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Friday, March 15

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  • Friday, March 15

    Good morning Rounders! It's 66* going to 84*. Yesterday we had a visit from our neighbors. We gave them a bicycle that was given to us and neither of us can ride, and I gave her Zinnia seeds for the garden. They saw that I didn't have a table top for my table on the patio and gave me a glass top for it. Awesome! They loved our house. While they were away on vacation someone stole the guy's bike. That's why I gave them that bike we had. I feel blessed to have the glass table top.

    I was still hurting so bad in my legs, knees and feet last night, but I am walking better this morning. Advil is my friend.

    We got the bath mats at Dollar Tree and they work good in the shower to keep us both from slipping. They are designed like a bunch of bubbles put together and the water can flow freely underneath. It's a great concept for the floor to keep you from slipping. I love the new nightlights too. They are shaped like stars and glow blue. Neat!

    We had ribs, fr style green beans and cooked apples for dinner and it was so good. If you'd like my recipe for French Green Beans go on over to the Kitchen. Tonight it will be fish and coleslaw.

    Today we will make a trip to the thrift store. DH wants to find a small waterproof cushion to put on the shower bench to prop his knee on for a shower. I think it's a great idea and sometimes they have very small outdoor cushions that would be perfect. I can take it outside after his shower to dry, and it will help stabilize him so he can bathe properly. Have you ever tried to sit in a chair and wash your body? I'm just glad we are figuring these things out beforehand.

    Okay, that's what's up around here. What say ye! Oh, BTW, I could not find the small packs of seeds at Dollar Tree this year. They have the big packages, but those are usually just full of filler stuff and not many seeds and besides it was just flowers I didn't want. Maybe the birds will sow a few seeds for me this year. They are good about dropping things. Get it? One year they dropped a Poppy seed and it was so beautiful. Nature is precious. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good parents went home yesterday afternoon. I completely enjoyed the visit. I made home made pizza for my parents and my brother in law and one niece. It turned out very good! Then on Wednesday evening I made meat loaf and dad and I had cottage cheese with had a big salad with hers. It was so good that dad even said it was good.

    Wednesday evening I had a dr was so good. I have gained all the weight or 8 pounds that I lost. I must get healthier and get some weight off! I will be meeting with a nutritionist.

    Yestday was another great family day. In the morning my mom sis and I went to a salvation army and good will.


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      Good SUNNY Morning! It was pouring rain when I went to bed. It got up to 75 yesterday. I even opened a window to blow out some of the winter stink.

      Yesterday was interesting. I did get all 6 doz sugar cookies iced. About 3pm I got a call from the school nurse that I needed to come pick up Blaise. He fell on the jungle gym and hit his head. Oh the boy can put on a show. This nurse is drama too, and INSISTS that you take your child to the doctor. This isn't the first time I've had to come get him when she's on duty. The regular nurse calls, tells, & we chat & laugh. She's use to Blaise. Anyways, I called his doctor & they said to go to the ER. Fortunately we got sent to their Urgent Care unit, had a CAT Scan, and was out of there in 2 hrs. He was fine. I did it because if there truly was something & I ignored it, I would have felt terrible, but still. As soon as he heard he was fine (MAYBE a very mild concussion), he was ready to go to Arby's. TURD!

      This morning my Mom & I are FINALLY going shopping together. Our local Salvation Arby thrift shop is having 50% off all clothes today & tomorrow. Our family calls the place BonTon II. Of course we'll have lunch out too. Karate tonight. I don't think Kathy is getting Blaise. We'll see.

      Have a good one all!


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        Good morning, everyone.
        its 34į out now, but going to the 70ís.....and slowly keep warming up for a week or so. A sunny day ahead. Yes!
        Hope the winds donít kick in.
        Last night I went to bed coughing, this morning I woke up coughing and a bit of sore throat. Allergies are extremely high today. I really donít need this! But I can deal with it.
        well, tea with lemon and honey to start my day. ☕️

        Karlinann, your weather is still warmer than this desert. I love zinnias. My grandmother had scores of them lining her side fence. We kids could pick a flower if we wanted one, but just one. Then our moms would get after us for doing so. Isnít that the way of things.

        Beth, Iím glad the visit went so well. Thereís nothing like homemade pizza! Yummy!

        Last night I made orange pineapple chicken, and small nuked potatoes. E was so happy, he really liked it.

        Today E has his cardio appt, finally. Hope he makes some progress with that doctor.
        I have heard nothing back yet about my echoígram. I hope that means nothing is very serious going on. Iím still easily winded, though.

        Still much to do here.
        I need to have some breakfast. Iím thinking oatmeal and berries.

        Have a great day. ☀️

        Hi cookie. Looks like we were typing together. Lol. You should have Blaise write in a daily journal. It will make amusing reading when he is older.
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        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Zinnias are such an old fashioned flower...I like the old flowers like Blue Bells and marigolds.
          Jo we never wore mini skirts or hot pants to work but I do have a picture at my wedding shower of a mini skirt. Those were the days of dress codes! Now I am glad the tops are longer to cover a multitude of eating sins through the years. A then and now picture is quite the contrast!!

          Hope E gets some answers today and you can rest easier. I am sure you will be glad to have the move completed so you rest and enjoy your retirement. And I agree with getting a yard guy. Once I gave it up I never missed tinkering in the yard and with my mil living next door I kept two yards cut and trimmed. Now it all I can do the keep a path cleared inside the house!

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        Morning. The computer is acting strange this morning and I am pretty sure it is a mechanical problem. Sierra has hers in getting a new battery and that may be what I need too. No time to worry about the computer when this house is full of dirt and dirty people. I must iron today and catch up on that. Someone started the dishwasher but left dirty dishes in the sink...probably the same person that tracked did I get so far behind? No cooking tonight because there are enough leftovers and a freezer full of junk food. Andrew has early dismissal today so that means I have to start earlier this morning. Enough of worrying about the weather!

        Yes Karlinann I have sat in a chair and taken a shower! Always made sure there was a strong person on the other side of the door but it sure was better than sponge baths. Just to sit and wash your hair is so cleansing!!!!! You people are thinking of everything...we just dragged in a lawn chair!

        We are supposedly shopping with the kid tomorrow and I am going to kill myself to get this place in shape today. The dirt has taken over!! Yesterday getting out of car we saw a strange smashed animal on the road. Sierra took a pic and sent it to a friend and he said it was a really big crawdad. What in the world? How did it get here? Telling you we have had a lot of rain but aquatic animals walking the streets is odd, right?

        Blues lost last night to the worst team in the entire league. Oh Oh to our playoff chances, ya know? Off to do something. Have a good one.


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          maxie, you think the wind blew that crawdad in? I Hate the wind and it seems to be on its way out here. The power outages and fear of a fence going down before I am ready to repair it is the biggest worry about the wind for me. And all the trees at my mom's house. Two years ago when we had a big storm with a lot of wind, a tree came down I her yard and pulled down a live wire! Her news paper carrier called the police and they got there as well as the power company but in the mean time had to use tape to keep kids off the sidewalk and anyone from using the driveway. Exciting until it is on your property (or my mom;s).

          Fish sounds rally good, Karlinann, but I doubt I will have time for any dinner tonight. I did get both fleece blankets prepared by cutting all the fabric strips so the girls will just have to tie them. For me that would take about one tv program but with their little fingers and inexperience I am not sure how long or how much will get done. but just to be safe I have 2 ready and decided to use the one with the easier fleece for them to start...we'll see.
          My Amish sugar cookies turned out, but I decided they needed frosting. I had rolled the tops in pastel Easter sprinkles but the plain ones that I decided to frost and then use the sprinkles looked a lot more like what a little girl would like. I love those cookies and am so glad Donna posted the recipe in the Kitchen (Melt in your mouth sugar cookies is her title.)

          Oops, it is already time for me to go and open the daycare...our temp righ tnow is 42 and it is going to low 70's!!!

          Sunshine and happy times to you all!


          • maxie
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            Well it blew hard enough to blow in anything! Still breezy today and colder. Wish I had your energy to work all day then bake and do volunteer work evenings and weekends. There is a lot of energetic people around here. I can't keep up with you wear me out just reading all you ladies do!

          • karlinann
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            Yes, Paula, where for the love of God do you get all your energy?

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          Maxie, I have to laugh at your humor in all things. You are quite a gal.

          About the miniís, I have to say...I have seen many women who shouldnít wear them, do! Everywhere. One gal I worked with, a skinny gal, decided to shop Fredricks of Hollywood catalogs. One day she came in, tight red sheath minidress, 4Ē heels, and curves in front and back that we all knew were not real. She may have bought a wig as well, but I canít say for sure. I was sorry to see all the people laughing behind her back. At the end of that week she was sent to Personnel and transferred somewhere else. I still see occasional people walking around in minis in public, and tops that donít hide much, and the jeans cut so short thereís nothing left to the imagination as theyíre almost thongs.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Our neighbors have a Loquat tree beside their Lanai and they gave us some. Oh my, are they good and sweet. I love them, but they don't love me. I'm saving the seeds and will make something with them. They remind me of wood beads.
            "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


            • Paula A
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              My sister in law made jam and it was so good! My grandmother had a tree and I see a few around town, but most do not know of them. Lucky you!