shower I don't have to get wet. He isn't using the waterproof sleeve we bought from the doctor's office. He wanted to use a plastic garbage bag and he has it wrapped with a piece of towel handband and another headband above the knee. It works!

    DH made great progress walking behind the rolling walker. He is down to only 3 pain pills per 24 hours.

    I got a sporadic 7 hrs of sleep last night, 7-10, 11-1, 1:30-3:30. I can fully operate on 7 hrs. No complaints!

    I even have pockets of time in the garden now. DH can get on the computer and I can safely leave him for garden therapy. We are having some rainy days coming up and I'll be transplanting every flower that I can onto the bank. I want the bank to be a wash of pink this year.

    I made a quick little apple stack cake for our dessert last evening. You take graham crackers and layer the bottom one with cooked apples, then add another cracker on top and continue stacking until you have four crackers. Top with light whipped topping and you have a great little dessert. It needs to set for a spell for the apples to soak into the graham crackers. Apple butter works too!

    That is about it from me. Peace & Plenty. Prayers to Uncle Dave.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good Saturday morning, everyone.
    Today the weather should be like yesterday, fairly cool, clear, and only about 75°.

    Yesterday the guys showed up late for yard cleaning, but they did finally show up. They really cleaned it up good, digging into the calichi to remove the roots of the invading plants. They cleaned out my old garden dirt there any more, just more calichi. The Mexican Bird of Paradise bush was cut way back, but it’ll grow back soon enough. There’s just no place for small birds to nest in it now.

    Monday we have to be at the hospital early for E’s angiogram. They told him to pack an overnight bag, so I guess he will spend the night. I will have to call our niece to bring me home. I should pack a lunch to take....their “cafeteria “ is just a snack stand, with snacks I wouldn’t call food. I did order a hot sandwich (premade and wrapped) there once, and it ended up in a trash basket.

    Wednesday we are scheduled to go to Casa Grande. I told E we should pack a suitcase for that this weekend, so it will be ready when we leave. Am anxious to see all my daughters together for the first time in years!
    I don’t feel guilty about not inviting son.....he wouldn’t make the effort anyway. He can only see US about 6:00 to 8:00 on a Thursday night, IF we plan in advance. His kids we don’t hear from at all. Those kids are off my gifting list now because of not so much as a thanks in several years. Son and wife make lame excuses for them.

    Well, this weekend we probably won’t do more than drop off the collected load of stuff at Goodwill. Other than that, E is psyching up for his hospital procedure.

    Hope you all all have a great day. ☀️

    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Morning. and..the sun is shining, the birds are singing and I have a ballgame at 1:00 and a hockey game at 3:00! Last hockey game of the regular season and playoffs start next week. Cardinals lost yesterday but it was opening day and I enjoy the festivities! No rain but no sun is a much better day today! Plus I am feeling better today...going out this morning for groceries!

      Nothing of any importance going on around here. Karlinann your hubby is making good progress. Every day is a better day! My son is in southern Missouri and beginning to think about planting...told him about the cleomes for around his fish pond. He was going to plant day lily's but I told him to look them up. The just look like a wild flower to me and would be so pretty around his pond.

      Have a wonderful day everyone and hope you all have this wonderful sunshine. Karlinann April showers bring May flowers unless you live around here then it just brings flood! Lowes is suppose to be having a sale of some sort going on. I had two hibiscus in a pot and for a couple of years they wintered in the basement and were happy to come out in the spring. Last year one died and we planted the other in the garden since he was not happy in the pot. He thrived! Was beautiful!!..but did not survive the winter. I am going to plant another this spring. I know people have had them live through the winter. But if not I will enjoy him all summer. The dwarf lilac is budded and the azalea is getting greener. In a couple of weeks I should be able to plant. Getting close!


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        My BIL had a beautiful red Hibiscus in KY in his yard and it wintered over just fine. I know there are certain hybrids that will survive winter and there are certain hybrids that freeze and lose all their leaves and have to come back out. I like the ones you don't have to baby, but since I had that one to freeze I ain't buyin' another. I had one that had blooms as big as a dinner plate and that was so pretty. Didn't make it.

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      Good morning! Not much of a schedule at all and that is wonderful! I was asked to take one of the ladies we take to church to do her grocery shopping and will do that later this afternoon. She wants to shop where I have my pharmacy so it will work out for me. I am happy I will not be doing my shopping at the same time: I think I might feel guilty because I buy so much more than she will be buying...and she talks a lot about how little money she receives. But, I can take her and that saves her from paying for a Senior ride.

      We have yummy banana muffins this morning and that makes the overcast skies a lot easier to accept.
      both Redding to the north and Chico to the south had downpours and flooding in their city streets yesterday but it totally went around us!
      that is more than enough for me to have a good day. The winds were pretty bad yesterday evening but al lis well and still standing in the back yard.

      Laundry, but it is handwash setting so I am letting Becky do all her bedding first and then I will finish up. I really want a new spread for my bed. I have a quilt I love, but it is such a pain to wash and I won't take it to the cleaners because of the cost. I do take my really good tablecloths but if something can be washed I would rather do that. I will probably find a Laundromat and take a good book and wash my quilt and put it up for awhile. I just amnot sure what I want to replace it with...

      Hope you all have agreat day!
      Ka, your DH is doing great!
      Love to all!


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        Good Afternoon! It is soooooooo nice out there today. The sun just ducked behind some clouds, but it was sunny all morning.

        Uncle Dave was discharged yesterday afternoon. I thought Aunt J would pop in & report herself.. Anyways, they gave him 2 units of blood & that brought his count up some. They aren't sure what's wrong. Uncle D wanted to go home even though the doctor wanted him to stay one more night. The only way the doctor agreed to it is if he accepted a visiting nurse to visit for the next few days.

        Yesterday was sort of a busy one. I mixed up and baked 3 kinds of cookies. Paula...I shipped your box of goodies & will forward the tracking # to you. Took Blaise to karate, then down to Kathy's for the weekend. She called later in the evening to talk. She told Blaise about his father and ask if he wanted to meet him, and of course he did. It didn't sink into his head that the jerk didn't make contact for the last 7 years. He wanted to talk to him, so Kathy called Kody, and the two "boys" talked for over an hour, mostly about Pokémon. I don't even know why she ask me what I thought, because it didn't matter. She's going to do what she wants to do regardless. She also told me she plans to take custody of Blaise in the next year. I started crying. I know that was always the ultimate goal, but I told her that I felt like I was being treated like the babysitter. A 9 yr babysitter. She assured me that that wasn't how she meant it to sound & I'm sure she didn't, but a thank you once in a while would be nice. I told her I would NOT be her babysitter. That we would have him on our terms. I'm not one of those super grandmas that will travel to her house every day and watch the kids. Nope, not gonna do it. I'm looking forward to JUST being grandma. She also explained to him that Cork was NOT his Dad. Blaise knows that, but he wanted to have a Dad like everyone else and Cork is the one who's here every single day. OK...enough of my soap opera.

        This morning there was suppose to be 4 of us working on food for the homeless shelter. A group will go tomorrow afternoon & serve the food. Anyways, there was only 2 of us, but we managed fine. We just peeled & mashed 30lbs of potatoes and cut up the meat. Serving pork & sauerkraut, m potatoes, veggies, applesauce, rolls, & a dessert. I had the meat cooking all night here.

        Yesterday I text Aunt J and ask what I could do for her. She requested wedding soup, so I'm working on that today slowly but surely. It's not hard, but there are several steps to it. I had Cork look at WM for the Anti Pene pasta, but he couldn't find any, so I need to go back into town and get some. No real plans for the evening.

        Have a good one all!


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          Cookie, I'd give that arrangement 1 month or less. She will see that it takes money to keep a child going. From what you have said previously, she'll need to keep a job, and that means going even if you don't feel up to it. Just hope Blaise doesn't pay dearly for her "mistakes".

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        Well, cookie, it looks like Kathy settled the problem without discussing it with you. I hope Kody has matured sincerely.
        I know you have a place in your heart and your home that will always be there for him, when the necessity comes up.
        When Kathy discovers what it takes to raise a child full-time, maybe she will have more respect for you and all you have done. She will be totally responsible for his daily meals, his clothing needs, his schooling and educational projects.
        the time and cost will be new to her. Don’t let her tell you she needs financial support from you because she didn’t expect it.
        I was pretty surprised to see our son and his family let old-fashioned manners and respect discintegrate. But that is how some of that generation is turning out, I guess.
        My girls pulled away for a little while (testing life and independence, and such), but they never lost respectfulness, and are fun to be with. I hope Kathy gets better at it. Becca is already there, bless her.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good Evening...

          ahhh,, finally,,,, we are home, I got all the Medicines gathered together. went to my favorite pharmacy, and the Pharmacist took about 20-30 min.. explaining what the long long list of pills mean.. and said it looked like a good balance. of meds for his conditions... home , and went numb... ate lunch and slept. so I'm finally back ....

          as Donna said ,they were treating him with a blood transfusion.. because Iron level and sodium levels were really low.. and the new blood plus adding the Iron and Vit C. will help raise it....However, I ask Doctor.. Whats going on... why did it go down in the first place.. and here is where the run around starts.. well,,he could have, maybe have a small bleed somewhere. they checked obvious places like bowels and stomach.. they were clear.. .. so I just didnt get a real answer because they don't really know.... soooo... he is home ,very very tired ,( even with that good new blood).. but glad to be home. I am glad !!!! to be home too.. kind of feel we are back to square one.. he Is using his cane and there is a wheeled walker here.. thats the best support...
          My kids and niece have been wonderful support.. I don't hardly dare leave him home alone,, he falls much too easy. so they either bring me goodies, (yes, I ask for Donna's soup,,, you people do not know how wonderful it is!!!!!) and take turns setting with D. if I need to go anywhere...

          I spend a lot of time just now reading all back posts , so Im up on what you all are doing ..
          Karlin , our schedule sound so similiar!!... the bathing,, your sleeping hours. .. all familiar
          Donna ,will be calling you!.. Blaise, with Kathy?????. that poor little guy...He was not near old enough to be told about his '"Father".. more in phone call.

          hi to each of you separately..... I read your post LATE in evening,night.. but my patient keeps me hopping in daytime.
          I have a crib afghan almost finished.. that makes #8 , using the Yarn Donna got me at a yard/estate sale.. and still have enough to make 2 or maybe 3 more... great pastime..

          nice to be home... hugs to you all.