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Monday, March 11

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  • Monday, March 11

    I stayed up until 11 pm and I still got up early. I suppose I only need 5 hrs of sleep.

    Good morning Rounders! I got the toilet seat and shower chair scrubbed up and placed and DH really likes them. He has Bursitis again from the doctor moving his foot around. He is going to call her today to let her know about it. Even icing it down 4 times a day, elevating it, and taking Advil is not helping too much. I think she'll want him to come back in. Ai, yi, yi! Don't know. I put up the beach umbrella for DH yesterday when he sat outside. He sits in a lounge chair in the driveway to get some sun and work on his Sudoku puzzles and yesterday was a bit too hot for him, so he asked me if the beach umbrella would work and I put it up and it works fine. I know we're the talk of the neighborhood, but who cares. He needs all the pampering he can get right now. I just put myself in his shoes and I know I'd be going out of my mind with inactivity, boredom, etc.

    I moved the computer back into the Family Room. It was blocking the pathway to the bed and that is not safe. When they come to access the house that is the first thing they would tell me to move. I made meatballs, spaghetti and sauce for dinner. Those meatballs just made the house smell so good. I have lot's of meatballs left and put them in the freezer.

    DH has a PCP appt. this afternoon and tomorrow he gets fitted for the after surgery boot. First thing this morning I'm going to the library. I think I'll also go to The Dollar Tree to pick up a few things.

    Aunt Maye I'm glad you had all the family in and got to share love and time with them. Each moment is precious and I bet they went away with a good feeling in their hearts too.

    That's all folks! Peace & Plenty.
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    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Karlinann-Please check the Dollar tree for puzzle books for your husband. The one here has a nice selection of them.

    Good morning...I am not feeling great today...pretty sore from Saturday I would say. I am going to work out in a little bit...and having lunch with a friend and then a craft class...


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      Yes, we buy all his puzzle books there. Girl, you really do have a nice varied lifestyle. Keep up the good work.

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    Good SUNNY Morning! It's feeling like spring out there and I even saw a few green heads popping out of the dirt.

    Yesterday wasn't very productive, but then again it was suppose to be our day of rest. Blaise & I went to visit my Mom. I had soup, pie, and a new shelf for her newly remodeled bathroom. We built the shelving & she loved it. I saw it at Aldi's last week & thought we'd give it a try. I had planned to go visit Tracy & Kiel during the afternoon, but they never returned to Aunt J's until later in the evening. Oh well.

    Made spaghetti for was terrible! I've never had spaghetti noodles that were gummy & slimy. I cooked & rinsed them like usual. They were a different brand. Live & learn. Kept me from eating too much. Two bites & then just ate salad & asparagus. Of course I munched during the evening & made up for it.

    Meeting my SIL, and cousins Karen & Colleen for lunch today. We were going to try last week, but then Uncle D landed in the hospital that day. BTW...he was looking good & getting around better on Saturday when I popped in. Don't know what else my day will bring. Karate this evening. I hate this night's time....645-730. Blaise was dragging major butt this morning, so I told him he's going straight to bed when we get home.

    It took my Mom some wedding soup I made last week. She said she's never had it before but LOVED it and said it was one of the better soups I make. Have you even had good wedding soup? I got my recipe from an Italian. It's not a quick soup to make, but very tasty. It had chicken, meatballs, carrots, onion, celery, and tiny pasta.

    Have a good one all!


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      I've have it every time we visit Sammy's Italian. It is so good!

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      I havenever had Italian wedding soup...wish I had a cup of yours.

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    Morning...did not hear the weather forecast but do know it is not sunny out. I just cannot imagine days and days of sun and warm.

    It was a quiet weekend here. Jon and Serra both worked and I never left the house. My girl scout cookies are here and I am having them for breakfast. I only buy the thin mint. Coffee and cookies is a great way to start the week. Sierra reminded me that the computer guy never called with her new battery so need to call him today. I need a new battery for mine but since I never take it anywhere it can stay plugged in.

    Nothing going on and nothing to talk about. Either we are incredibly boring or I have already forgotten anything that goes on around here. I started cleaning the kitchen yesterday and that got old fast...why am I the only one who cleans anything? So I stopped but you know I will go back and finish it because I cannot stand it! What a curse when you are neat and your family are slobs!!

    Have a great day...Beth rest up and relax. Karlinann you will be fine...your biggest problem will be hoping your husband can even use the crutches...It is a skill Scott never mastered. Jon, on the other hand, could climb a mountain and run a race with his. And I am shopping more and more at the Dollar Store...we have Dollar Stores here. Most of the over the counter meds are from much cheaper on so many things! Maye, good to hear from you.

    Time to start the day!
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      Well, it is morning and I am here. I took a nap yesterday afternoon which I rarely ever do, and then stayed up a little later and so I was glad to be able to rise and shine at 5:00am (which my mind is screaming, It's really 4:00am!)
      I guess that was Fake news, Karlinann, that I read. Why do they jpost those things???
      I was thinking if it stays DST the one plus for me would be 5:30 pm in December would not seem like the dead of night...anyway, it is what it is right now and I will just take what I get. Not much else to do.

      This is a hard day (week) for the daycare kids to adjust to. In the past it has meant cranky, sleepy kids who all crash and take good naps, if we can just make it through the morning. So I am making the food they like and going outside as much as possible. so far, no rain this morning and I will turn on the news and see what the weather guy is saying.

      Your meatballs sound goo to me, Karlinann, and I wish I had some in my freezer. I do have some chicken breast and thighs and I have to do something with them. chicken and dumplings sounds so good right now. Not sure how it will sound after daycare.

      I hope you all are able to move with the groove today and ease into the week. I have my throw rug and a pillow in the wash and trying to get my head into spring cleaning mode which I usually do when it is sunny and nice enough to open windows.

      thanks for that Peace and Plenty! Share it with everyone we meet!


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        Good morning.
        Today should be a warm day, I see some clouds out there but we will have sunshine, and a small chance of rain today.. Tomorrow will be a significant temperature drop, and a better chance of rain.
        No particular plans for today. Iím finishing yesterdayís last load of laundry right now. When E gets up I will shower and fix my hair, since I have an appointment tomorrow for the echo test. I donít like being rushed. Besides, if I wash my hair tomorrow, the rain/humidity will frizz my hair. My friends of yore used to call that my ďPolish AfroĒ hairdo.

        Other than that, itís the same old stuff to keep getting done today.

        Karlinann, you sure are accomplishing a lot, taking care of hubby and all.
        Beth, enjoy the time with your friends after your workout.
        Maye, I sounds like a great time with your family.

        Everybody, have a great day. ☀️

        I am surprised..... when I posted I thought I was right after Bethís thread.
        I came back and see that three of you were ahead of me!

        Ive never had that wedding soup, either. (Polish wedding dinners begin with clear chicken soup with some skinny noodles in it.). Our Italian restaurants donít serve it, either. It sounds good, though.

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        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          I've posted the wedding soup recipe in the Kitchen. From what I understand, the Olive Gardens around here in W PA are the only ones that serve it, and it's not even real wedding soup. I'm thinking it might be because different parts of Italy cook different things, and the ones that settled around here made it. Maybe they are the same ones that started the cookie tables at weddings.


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            Cookie, our OG restaurant doesnít make the wedding soup. The offer minestrone (of course), a chicken & wild rice soup that is (yech) creamy, and I think a tomato bisque or basil soup.

            I am off to the Kitchen to get your recipe. Thank you.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.