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Thursday, March 07

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  • Thursday, March 07

    It's a freeze out there at 31*. I'll probably lose some plants, but if I do it's ok. I don't like fickle plants in my garden anyway. Good morning Rounders. DH didn't get to bed until midnight and he just woke up. Today he sees the foot doc and will get the lowdown.

    One of my neighbors who is a Snowbird is down from PA and she was out there trimming her hedges, trees, and bushes behind her house yesterday. I only see her about twice a year if I'm lucky. While I was out there pulling weeds in the backyard one of those hawks flew over very low and she saw it and I only saw it in peripheral vision or a shadow. It was scary and I'll have to watch it.

    It's going to be in the 80's the rest of this week. I feel so bad for those people in Alabama and the destruction and devastation the tornado left in it's path. That is exactly why we're not spending mega money on the outside of our house. We are in a direct tornado path up here on this hill.

    I made a cake yesterday, yellow cake w/ choc frosting. It was a box mix, but boy have I been craving cake and chocolate. It's good.

    I'll be back later to read up. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good poor granny she woke me up this morning...she called me but when I nsweres she wasn’t there. I called mom she granny probably just wanted to talk to me. Well I am not very friendly with anyone at 7 am so I waited to call back. 10 minutes later granny called again. I called mom again and mom told me to call granny so I did. Poor granny was so confused and trying to reach mom. So I called and told mom.

    I got another kinda strange text from my coworker this morning. Not really mean or any just makes it sound like I am doing a poor job and chef isn’t happy. I don’t think so I will just talk to chef today.

    apparently she won’t be in until after set up today. Thats fine with me. I prefer setting with out any one breathing down my neck.

    everyone have a good day!


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      Good SUNNY Morning! Still frigid here, but that's soon to end. 40's this weekend.

      Yesterday wasn't very productive at fault. Spent too much time on this computer. I did make a big pot of Italian Wedding Soup. I went to a local farm to purchase some meat & bones. I took her a large tray of cookies, and she ask me where I was on Tues. Lent has started & no sweets. I told her to put the tray in the freezer but she said she'd share it with customers. Anyways, after I made the pot of soup I took her down a quart...something she can eat. We talked about making the soup and she showed me the meatballs she uses, and I told her how I made mine. I don't roll mine perfect. I just pinch off some of the meat mixture & drop it into a pot of water. I then add that flavored water into the pot of soup. Took some soup to Aunt J's.

      After karate, Blaise & I spent the evening trying to get him to finish his homework. It was a whow-is-me evening, but he brought this all on himself. One assignment I had him do it 3x because he hurried & didn't write neatly or with the correct punctuation. I'm a MEAN grandma.

      Not sure what today will bring. I'd like to run into town to the thrift store to see if I can find some jeans for both of my guys. We'll see. I need to do some paperwork. Got our heating bill yesterday...over $700!!!! I'm going to call them. We've never had a bill that high & we've got a new furnace that is suppose to be more energy efficient. So much for having extra $$ with Cork working OT. Life!

      Have a good one all!


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        Oh, Donna! that bill! I hope when you call them they can see what the problem is.

        I want to say how much I like reading the posts throughout the day and also point out that when I answer them on my phone I usually have a baby in my arms and that is my excuse for the poor (lack of) punctuation and lack of structure. The infant I have is very seldom asleep in the crib. And his toddler brother is often demanding to be held at the same time, although not for long. He just wants to know he can have my attention whenever he is the way they all think at that age. So please pardon the way the afternoon posts look and I wish I had a good excuse for the mistakes that I miss in these morning posts.

        It rained and then hailed and then thundered and all kinds of weather yesterday. Just when I thought the older kids would be able to go out on the patio it started and never let up till just about time to go home. One child was picked up with the sun shining and before they got all the way in their car it was Hailing! Unbelievable!

        So today we are singing some sunshine songs and making the best of it. March is still coming in like a lion, no matter what I thought the 1st of March was.

        Yesterday I took lasagna to a friend who had a brain tumor removed last week at UCSF hospital in San Francisco. She is doing well. It was their daughter that I helped at the reception with the flowers. She is having to do occupational therapy as well as physical therapy and needs a walker. Her sight and hearing were impacted by the surgery but both are expected to come back fully. The hospital has comeup pn my Facebook feed as one using a room service type menu and allowing patients to order whenever they want. it has cut down on food waste 40%! That is the point of the articles on Facebook. The menu sounded like a world class restaurant and still was saving money.

        I have an Amazon order coming for the daycare today. Art and some new toys will be a great help with this weather.
        A tanning bed and some Beach Boys music sounds good about now (not really...I won't do the tanning bed, but I think my Spotify is going to play some summer tunes today!)

        I am having a good day, no mater what!

        l love you all and hope you have a good day!


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          Good morning..oh boy, what a game last night..we made 2 goals in the last minute of the game. Beat the Ducks and tonight play the Kings...all West Coast games so they are very late starts, 9:00 and 9:30 puck drops but well worth the late night last night.

          Not much sun to day and some type of wet tonight. Cookie, that is a terrible bill!! What is with utilities? I have noticed more and more people are putting up solar panels. If I ever built or was younger I would look into them. I'd need all that heat to warm the pool I would have open all year long!!!! If I was rich....

          No plans today. Will check the grocery list and know we need milk. Today is Jon's day off so he will cook.

          Did I once say I liked having everyone's handwriting on the grocery list? Well, that got expensive! Read on fb that Aldi's has a wonderful brand of Easter candy. I do not shop Aldi's but you ladies should give it a try. Which reminds me to look for jelly beans. I know, can you believe someone still eats jelly beans? Ok, you got me..there is very little candy I do not like or won't eat.

          Ok gotta go start the day. No sun this morning but enjoy it if you have it!! Good luck with the foot Doctor Karlinann. Scott had the torn ligaments in his foot repaired in September and he was up and around fast. Hope Maye and her David are doing fine. Cookie you are amazing even on days you call lazy. Beth sorry you had a rough morning with your granny. Poor soul! Peeps take care...


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            Good morning.
            Today we look to getting 81°, but tomorrow we will have a high temp of 65°. What is Mother Nature drinking these days. (Or is it the cannibis place they’re building down the road? They are making progress.)

            Yesterday we went to pick up my meds. I was almost sorry to be wearing long sleeves. But we stopped for lunch, and the A/C in there hit me like a snowball. The waitress saw me hugging myself for warmth, and turned the A/C way down in our section, without being asked. She is good, and always tries to be our waitress.

            I think E’s med appt is next week. I will be so glad. He goes through 1 or 2 episodes of pain a day. Certain normal movements trigger it, but being normal movements you don’t always think about it til it hits. He will sit with me, and I don’t let him hurry back to what he has been doing. Distracting him is easy most of the time, but he doesn’t need to dive into the work so quickly.

            He was reading his hospital records online. Arrrrrgh! More reasons to look for a new doctor unaffiliated with the hospital when we move: The records prior to when the hospital was turned over to the new owners are dated in the 1800’s. (???) When he had the first SVT, they gave him an ablation (?), and then listed him as “cured”. However, the “cured” thing is dated 2 years before that SVT hit him. Many other things are misdated in his records. (Yes, he has mentioned it to doctors, but nothing has changed.). Other treatments are also misdated. He went in for a foot problem. His feet were looked at. I expected to hear about doing something for better balance or whatever. I forget what the outcome was, but nothing much. After he left they marked down they “cured” his flat foot. Dummies! The foot will always be flat.
            This all has really surprised me.
            [Well, my NP is treating me well, and I have great confidence in her. But I have not read my records. Yet.]
            The bottom line is, with such record keeping, a patient’s life could be endangered.

            I hope to make better progress today. I hope E calls the yard guy soon. The weeds are unspeakably numerous and getting high.

            Karlinann, I wish I had a green thumb. Flowers don’t grow for me here. Nor shrubs.
            Beth, hope your day goes well. The weekend is close!
            Cookie, I need a large container of your energy, please. I hope you get that bill straightened out.
            Paula, your weather is as crazy as ours. I wish it would settle down, too.
            Maxi, I love jelly beans! Most candies. But I can’t eat nuts anymore, so no Payday bars for me. Costco doesn’t have their jelly bellies in yet, so E got me Brach’s brand, plus fruit slices. Also, if you can find the new Hershey’s Lava Cake Kisses, they actually have a liquid chocolate center. Yummmmmm!

            To everyone, I hope you have a super duper great day!☀️

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            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


            • Paula A
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              What is your favorite jelly belly, Jo?
              Our kids all have gone to their factory on the way to San Francisco and always bring home a huge bag of Belly Flops ( taste great but the shape is off or the color batch off).

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            Cookie, how are David and Janet doing?
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              The foot doc has set DH's sx for March 28. We drove by the Surgery Center and the Admission Testing places today so I'd know where to go. He will have to be non weight bearing for 2 1/2 months. After that period she will see when he can start PT.

              She showed us the pics of the tear on the Achille's Tendon, and there are vertical tears as well. She has to cut the Achilles and get into the bone spur and clean it out and then fix the tears. He will be in a different boot after Sx and it comes up to his knee. He has to wear it to bed too, but he can come out of it when he has his foot elevated in the daytime.

              I'm overwhelmed with all the info and so is DH. I will be super busy after the Sx, but I'm trying to get everything lined up before it happens. Our sweet neighbor lady let us borrow her rolling walker and it was parked outside the Lanai door when we got back. Isn't that the sweetest?
              "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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                Now you have something to look forward too...a healed husband!

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              Paula, honestly, I think they are all good, except the coffee and jalapeño ones. And I’d never try the Harry Potter packs (snot, grass, dirt, etc.......).
              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.