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Prayers for Uncle Dave

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  • Prayers for Uncle Dave

    Aunt Janet took Uncle Dave for his monthly visit to his PCP. Aunt J told the doctor that they had been calling his office because he just wasn't feeling right. The office kept saying that these things take time after surgery. Well Dr Sam was concerned & ordered a bunch of bloodwork. His office called late afternoon and told her to get him to the ER ASAP. They took him in & the ER doctor didn't know why, so they ran all the same blood work probably plus more.

    He's in for the night. They plan to do x-rays tomorrow morning. There is definitely something wrong with his heart since he's got swelling of his legs & ankles. His heart rate is dropping low. The doctor ask him if he wanted revived if his heart stopped, and Uncle Dave ask how that works out for people. He told them no.

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    Praying for Janet and Dave and their family. Also praying for the medical people helping him.


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      Praying for Maye and David...


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        Praying for both Maye and David. And that medical team to know what is going on. those are difficult questions to get asked about reviving and I know this is hard to go through. Love to all.


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          Peace be with you Aunt Maye, prayers for Uncle D. Bless you.
          "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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            Janet, Dave and all your family are in my heartfelt thoughts as you go through this difficult time. Peace and love to you. (((((Janet & Dave)))))
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              thank you all so much.... ohh how I do love this RT. and all you dear ladies.. I will post more on David in regular morning post.