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Thursday, April 4

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  • karlinann
    started a topic Thursday, April 4

    Thursday, April 4

    Good morning Rounders! I'm up, actually we're both up. The Medical Associate xrayed his foot and changed the dressing. The doctor said everything looked good and he only had one little area of red, and since he is diabetic she ordered an antibiotic. He has 10 staples in his heel and the incision was about 8 inches long. The anchor was to hold the vertical tear of the Achille's. She said he could walk to the bathroom or the kitchen, but just no more than 2 or 3 minutes. He is not ready for that, but I think he will be starting sometime today. She prescribed more pain pills too. I had to bring him home and go back to the pharmacy. She wants him to start the foot exercises, flexion and small circles to get that foot back in condition twice a day with the boot off. Next week the MA will remove the staples.

    I didn't have any trouble getting DH out of the house and into the car. We found out yesterday that the brakes lock on the rolling walker. I did not know that. The MA locked them before she took the xrays. When DH got home he got himself to the bathroom and around like nobody's business. It was funny! He also shaved. He is off the Lovenox and the doctor said that it was not that much of a blood thinner anyway.

    He is making good progress and even though he was depressed when we first got home, I had to give him the encouragement talk and tell him that being in the boot 6 more weeks is really not all that bad. He will need it to regain the use of that foot and then he will be out of it and walking and things can go back to normal daily living.

    JoGee and Aunt Maye I hope you both have good reports. I will check back later today. Peace & Plenty.

  • JoGee
    Good morning, everyone.
    I have been sleeping better lately, so Iím not up before 6a.m. these days.
    Today will be in the low 80ís, but tomorrow will be mid-70ís for a couple days. Possible rain in the near future, but I donít count on it even if we need it. Mother Nature doesnít play fair. We have had more winds lately, and allergies are rampant. I need to get a nasal spray; I feel like I have a clownís nose.

    We will be having dinner with nephew & niece, and the two young teenage granddaughters theyíre raising later this afternoon.
    We also have another carload of stuff to drop off at Goodwill.

    I think the doubling of my major med is working. My backaches arenít as severe. It comes and goes when Iím on my feet, but isnít setting in so much. Could be a side effect of my Med.
    I may just have to learn to deal with it. Ibuprofen helps, but I canít take it too that is for ďemergencyĒ times when I need to be up and about. My oncologist is, no doubt, looking into that more closely.... Iíll know more when I see her on the 15th. She is a real treasure!

    Wish I had more interesting to write about. Maybe after we see our youngest daughter.

    Whatever. I need to get started on today. Havenít yet had my breakfast.
    And I need to sort out my emails. Canít keep everything, and much is accumulating.

    karlinann, if your DH is getting that independent already, he will be healing just fine. Reminds me of E. Canít keep a good man down.

    Everybody, I hope you all have a great day! ☀️
    I love the freshness of springtime!

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  • cookielady
    Good Morning! The sun was out but then the clouds started rolling in. Booger!

    Yesterday wasn't as productive as I had hoped. Too many phn calls. Oh well. Today is a new day. I didn't even have to cook dinner. Was writing Blaise's school schedule in my calendar for the rest of the school year plus some other important dates. Looked up when his church camp week was, and noticed it was only Sun-Fri instead of the normal Sun-Sat. Looked it up on line and that's the only week for that particular camp that was short a day, so I called & moved it to another week.

    Waiting to hear how things are going for Uncle D this morning. No news is good news I guess.

    Got lots to do today, but have yet to get started. Starting a vitamin system today...Thrive. Hoping it'll give me more energy & more focused. More energy means possible weight loss. I need something. Need to put the finishing touches on the 4 kinds of cookies I made. That'll be one wedding order done then. I like to cross things off my list. Still working on laundry too. Never ending. Kathy is going to take Blaise tomorrow evening thru Sunday, so I'll have some peace & quiet....hopefully.

    Glad things are going OK with you both KA!

    Later....Have a good one!

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  • maxie
    Morning. A gloomy morning with rain predicted. Opening day festivities for the Cardinals have been cancelled until tomorrow because of the weather. We do not need any more rain!

    Thank you Cookie, for telling us about Maye and Dave. Hope they can get answers and the proper care. Such a decision you need to make about Blaize's father. Hard to know what to do but have faith you will do what is best. I don't suppose the other grandparents have shown any interest all these years?

    Still not feeling the best. Could not wait to get into bed and slept ok but would love to crawl back in. Guess it is a bug or something..maybe allergies. Just feel cold and tired. Blues lost in a shoot out last night but still made a point by tying...Cardinals won but I will admit to napping during hockey. The goal is to stay awake for tonights game.

    Andrew has half day school tomorrow so his mom is taking out of school and they are leaving this evening for a long weekend in Memphis. They are into cars and racing, etc., and his sister's bf has a car he races. I do not know if he will be here for supper or not but Jon is off today so meals are on him. My sister wants me to come down for lunch tomorrow but I think I will pass. I seldom miss a lunch invitation and may feel better tomorrow but right now do not have the energy. This house is cold and you would think I was some skinny frail old lady the way I am bundled up.

    Nothing going on around here. Sounds like your hubby is making good progress Karlinann. He will be up and overdoing before you know it! Beth, have a quiet and restful weekend. All of you have a wonderful day!

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  • Paula A
    I have Maye and Dave on my mind right now after reading Donna's post. I know that prayer works and I will be praying for their strength and for his doctors. I have felt the comfort and support of the prayers of family and friends.

    This week is going fast for me. And yesterday I had three picked up at 3:30! the two baby brothers and one other and by 4:40 only 1 left. She got picked up a bit later than her normal schedule, but I could have had the infant and his toddler brother so it was all good.

    Becky is working for the Political Science dept all day today and won't be finished until late. Weird how you worry even about your grown up kids, but with all the flooding and accidents lately I am in full Mom Concern mode until all are safely home.
    Stuart texted they landed in San Francisco just a little before 6:00 this morning. He said it was frigid! After 10 days in Hawaii I think they were all getting used to warm air and sunshine. Owen, 13, has a nice golden tan. The kds and their cousins loved the boogie boards and all the activities they did. They are a very active, outdoorsy family.

    I am going to start some laundry: towels are a never ending need around here,especially when it is wet outside.
    I will be thinking of all my RT friends today as usual with lots of prayer and loving thoughts for Janet and Dave and their family.
    Hope you all are safe and well!

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  • bethina
    Good morning...praying for all that need it! I am a little sad this morning. My mom goes home today. . Daddy will take her then be back tonight to go get my sis from the airport. I am pretty ready to get back to a normal routine. I just hate saying goodbye.

    cookie I woke up this morning with you and blaze on my mind. Fell to sleep the same way so I have said extra prayers for you!

    Off to work then a dinner date with my dad and a quiet evening of reading.

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