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Friday, April 5

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  • karlinann
    started a topic Friday, April 5

    Friday, April 5

    Good morning Rounders! I sure hope Uncle D is better today. Will be looking for Cookielady's post today.

    I told you about our good neighbor letting DH borrow her rolling walker. Guess what she showed up with yesterday? Her Jazzy Chair. It is so neat. It's electric, has 2 speeds, and is about the neatest thing to get around on I've ever seen. It's like an electric motorbike. I drove it around back and parked it in the Lanai. Whenever DH is ready to start riding it around the neighborhood I'll start parking it in the garage and that will be easy access for him. Isn't she the sweetest person to let him use that?

    I am thankful to say that DH walked from the bathroom to the bed with the help of the rolling walker. He didn't think he would be able to do it for some time yet, but I knew it would happen yesterday.

    That is about all for me. I hope all of you are well. Peace & Plenty.

  • JoGee
    Good morning, everyone.

    Today and tomorrow will be cooler, in the mid-70įís, but itís actually nice, especially with the sunshine and not many clouds.

    We did have a nice nice dinner at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant. Nephew wonít be able to drive us due to his crazy working hours. But his wife said she could pick us up. So we will probably take a cab there on Monday and let her know when heís done at the hospital, and she will get us. That could be late Monday, or else Tuesday. On Wednesday we will be seeing our youngest daughter, a 1-1/2 hour drive away, and I feel we are cutting it close. We will have to pack what we need this weekend just to be ready.

    Today the Yardman comes, and he has the days work cut out for him. Funny....when we moved here it was his Dad who did our seasonal yard work. Anyway, this guy told E what and how he was going to do the work, and it sounds more thorough than itís ever been!

    Karlinann, your husband is really healing at an amazing rate! Good for him!
    Hope Maye and Dave are doing well!!!
    Beth, good luck with the tour people; stay calm and all should go smoothly.
    Paula, the weekend is always so welcome, isnít it. Kids have such energy.

    Well, E is up early, so my day starts earlier today.
    Have a good one. ☀️

    Hi Cookie....looks like we typed together today.
    The 2 units of blood D received should help quite a bit.
    Maye is probably worn out, poor gal. I hope they can go home and rest today.
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  • cookielady
    Good Morning. Well, it sort of started rough. Apparently I bottomed out and I woke up late, sweaty, and freezing cold. Not a good start. Blaise dressed himself & doesn't match. I usually pick out something and he wears it...and it all matches.

    Yesterday was good. Got lots done. Put the finishing touches on the 4 kinds of cookies I had baked over the last few days and got the carrot cake iced & ready for the restaurant. I had 4 kinds of icing to make and worked it so I could use the same mixing bowl with the cream cheese icing being last. Also mixed up some pie dough and made a baked lemon pie (Paula's!) and mixed up some more cookie dough/batter. Cooked a good dinner...first grilling of the season...chicken breasts. It was soooooooo good. I did them just right...not dried out. Lots of texting back and forth btw family.

    Uncle Dave was given two units of blood to see if it'll help bring up his counts. It was an 8 hr process. Haven't heard yet whether it helped. I just ask Karen, but she said her brothers are on hospital duty today. Will have to see if I can get Mark to respond or Aunt J. She has to be getting worn out. I'll let you all know once I know something.

    Once I get my head screwed on this morning, I planned to bake the snickerdoodles & mini gobbs. Plan on getting Paula's cookies & pie shipped later. The pie smelled so good baking. Blaise has karate later & he's then going to his Mom's for the weekend afterwards. Peaceful evening then. Hope I have as much energy as I did yesterday. I'm counting on these new vitamins to do the trick. I know yesterday at times my stomach & head felt weird, but maybe that's my body having to get use to the overload.

    Have a good one all!

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  • Paula A
    I can't believe it is Friday already! I am so grateful for a fast, good week and ready for a good weekend. I have no idea what kind of weather we will have; no rain during the days this week, but it is cloudy and cooler. The kids have had great outside time and that makes for a good naptime.

    I have a friend coming to help clean my kitchen ceiling this morning. She cleans for others and I told her when she has a break I would hire her for some Spring cleaning work.

    My stomach is growling this morning. I need to get ready for my day and will check in later to read more.
    Prayers for our wonderful Maye and Dave.

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  • maxie
    Morning...good for your hubby Karlinann. He will up and around driving you crazy in no time! I, too, am waiting for news on Maye and Dave. Still sending prayers. I am still not feeling well but am pretty sure it is either allergy or sinus. Going to change the allergy meds I am taking. Some years you gotta do that. Yesterday I took a long afternoon nap and then went to bed around 5:00 and missed the first period of the hockey game. Didn't hear the people leaving this morning...headache, dizzy, stuffy nose, achy...could be anything but it certainly is miserable and could go away anytime!

    Opening day in St. Louis so will watch those with the game starting at 3:00. Blues won last night and play last season game tomorrow then on to the playoffs.

    Have a good day everyone.

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  • bethina
    Good morning...I came home from work and crashed hard! I was coworker that share the responsibilities of my station called in. 2nd day in a row...I don't expect her today..she has the flu and verdigo. Last time I talked to her she was starting to get confused and still puking her mom was coming for her. She didn't need to be home alone. Her mom is a nurse so thats a good thing.....Her daughter came home from school sick too.

    I am broke out in hives from stress and anxiety.. I will be fine though...I feel like I did a really good job yesterday. I was worn out by the end though...I was thinking today would be an easier day....I don't think so now chef said we have a huge tour coming through..but they may not visit my station. They usually hit pizza hard...its hard to know and different every time..I will just be ready for what ever happens.

    For now I shall crawl back under the covers for a bit.

    Praying for Dave Aunt Maye and Cookie and family.

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