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Tuesday, March 12

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  • Tuesday, March 12

    Good morning Rounders! I got 6 hours of sleep and I feel fine. DH got his fasting lab results from the PCP yesterday. Not good! His A1C is 6.5 and his bad cholesterol is up. He was so devastated over that, but I talked to him and got him feeling better. He has not had any good exercise for quite awhile and he has not been eating lean and green. He will get those numbers back down. This has happened before and he got it under control quickly. Anyway, he is not upset now and that's the important thing. His A1c is under 7 and they can still do the sx. There will not be a single sugar item brought into this house and the meals will be lean and green.

    When we got back from the dr's office I had a brainstorm about what to do with my large flowerpots on the back patio. Since we had the large tree cut down and the other trees trimmed the patio is in direct sun almost all day and in FL that is a no-no for most potted plants. I knew I would have to move them and the only place that presented itself is under the eave of the Lanai. It is close to a water hose and I can keep them watered and it's out of the blistering sun. Problem solved!

    All I had to do was move the plants I had in that existing area: Four Rosemary plants, 2 Forget Me Nots, 2 California Poppies, 15 Pink Baby's Breath, 1 Cast Iron Plant, 5 Golden Creeping Jenny, and 3 Vinca's. I moved all of them to the main patio area around the corner which is my garden. It's the patio that came with the house. The patio pavers that I'm moving to under the eave of the Lanai is the one I made by the back door. It did not have one at all and I made a fairly good sized one with pavers that my neighbor gave me. Then I had to rake that soil down level and started putting down the pavers.

    I was totally exhausted by 4:30 and stopped to come in and make dinner. I'll finish it up this morning as soon as it's daylight. It's looking good and I am relieved that my plants won't suffer and hope my Hydrangea's will bloom this year. I have 2 pots of Hydrangea's, 1 large Rosemary, and 1 Eucalyptus. In 2 other pots I have Hawaiian Tai surrounded by Ivy and they are just beautiful. I started the ivy and Rosemary plants from cuttings. I'm very proud of them!

    Today dh gets fitted for his boot for after sx. That is all I have on my list today. What's happening in your neck of the woods? Be back later to read. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning. Today I am meeting a friend for some shopping maybe a movie and lunch. My parents will be here tonight. They are staying until Thursday.


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      Good SUNNY Morning! We are so blessed.

      Yesterday I didn't accomplish a whole lot, but it was good. I met my SIL & two cousins for lunch. Cooked a real meal for dinner. Took Blaise to karate. Right before bed I noticed a spot on my throat was sore. Took some Thieves before going to bed.

      Woke this morning sounding & feeling like a bull frog. I got a cold AGAIN. I'm blaming my SIL & cousin Karen. They both have colds & I think they shared it yesterday. Turds! LOL! I had planned to mix up some cookie dough, and I probably still will if I get some more energy. I don't have time to be sick.

      Becca is to be coming home today and picking up Ollie late this afternoon. I may ask her to stay a little longer & take Blaise to karate...we'll see. After 4 days Ollie has settled in pretty good. The last 2 nights I've actually gotten a good nights sleep.

      I posted the wedding soup recipe in the kitchen yesterday.

      KarlnannÖ.I would be thrilled if my A1C was that low.
      Bethina...whatever happened with that house & neighbors beside you that was causing all the troubles & drama?

      Have a good one all!


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        Good morning! Weather is mild today but rain tonight and into tomorrow. Nasty weather is getting so old! I woke with a chill this morning but not sure if I am coming down with something or because I did not sleep well last night. Hated getting out of my warm bed!

        Jon grilled last evening and today he wants pork chops and wild rice. Easy enough and I can fix it ahead then just plop it in the oven. Andrew came in from school yesterday and told me he needed a shopping date. If I had false teeth they would have fallen out! Andrew hates to shop but yesterday he said his jeans were getting short...they are...his shoes were getting not doubt that...and he WANTED new shirts. This kid never wants anything new and he could care if he had an old shirt on. We are going in debt to feed him and now he wants clothes! Our little boy is growing up...I know his mom bought him jeans at Christmas so our little boy is really growing up, literally! Sierra also came in and said she needed another dress shirt or two for her internship. Plus black flat shoes. She is letting her bangs grow out and her hair looks horrible but when I ask if I could make her an appointment she told me her hair looked fine and she liked it. Well....ok then...must be my eyesight is going cuz what I see and what she sees are two different things. Why is that?

        No plans for today and Blues play tonight. They are back in a normal time zone so the games will be early..those late nights were rough! I should run the vac and dust but not getting a good nights sleep sorta cuts down on the old energy level. Plus the depression of this crappy weather. Seems it either rains or snows...the spring flooding is going to be bad.

        Oh Karlinann I wish we had some sign of Spring..been watching the spring training baseball games from Jupiter Fl and the sun and short sleeves and the temps in the 80s. Makes me so envious! Beth, enjoy your visit with the family. Cookie that soup sound delish but complicated...way to many ingredients for me. Time to start the day but first another cup of coffee. Have a wonderful and productive day people.


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          I am on my phone because I had to get some extra laundry going and kitchen things done so no detour into the office.
          all day yesterday and again this morning my outside thermometer was about 20 degrees too high!
          not fun looking over and seeing a reading in the 70ís and then 80ís. The time changed so part of the clock is working.
          when the last two kids were picked up I said Wow! Nice early day!
          then it hit me: I never changed the daycare clock! I have never forgotten that before.

          we had and will be again today Sunshine all day!
          i took the baby out with us. Just wrapped him in a blanket and watched the rest run around. I am not complaining about the breezy wind. Either.

          I hope all is well with everyone and I will check back.


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            Cookie they finally demolished the house about a year ago. The guy is in person for at least 7 years. I still am friends with his xwife on Facebook. The kids donít seem like it has harmed them. They seem to gotten past it ok. They have a lot of supportive friends and family.


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              Good morning.
              i woke wayyyyyy oo early, and thought I'd never get back to sleep.but I woke on time this morning. Going to echo'gram test today.

              Rainy day today. Looks like we had some in the wee hours, and now I see some drops on my window. Looks like Ma Nature scheduled rain for when we are driving there, and then it will start again when we leave. It will be only 57į out today. And dreary. I hope this rain persuades our pistash tree to start sprouting. The elm trees in back look very nice with some green on the branches now.

              its now time for me to start getting ready. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I don't need one more problem.

              hope you all have a very good day. ☀️
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


              • karlinann
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                Editing a comment
                I will say a prayer. Keep us posted.

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              Fingers and toes are crossed!


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                Thank you.

                We saw unusual weather conditions when we left. Our mountains were topped with white clouds (a sign of cold weather to stick around a bit), plus the darker rain clouds hovering above them. After my appointment those same clouds had blended into shades of gray, but still hovering on and over the mountaintops. Quite different than what we generally see. After we were home an hour, a good rain fell here, but for only about 10 minutes. But itís better than none.

                i really donít know whatís going on with me. The tech didnít stay around when he was done doing the test, so I didnít even get a hint of opinion.
                When we got there, and it really wasnít much of a walk. Across the street and in the doors. Past the lobby and there were the elevators. Now Iím starting to get out of breath.
                Up one floor, and past two stations. A few steps more and Iím at Diagnostics, and really out of breath, and my thighs felt very heavy. They were patient til I could speak, they did my papers electronically. Then about a 30 minute wait to be called.
                Got through the icky echocardiogram, the gel was really icky to wipe off. I guess it took just an hour to go through it.
                I will hear the results from my NP on April 1st. I wonder if my cancer doctor will see it or have anything to say.

                Made 2 stops on the way home. I needed some bra extenders. E needed something from the pharmacy. On the way home, one cloud let loose and a bunch of rain hit only our windshield. Got home, any my nose started bleeding. It could be the allergens that the winds stirred up, could be lack of humidity, could be a few reasons. Including either of two meds I take. Anyway, itís an on-off thing or else a slow drip, hasnít yet quit. But it will. Eventually. This sets E back because I donít normally get nosebleeds, and this is the second or third one in 2 months. I need another box of tissues now. Plus I feel a need to nap, but itís already too late in the day.

                So I will contemplate an easy peasy dinner for tonight.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.