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Thursday, March 14th

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  • Thursday, March 14th

    Good morning Rounders! It's 63* going to 82*. I'm exhausted from doing all that gardening/yard work, but I'm so glad it's done and it's looking so good out there.

    Good to hear from you Aunt Maye and glad David is doing well. You take care of yourself too Lady. You are the Caregiver. Bless.

    I stayed up until 10 pm so I could get on the same sleep schedule as DH, but I had to have a bit of coffee at 7:45 in order to do it. I got 7 hrs of sleep and that is good for me.

    DH's friend from Pickleball is going to help me get him into the house after Sx. That is a relief and one less thing for him to worry about.

    To Do List today: Pharmacy to pick up 2 scripts for DH, and The Dollar Tree to get Comet spray cleaner w/bleach, LED nite lites, Bath/Shower Mats, and maybe a couple packs of flowers that thrive here in this heat. Also one quick stop at the bank.

    It's time to start making potato salad again. We love it and it goes so well with lunch or dinner. I stopped buying potatoes way back in the winter because of the price, but now they are reasonably priced again. I love the Amish Potato Salad that you buy at Walmart, but it's pricey and I don't shop at Walmart. If you've never tried it you should. I love the red potatoes.

    I think I've limbered up every muscle in my body getting all that yard work done and after I heal up a bit I should be able to push that lawnmower around this yard like nobody's business. Look out weeds! LOL!

    Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good SUNNY Morning! I'm not complaining, but we've had more sun lately than we do sometimes during the summer. LOVE IT!

    Yesterday was good once it got started. Mixed up the gobbs & got them baked off and filled. Then it was onto baking the sugar cookies. I re-read the text and here she wanted 3 doz & not 2 doz, so I'll need to roll & baked another doz before starting to ice them this morning. I have plenty of dough, I just wanted to baked & ice what I needed before figuring out what to bake with the rest of the or Easter cookies? The 3 doz order is for Sue's friend that has stage 4 cancer and she LOVES my sugar cookies. So I thought I'd make a cookie or two from each holiday thru the year.

    Kathy came mid afternoon. She didn't accomplish a lot, but she did figure out who she was going to get insurance thru for her car and even got renters insurance too. I don't know how Progressive can offer a price 1/3 of their competitors, but it was a no brainer. She stuck around long enough to see Blaise. She's not sure if she's going to have him this weekend, and didn't have him last weekend. Whatever.

    I saw the sneak previews for the movie Shazam and I really want to take Blaise to see that over Easter break. It's a super hero movie. A 16 yr old gets turned into a super hero, and still acts like a 16 yo duffus. Perfect for a kid to see. Not too serious or violent.

    Icing sugar cookies is at the top of my list for the day. Not sure what else I'll get into. There is ALWAYS laundry & cleaning too. I did finally make a tax prep appt for April 1st, so I'll have to get started on the box of receipts.

    KarlinannÖ.I make Horseradish Potato salad and it is a family favorite. It's simple & different. I saw the recipe in Southern Living years ago. I no longer get the magazine, but I have a few really good recipes I use from there.

    Have a good one all!.


    • karlinann
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      Will you please post that recipe on our Kitchen forum? I love Horseradish!

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    Good morning. ☕️ Itís 35į here right now, but going to 60į. (Tomorrow will be much warmer.)

    I was awake at 3 this morning, and couldnít get back to sleep. Finally got out of bed at 5. No sense just laying there if I canít drop off to sleep. Right?

    I think I will make pancake muffins this morning, as I have the ingredients for them on hand. Iím trying to minimize my pantry stock at this point. We are generally eating mini meals now. I donít want to throw away good food when we are done with this house.

    Yesterday we both were busy with sorting, etc., both needing regular rest periods. I swear E had more than 1 SVT attack but wouldnít admit to it. Tomorrow he has that cardio appt, and he is ready to lay into the doctor for preferably an ablation, or medication.
    I havenít heard from my oncology/hematology NP yet, so I guess there isnít anything shattering in my echoí testing. I do get short of breath too quickly, and when my lower back starts hurting I need to rest. I donít understand, though, why my legs get heavy after that.

    I am going to ask E to give me back the yardmanís number and I will set up a time for him to work on our yard. Itís going to be a weed jungle before long. Neither of us are able to deal with it now.

    Karlinann, you are one amazing woman.....keeping up with that hard work, and with your hubbyís special needs. I am not sure that Iíve had Amish potato salad. I wonder if itís like Costco Ďs potato does have red potatoes, and is really the best one Iíve ever tasted. Even E did not ask me to doctor it up after he tasted it. Iím really glad that I bought it!

    Cookie, also amazing, what with your cooking and baking and keeping up with 2 daughters and raising Blaise, and looking out for other family and friends as well.

    Well, I guess I will make my tea and get started for today.

    Have a beautiful, Zippity-Do-Da Day, everyone! ☀️

    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      I love the Amish potato salad from walmart! I used to get up and make my own and you all know what a lazy cook I am and how much work potato salad is. We did not have it very often! Then I tried the Amish. Yum!! In fact it is on the grocery list because I think I am going to fry hamburgers tonight. Milk is also on the list....the guys around here are on a big milk kick.

      This morning the sun is shining and the temps are going into the 60s but we have a wind advisory for gusts up to 60 mph. We had horrible wind over the weekend...what is with this wind? We are not in a windy part of the country and again we are having damaging wind gusts predicted. We only see wind during storms...this weather is strange!

      Other than picking up groceries and whatever else junk Andrew has put on the list today is a nothing day. He has suddenly discovered you can put things other than food on the grocery list. A whole new world of greed has opened up for him! No, just kidding but he does put some strange things on the grocery list now. If he could spell I might be able to figure out what he wants. Funny story, his mom called to ask if he needed anything from walmart, shampoo, soap, deodorant, and he says soap because he hasn't had any in a while. You could hear her yell WHAT from the other room! The boy wants new clothes but has been out of soap to shower with...he cracks me up!

      Cookie, why is there always laundry? I also have a ton of ironing. This place is dirty and in need of a good cleaning but with mud being tracked in every day what is the use? We had thunder storms last night again. Right after supper it poured to where you could hardly see across the street...didn;t last long but Drew and I heard it and went to the door. But temps have been mild so that is finally something!

      Life is boring here. Guess we did not win the big lottery. Darn! Oh well, what would I do with a bunch of money? Oh, baby, lots of things!!!! But now I will drag my poor self off to shower and hope the wind does not blow me away while hauling groceries.

      Maye good to hear from you and things are ok with you and David. I don't know who invented the recliner but it my favorite piece of furniture too! Karlinann, rest, relax and take some time for yourself. Don't know why but it has taken me a while to peck this out so I am sure others are in front of me so wishing them a great day also. Blues play tonight early...gotta get back in that winning groove or the season will be over early for us.


      • Paula A
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        I better try that Amish potato salad at if they don'thave it...

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      I think you are all amazing! Up and cheerful and going about your schedules.

      I made the cookie dough up last night and turned on the oven to bake them this morning and decided I didn't have the time to pay attention to them and get the other things I have this morning done. so after daycare I will bake the cookies and be ready for tomorrow's activity. It is in Anderson, so right after daycare is done I will be changing clothes and going straight up the road for the 20 miles. Time to set up the room I will use and be ready for the little girls and their leaders.

      Jo, our temps are the same today but not going up out of the 60's (low) until the weekend when it is supposed to go into the 70's. Having sunshine makes the temperature and the breeze worth is. I think the wind is supposed to be gone seems we have a lot more wind than we had when I first moved here.

      I have been cleaning the grout in the bathroom floor tile. The old toothbrush method. So I am doing square foot cleaning and really seeing a difference.
      I also am gearing up to do the big kitchen ceiling and tops of cupboard cleaning. I bought a good ladder just so I could reach higher than my step stool does.

      So thankful for friends who help us out, right, Karlinann? Getting the DH in after his surgery will be such a help for you both. That probably is the most important of the no weight bearing time.
      Jo, it will help to have a lawn service; it will help you to see everything trimmed and neat and it will help the service to have a good customer. I have had a few different ones and the one I have now is so good; he sees something and just does it. The others Ihave had did a 10-15 minute zip around the yard with a mower and then used the leaf blower to sweep it up...anyway, the two I have now are actually looking at areas the others never did (like the leaves that were collecting for years between the side of the shed and the fence). That area is all clear and so is the far side of my house that was a wood pile and had bushes growing up. I never knew what might be lurking over there and had it fenced with stock fencing...I hope you find someone to clear out the weeds and relieve you of another thing to worry about/

      All the talk of potato salad sounds great. I will be looking up recipes and also will try the Costco one. I rarely go in that direction in my fast trips to Costco.

      I love Southern Living and most of their recipes. I have kept some of the magazines form past Christmas issues but don't subscribe now.

      Have a good day and remember: it is Pie day! Pi day: 3.14.


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        Oh, it IS Pi Day! I think that even E forgot. Well, he needs to go out today, so maybe he will pick up a pie. He is a staunch mathematician.

        Paula, there is NO mowing here. The yard is coliche, like concrete for quite a ways down. Need a jackhammer to plant a tree. It grows rocks and more rocks....or stones....most people out here have rock, stone, and cactus for their yards. I didnít want cactus, but thereís no choice about the rocks. Most people who have any grass grow it in patches. Then surround it with brick. Small patches in the front yard, maybe a large patch in the middle of their backyard. But they have to get the sod type. And there is no guarantee that it will grow. Summers just might kill it off. Plus, it takes a LOT of water to keep it up.
        N AZ is more likely to have real grass, as they also have wooded areas. Places like Sedona just show off their red rocks and grass there. It looks like desert country there, though the tourist area is well settled and well kept, and looks very expensive....which it is.

        oh, and the weeds here give off ďgoat headsĒ (stickers). Very prickly and makes for real soreness if you step on them.
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        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          I posted the horseradish potato salad in the kitchen.


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            I did not make it to walmart. Ended up running with Sierra to get dress flats which meant she needed me to pay for her shoes. She has very small feet and has a hard time finding dress shoes and ended up with this pair that had elastic around the top so she had to get a bigger size but they will stay on her feet. Then you should have heard the discussion about trouser socks! We certainly have a generation or two gap in this house. But she did pick out 3 tops that I thought were totally acceptable.

            Anyway are you people getting this wind? It is a constant howl out there and then gust to roof raising! When you step out it is warm. This is just weird weather. I did see where it is pi day and wish I had stopped to buy a pie. But when you shop with Sierra it is her trip and she did have to get ready for work. I need to take tomorrow and press the wrinkles out of her new tops and iron in general. Her orientation is Monday and this dress clothes stuff is new to her. But she should have enough to interview this summer. Saw some really cute sundresses but again there is a generation plus taste gap. Her entire work career has been spent on her feet and running a not know how she is going to take being the underling sitting at a desk all day.

            This wind is ridiculous but most anything loose should have come down during last weekends wind storm. Sounds like a big semi truck driving around the house!


            • karlinann
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              Yes, we had the wind yesterday. I watered everything and the wind dried it right back up.

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            Yes, itís windy here too, but not as bad as yours. Itís allergy season here and these days I succumb to that, too.

            The Generation Gap is why I give gift checks instead of presents. One grandkid said ďI donít like that, grandma. I like something like thi$ instead.Ē So I took a survey, and my kids told me that their kids have far different tastes than Iím used to. I would buy the pants or jeans....but not the slashed ones that cost way way more. Or the indecent tops, no way! So I just send a check and they can buy whatever they think is acceptable. I donít need to know what they got. How did kids get this way, anyway?
            One GD says she is saving up to get a ďnewĒ car. Good for her, as she was in an accident in her momís old car. But Iím not raising the amount on the checks.
            I remember when my kids learned to drive, in my car: My son was the most reckless driver, to be ďcoolĒ....he didnít get to use it often after that. My next daughter came home one evening with the drivers side rear view mirror missing, had no idea it was gone; she drove very little after that. The next daughter damaged someoneís car in a parking lot, didnít stop, someone else gave the policeman the plate number; he came to our home, had a nice long talk with our DD. Damage wasnít much and the guy wasnít going to bother, so she got off easy. The next DD didnít damage anything or anyone; a good driver! As was the last DD. But I always worried when they were out somewhere. Like, what might happen next.
            When the kids eventually bought their own cars, they treated their cars much better. Heavens forbid that they might need repairs, or their insurances go up in cost.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              I do not have a problem with the new styles...I am sure my parents had a stroke when I wanted the mini skirts and remember hot pants? I was skinny back then! I am glad times have changed and the girls have more freedom. Remember when we couldn't wear jeans to school unless they were under our dresses and then had to be taken off once at school? And I remember not being able to wear pants at work and any dress jackets had to go below our fannys. The first pants I wore to work were maternity pants! I agree some styles are not tasteful but then now a days grandmas are wearing their jammies to walmart. Cute?! For the most part I am a fan of the new styles but still think she needs trouser socks!

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            I remember the styles, but I was never into mini skirts and the like. I preferred to stay covered. Knee length skirts, even regular shorts. I probably had more dates than the popular than the group of very pretty girls, most of whom were pg at graduation time. Almost all of them were divorced by the 5th reunion (which was the first one I went to).
            But the men I worked with in AF DOD, complimented the way I kept to a ďclassicĒ style of clothing. I quickly became like a little sister to them. And we had a very smooth running office.
            And I couldnít begin to think of wearing todayís styles.

            Of course, most of todayís kids want to be taken seriously as they reach adulthood, and they start making better decisions in virtually all counts. Right?

            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Good late evening

              been a quiet day , finally,,, no Dr. visits or trips out of house.... so D got some extra sleeping time in.. I did a few house hold necessities,,yes, Laundry...and the bathroom.. made a good dinner ( at lunch time).. then we settled in with books, a little Tv for D. and finally its bedtime.

              JoG.. Donna is amazing, is so nice to have a niece who lives nearby and that we have a close relationship.. and who make the best ginger cookies ever!!!!.

              Hi to you all.. read your post every day ... and the longer the better... right now, i'm ready for to go off to bed.. keeping an eye on this man of mine is a full days job.. ...


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                Hi Maye,
                i know! I remember you, Donna me, and others at Elaineís Roundup,...........decorating and eating her cookies. Yum!
                that was a fun time, wasnít it? But you and she had a warm and happy relationship that I wonít forget.
                i love ginger cookies. Could use one right now.

                Elaine, if you are peeking in, we love and miss you!

                Iím glad you and David are okay. This is the time of life we need cozy spaces, relaxation, etc. We are at that point now, too, pretty much. We both have problems healthwise, and will be glad to get away from the madness here, and set up living in an easier place.

                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.