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Sunday, March 10

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  • Sunday, March 10

    Good morning Rounders! It's 63* going to 84* today.

    I went to the medical equipment closet and got a really nice shower chair and a toilet seat riser for after the Sx. Today I will scrub them up with bleach and see how they work for DH. This will remove so much stress from him.

    We moved the computer into the Master Bedroom so DH could avoid that one step down, but I think it will be better to move it back into the Family Room and I can maneuver him into the rolling walker and get him in and out that way. The computer being in the Master is taking up precious space and I don't think the OT people will like it when they come to access the house for safety. We will practice it today, but I won't let him overdo. He is still in pain from the doc moving that foot around and he is icing it down 3 times a day and taking Advil, but he is really having trouble walking and getting around the house. He is wobbly and it worries me.

    While doing my walk around the yard yesterday I discovered that my Forget Me Not seeds have sprouted. Yes. It was the watering that made them pop up. Now if I can see some California Poppies poppin' up I'll be ecstatic. Of the nine fountain grass volunteers that I transplanted only 5 survived, but that is a good amount cuz they get big and make an impact. One of the Lantana plants that I pulled up from the front yard and planted on the bank has survived also and I didn't think it would. The freeze got a few of my beans that I planted, but I'm thankful it didn't get my Yellow Pear Shaped Tomato plant which has blooms.

    The last 4 grocery trips to Aldi's we've gotten our money back on the deli meat that we always buy cuz it has ruined way before the use by date. I won't buy it again. It's a really good meat, but I don't have time for that and I'm stocking what I can now so I will make fewer shopping trips after the sx. I've stocked up on ground beef and divided it into qt baggies so I can make meatballs, tacos, meatloaf, hamburger steaks, etc., and I'm filling my saved ice cream plastic containers with ice and will put those in the freezer in our garage. I am stocking up on milk and I will buy an extra gallon and freeze it every shopping trip. How did we ever function without that freezer? I've also stocked up on canned products like tomatoes, tuna, pasta, etc. Of course I'll still have to shop once a week for bananas and fresh stuff, but it can be a quick trip to Save A Lot.

    I watched Lydia's Kitchen on Create tv this morning and she made Chicken Parm. OMG! We love it, but I'm not going to all that trouble to make it. Man it looked so appetizing though.

    Aunt Maye hope all is good with you and yours. Peace & Plenty.

    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning...I am moving slow this morning due to a bad experiance in my garage. I was trying to move a pile of plywood and scraps that dad had leaned against the wall. For some reason they had fallen over blocking my path to my bike and out of the garage. Any ways I got all the pieces but the door leaned up against wall and was struggling with the door and the entire pile fell over on me...I pulled something in my shoulders and arm. I made the night with out pain meds...I used ice and took a warm shower...and sat up in a chair when I got stiff. This morning I am sore. I managed to walk into the corner of a wall in the dark a few hours later. Then smacked my knee on on the door frame when I was up to go to the bathroom in the night. I think that I need to find my bubble wrap!

    Today Bible Study...lunch then reading a book.


    • Paula A
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      Yikes! I am hurting for you! Get that bubble wrap!

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    Good morning, friends.
    We have been having cloudy weather, with rain in the near forecast. We can always use it. Not much new here.
    My NP did refer me to Diagnostics last week, who forgot to call me. Her nurse followed up, and, long story short, I have that appointment on Tuesday for the echocardiogram. I shouldnít be so short of breath.
    On Friday E finally has his cardiogist appointment. He needs either an ablation or else medication to control his problem. He think the ablation is the best solution.
    Isnít it tiresome to have your life revolve around doctors?

    Karlinann, your weather is warmer than ours is. Again. Tuesday and Wednesday itís going to be only in the 50ís. I miss my garden, but I canít do that any more. You are certainly preparing for your hubbyís surgery. I believe you have thought of absolutely everything.

    Beth, you really have had a bad experience both in the garage and house. Iím glad you are okay. Have you thought of getting night lights for around the house, for when you need to get up? You can get motion detector ones that immediately light up when it detects you nearby.

    I will be back later to read posts. So itís time for me to get my newspaper and my mocha ☕️drink.
    I hope you all have a very good day. ☀️

    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Morning! It rained and rained yesterday then the wind blew...and boy did it blow!! Power flicked many times but once it did go out it was for less than an hour. I did miss the last half hour of the new Hallmark movie but it will be replayed this afternoon. It isn't that I didn't know how it would end cuz they all end the same but that I missed the end. I hate missing the end and I hate reading a trilogy until I have all three books in front of me. I have a mini series recorded that I would not watch until all episodes were recorded. I just hate being left hanging! It might be a character flaw but that is ok because I have a lot of them!

      Well, Beth that was quite an adventure. Rest, relax, keep using the heating pad and maybe bubble wrap is your best option.

      Karlinann you are such a preparer! And a wonderful caregiver. That is a lucky husband who will be so well cared for. It is really smart that you are looking ahead and finding the problems. A very lucky guy!

      Did you change your clocks? Wish they would leave the time reason to change it any longer. We only have the one clock that needs to be taken down and changed...the others are push button on appliances and they are flashing from the power problems yesterday. None of the clocks in this house are synchronized. We are probably collectively 10 minutes off but always early getting somewhere. Except Andrew..he runs on his own time and it is a complaint we have in common with his mother. He moves when he is ready and only when he is ready even if you are sitting in the car!

      Today I have laundry. Someone tracked through since I went to bed last night. Blues tied yesterday but lost in overtime so we only picked up a point but kept our place in the standings. If you win you get 2 points and a tie is 1 unless you win the overtime then you get the 2 points so everyone gets something in a tie. Only like 16 games left until season end then playoffs. Cardinals are looking good in Spring training. Life is good in my sports world but not so much in the weather world. Mommy dearest sent a pic yesterday from Minnesota that showed them shoveling a foot of snow off their roof! Glad that is them!!!!!!!!!! But the lightning and thunder might have been a pleasant switch it was not warm and sun. Had a beautiful rainbow..gorgeous! Even Sierra came out after a clap of thunder woke her and looked out and said 'at least it isn't white'. So sick of this winter!!!

      Looks like dirt and dirty laundry will rule my day. Nothing exciting happens around here and I am not complaining!!!! Have a great one everyone.


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        good morning and for the moment it is not raining! Becky is picking up two ladies for church and I am going with a friend to church in Anderson at 11:30. Great schedule for the time change. But happier it is not raining as the one lady is in a wheelchair and it is hard to get into the car without getting dirty...

        I read that FL voted to keep DST year that true Karlinann? I never know what to believe on Facebook. CA voted to make it a statewide decision whether to change or not and I think that means we will vote on it, probably at the June election. I really don't care, I just wish it would stay the same. right now I am happy to have more daylight at the end of the day for the meetings I have, but I am not sure if that makes much difference in December and the darker winter months or not.

        It rained al day yesterday. My tax pick up went ok. I asked how the prep fees were made as the man picking up before me paid 260.00 so it was easy to ask after he left. I was told it was by the amount of papers that are filed and that makes sense for my self-employed business and the retirement income, I guess. I think last year my real accountant must have given me a break. Not just because of that, but I sure hope his health improves. He is going to help me set up for when I finally retire.

        Maxie, I am so used to recording programs that on the few times I watch in real time, Ifind myself trying to fast forward over commercials and mentally tapping my foot wile waiting for them to resume the show. Some just have so many of the same medical types over and over.
        Anyway, I watch most of my tv from what I have recorded.

        Friends who lost all in the Camp Fire were at a Giants game Friday (I think). The Giants were playing the A's, maxie...anyway, Mike talked to a young guy who had just got his bat autographed by will Clark and told the kid he lost all his giants memorabilia in the fire including is Will Clark autographed jersey. The guy Gave him the bat he just had signed! Mike posted their picture on Facebook. People are just awesome! I am keeping that story to hold my thoughts and deflect anything negative I might read for awhile.

        I went to Costco after my tax pick-up. I am thinking I really don't need to shop there. I sure find a lot to buy but noticed a lot of the prices on items like butter and cream cheese are still cheaper at Walmart...I think the once a month Costco trip will be my plan and the normal weekly grocery shopping will be in town. Keep the sales tax where it will do us some good, I guess. I did not even eat up there which had been my plan, but once again, by the time I was finished I was Done and just wanted to get home.

        My laundry got done yesterday, and now I am going through items to donate and what to keep and hang back up.

        I need to get dressed and start on some would be too hard on people if I didn't.
        Keep sunny thoughts if you don't have the real thing shining over you (and that thought is more for me).
        JoG, you are so well organized with all the medical stuff. You and E are always in my thoughts!

        Tearing myself away from our comfy table and conversation, but I will check in later!


        • karlinann
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          No, we still change time and I have not heard anything differently. If it stays the same though I will be ok with that. I hate the changing back and forth.

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        Oh, We did get our coffee delivery yesterday. Whew! This week I should get my mocha order.

        We do not change our time in AZ. No DST here, except for the Indian reservation in the NE area of the state. We really donít NEED an extra hour of daylight, actually. However, we need to get used to it anyway. Paula and our WA DD will be on our time, but relatives back east we have to be careful when we call them. No doubt, however, I will start getting up regularly at 5 a.m. when spring actually does arrive here. It is an old habit that naturally occurs for me.
        And its 3 FL politicians who are wanting that no-time-change.

        Thanks, Paula. Donít know if we are so organized, really. E has a bunch of medical equipment from over the years that I have needed after surgeries. I hate the wheelchair, and glad I donít need it me itís an old rattletrap.
        If I need one again, I want a better padded one. But who knows, E may need one first. He hasnít ridden in this one. LOL
        For now, itís all packed away til needed.
        Keeping medical things on schedule can be a big hassle if the doctors donít cooperate or really care. My NP is much better at it than her boss, and nicer too. I quit seeing him and see her exclusively.
        I know my cancer doc...a nice guy, and funny too...does not bother setting up labs he needs, but I can schedule appts with him soon after my NP appts, so he can read the labs she had ordered. Somehow it works.

        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          JoG is right. It's the politicians who want it passed. It's my understanding that the bill has been submitted, but the Federal Government has to approve it before it can be become permanent.
          "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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            Personally I think it is time to leave the time alone. I always hated the Spring time change when it was lighter later because the boys wanted to be out later. Now I don't really care about time except mealtime or bedtime!

            My nephew swears by Costco and has been trying to get me to go with them. It is in Missouri but a very easy drive from here. We have such limited grocery shopping around here. Walmart is suddenly not stocking their shelves and all the local groceries were bought out by a big local chain and big prices. I do shop at Ruler which is an Aldi like Kroger store but they have limited produce or meat. We do have the room to stock up once a month but I do not think I am disciplined enough for a months worth of meal planning. I am a whatever meat shows up in the fridge kinda cook.

            I am always amazed at the generosity of some people and then the utter sefishness of others. One guy hands his autographed bat away and another will step in front of a kid and take a fly ball away from him. Guess that is what makes life interesting.

            It is after 2 so afternoon is half seems cool so maybe I just need a nap.


            • karlinann
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              I have compared prices at all the grocery stores around here and Aldi's is the best on produce. That means the best quality for the lowest price. Also, it's a smaller store and I don't have to walk to the lower forty to find what I need. Fewer steps gets me out of there and off that concrete floor faster. They carry a bunch of home & garden, personal, and gourmet items so I can usually find all I need there except for a few things and I go to the Dollar Tree for the rest.

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            Maxie, if you plan meals with what's left in the fridge/freezer, you must cook much like I do.

            Shopping for a month isn't too hard. Plan 4-5 meals, and count on 2-3 junk food days. (You make up the number to suit you.). Then multiply by 4. Mix and match the veggies. I like frozen ones, because they have retained more vitamins than the canned stuff. Frozen comes in larger, "family sized" packages. They have good variety.
            Also, their store brands (Kirkland) are cheaper, and as good as any other top brand in any store. I like Kirkland's canned tuna or salmon, because the cans are really packed with the fish, not with all the excess water or oil in other brands.
            Saturdays are the best day to shop there if you like tasting the free samples they have for customers too try.

            Some things you might rather get at your local grocery store, that you don't want to buy in bulk.
            Our Costco has clothing, underclothing, books, calendars, sometimes athletic shoes, available as well.
            My next trip will be to look for the big container of Jelly Bellies.
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Wish we had an Aldiís out here. The local store I like best is Fryís/Kroger. But they donít always have a variety of things I like. E likes to shop Safeway, but I think there merchandise comes out in slightly higher prices, as they look like an upscale store these days. E doesnít normally watch prices, so when he goes I list the coupons that I give him and note the brands on the coupons. He was upset one day because the store rejected his coupons.....he had picked up other brands. Poor Sweetie, he was so frustrated. So I explained ďcouponingĒ to him. Then he says it takes longer to shop. Duh, Mr MENSA! You have to look around each area to find the brands, and there are pictures on the coupons. LOL. But he does try hard to get it right.
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                quick hello...

                when D. is sleeping.. I rest, crochet. sleep.. D. will go to see his... Pcp.. then .get echocardiagram and see the Cardiologist tomorrow.. should have a good idea of what his heart is doing now..
                A good weekend of lots of close family dropping him to see there Pap.. even grandson from VA. and the great_ grands..
                and they made a joyful noise...

                thanks again for your support..