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Wednesday, March 13

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  • Wednesday, March 13

    Good morning Rounders! It's chilly here, and I didn't think it was time for Blackberry Winter, but what else could it be. Anyway, DH went and got fitted for his new after surgery boot and it's the bombe diggity doo wah. It's in the car so I won't forget it on Sx day. Look at me being proactive. LOL!

    I finished up the patio/planter area and it is lookin' mighty fine. I have some pavers left over and will utilize those somewhere else.

    Today is trash day and I've already got it out to the curb.

    All this pollen is making my sinuses activated.

    DH has been practicing getting around the house in the rolling walker and he says he will be fine. He did this while I was asleep and I didn't hear a peep. I sleep like a log, but after his Sx I'll have to stay up until he goes to bed cuz I can't take a chance on him falling or injury to that heel.

    I wish you Peace & Plenty. I'll be back later.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning. I am getting ready to get a shower and start getting ready. I have all day team building training at work.

    My my parents are here they got here shortly after I got home. She invited my sis and her hubby and one of my nieces for dinner. I made home made pizza. It was pretty good. My sis didnít leave for home until late.

    My parents will be busy while I am training . I think we are taking the new dog for a bath after my training. I also have a doctor appointment mom is going to that


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      Good Morning...maybe. There supposedly was a beautiful sunrise, but now it's totally cloudy.

      Yesterday I accomplished way more than I expected and I even wasted a lot of time here on the computer. After I got my head & throat cleared out, I got busy in the kitchen. I mixed up a triple batch of sugar cookie dough, iced a carrot cake, and then made a bunch of real food stuff...potato salad, chicken legs, baked beans, barley casserole, and roasted yams. I don't know what got into me! Also did up the laundry and put it away....amazing! Made my! I should feel sick more often.

      God is super good. While playing my game before going out to get Blaise at the bus, I heard one of our doors & figured the mail lady didn't get the porch door shut completely & it was swinging in the wind. WRONG! The front door had blown open a bit. Well guess who decided to explore the wild? Becca's dog. I found that out when I was getting ready to go get Blaise. Fortunately he didn't go far & came right inside....thank you Lord! Life is good...Becca isn't going to kill me. Well I told Blaise all about this and he was the first to get to the front door. He opens it & and dog pushes right by him. I rarely swear, but I swore at Blaise. The dog was jumping for joy & singing....I'm FREE! It took us a good 5 minutes to get him back inside. You didn't dare chase him or he would have run further. I had Blaise get treats & his toy. He eventually let Blaise pet him & I grabbed his collar. I came in & cried. Too much stress. I was ready for Becca to come get him. She didn't arrive until 7pm. He's like a normal grandchild for a while & then send them home. He'd overstayed his welcome & was beginning to stink. LOL!

      This morning got kind of a late start. I turned off the alarms and was going to get right up...yup...that's my story & I'm sticking to it. I really woke up at 7:55 (55 minutes after the alarm) and needless to say, Blaise missed the bus. Had to drive him. One good thing about all this driving (karate lessons included) is that we have some good conversations. My husband doesn't get that concept. Some of our best discussions are in the car.

      I had planned to go to town this morning, but I'm just not up for it. Think I'll start baking cookies. I also need to make mini gobbs. Today I'll only roll out & bake the sugar cookies I need for this week's orders. Kathy is coming this afternoon to use our computer to apply for a couple jobs & to try and find car insurance. LOOOOOOONG story. I'm so frustrated with those two. They don't write checks or keep receipts, so they have no proof of any payments and don't have a leg to stand on. They are old enough now to know better. By 25 I was on my 2nd new car, married, and paying a mortgage.

      Bethina….why was the house torn down? Karlinann….you amaze me.

      Have a good one all!


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        Donna, you amaze us all!
        Oh, those dogs that run, look over their shoulder and run faster! I have had two like that and can still feel the utter relief when we finally go the dog back into the house.

      • karlinann
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        Well, you amaze me. What time is dinner?

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      Good Trash day from here! the truck has already come by and my trash can is back behind the gate again. the recycling truck comes later in the afternoon. That one has to wait until after daycare fro me to get it back in the yard.

      All clocks were running at the right time yesterday and it still was a good day, even though it went a few minutes over the regular day. The sunshine makes me more patient and able to smile, I guess.

      I have to make cookies for a girls' activity at church Friday evening. I am going to make those Amish sugar cookies and use some pastel sprinkles on them. Little girls ages 7-11. It will be an activity/fun event based loosely on the show the Amazing Race with 5 different tasks to do in small groups. My task is based on service and I have fleece for them to tie dog blankets that will be donated to a dog rescue. I will have the fleece already cut and ready for them to tie. No matter how much or how little gets done it will be a good experience for them and I have some pictures of dogs that have received blankets to show them what we are aiming for...

      I am off to clean the bathroom floor.
      Beth have a good training day.

      Karlinann, you guys are as prepared as anyone I have ever known.

      We still have wind for today but sunny, so I am not complaining. Hope you all are getting some signs of 'spring!


      • karlinann
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        When I worked as a Sitter I learned from the RN's, PCA's, Dr's, all the PT, RT, OT staff to have a plan and follow through. You have to have everything prepared and at hand, because if you don't your patient may have a fall and then they are going to be back in Sx. We don't want that. Thank you.

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      Cookie it was burned beyond saving it in the fire.


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        Good morning! Rain today and we had a thunder storm last night that woke me. I love to hear a thunder storm. Been listening to this college bribery scam. OMG..whatever happened to just being normal or average and dealing with it? Rich people do think different than average joes. No wonder they are trying to wipe out the middle class...we are just so mediocre.

        Have a pot of spaghetti sauce cooking and the meatballs thawing over low heat in a little beef broth. Sierra should be home tonight and Andrew ask for spaghetti and even dug in the deep freeze to find the meatballs. One more package so I need to make more. Also noticed I am using my last bag of asiago so need to hit the grocery when I go home next time which will be soon since I need to cash a check. I will probably have to run out sometime today for a gallon of milk and a bag of lettuce for salad. I don't think I have been out but once this week so need to blow the stink off.

        Blues lost last night..just couldn;t get anything into the net but they sure took a lot of shots. Another night I did not sleep very well which probably explains the headache. Or the expected rain. Noticed yesterday there are a lot of hawks in the trees behind us. I am wanting to encourage sweet little nesting birdies and not happy with the outlaw band of hawks. More than ever this year.

        Lots I could do today but not sure I will do any of it. Enjoy your parents visit Beth. Karlinann your energy competes with Cookie. We still have the snow shovel sitting on the patio so no Spring planning yet.

        Have a wonderful day and hope the sun shines in your area..


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          Good morning, friends.
          We are supposed to have a bit more rain this morning, plus winds. It should get to 60į today and tomorrow, but nights will be down in the lower 30įís both nights. Then warmer on Friday.
          right now itís 48įoutside, and I turned up the thermostat because the house is chilly. I really think the builder skimped on the insulation to this house.

          I did post post last evening about the echoígram. I can trust that if the results are serious she will let us know sooner than later. We both were tired when we got home. Had a late lunch of leftover pizza.
          We had an early supper....E made PBJís with a side of chips. He was too hungry to wait for anything else. Watched 2 TV shows and went to bed and crashed. I know I slept through the night. Hope E did, too. I had a bloody nose again this morning. Itís probably just the allergens in the air, blowing with the winds.
          Meanwhile, E finally sees his cardiologist on Friday. I will see my cancer doc on Monday. (I like being in remission! Being a survivor of it.)

          So, that said, back to trying to get stuff done here. Our DD offered to get the stuff she had wanted. Yay! E really canít do the lifting, and Iím unable to. But she is very fit, and if her DH comes with her, itís a done deal with no excess strain on E.

          Karlinann, sounds like you and your hubby are halfway done, and you are amazingly up to it all.
          Beth, is the puppy your sisterís, or will it be yours? What kind is it? Your mom will see that the doctor treats you right.
          Cookie, what an amazing day you had. You accomplished a lot. Ollie was naughty, but you know what to watch for next time.

          Iím sure Maxie and Paula probably got their posts in already. Hope the weather and activities are being good to you.
          Have a great day, everyone. ☀️

          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Lots of people posted while I was sitting here sipping my coffee and taking my time with my morning post. All of you who were before me....HELLO and have a good and sunny and warm and productive day!! Yes Cookie, car conversations are the best because the kids are captive.


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              Good late evening.

              headed for Bed. David is bedded down on the recliner... he says its more comfortable ,he can't toss and turn..and he then sleeps sounder... he is doing well.. still tired ,,new meds started today.. the super blood thinner. so he will need "watched" for a while... I did very very little today but set , read, Had the laundry caught up. did sweeper everywhere... ( cat hair has to be collected or I would have a white carpet instead of green)...

              hopefully, if weather is nice enough ,to get to the groc. store .tomorrow.. it was nice to have life slowed back down to normal.
              ....setting at a hospital is so tiring!..

              read all the above and so good to hear what all you are doing .. Donna brought me a huge plate of cookies when my guest were here. Grandson Kiel now thinks she is "super women" of the cookie world!..

              see you later..