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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

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  • Wednesday, March 06, 2019

    Good morning Peeps! It's a mere 38* and only going to 58 today. It's Sno Ball Winter. Yes, I know you don't believe me, but it's when the Sno Ball bushes bloom and they are so beautiful. They are a Japanese Hydrangea type bush.

    DH has fasting lab this morning and that is what's on my To Do List.

    Cookielady, I will be checking in later for the update on Uncle D.

    Today is trash day.

    My sinuses are messed up from emptying the filter in the dryer yesterday. I'm so allergic to dust.

    Peace & Plenty.
    ps Paula, do you get free almonds from your family farm? How great would that be.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    I am in a better mood this morning. Still not thrilled about going out of the house. I am so ready for warm weather.

    work today...running errands...making lasagna in the instapot. Using ground turkey sausge. I will. Let you all know how it goes.


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      Running through to get my fasting labs done this morning. I have only had the order for three weeks....see how hard it is for me to keep anything out of my mouth? Going to pick up my taxes and then get a haircut before putting gas in the car and heading home to fix supper. Mainly wanted to see if there was any news on Aunt Maye and David. Still cold but temps will be above freezing today for the first time in days and days and days. See ya later!


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        Good morning.
        Its 49į right now, going up to 87į today. (Tomorrow the temps begin to ease down again.)

        Today we have to pick up my prescription, and I also need to call my NPs office to get set up for an echocardiogram. I really hope Iím not developing a heart condition along with everything else. But she thinks thatís the only reason for my shortness of breath, and the heart pounding when I do minor chores, or even go down the street to get our mail. Itís 7 houses away, and I am winded by the time I get home. I donít know where the weakness in my legs fits in at those times. I loved walking all my life. Now Iíd be glad to make it around the block.

        E has begun to picture how little we can take with us when we move. I wouldnít mind in the least if heíd consider an extra room, but he is set on the 1 BR size apartment. We will see.
        i think I will pack up our glassware and stemware for Goodwill today.

        Its bad sinus weather here, too, Karlinann. I get sinus pressure and that makes my eyes feel strained. Some mornings I wake with a minor bloody nose. I didnít know E had found an aspirinless allergy med, as he gets bloody noses more often. So some days I will need to use those. But I hate taking meds if I donít have to.

        I have no idea what today will bring. But I will look at the bright side of things and deal with whatever comes our way.

        I hope you all have a beautiful day, today. ☀️

        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good morning all.

          Have to make a trip to Vincennes today. Will go by to sign release papers from my spine specialist. He was to do my surgery the 1st, but that didn't get done. Won't go into the details, but you know I'm hoping mad. Got me a Nuero surgeon in Fort Wayne, and that's where my 5 1/2 years of nothing from the Vincennes Dr. is going.

          I have decided on the move date. It will be April 14. They will pack and load the truck on Friday, leave it locked up in my drive, then load the freezer just before pulling out Sunday morning. That will give me Saturday to clean up their mess.

          I will be going to F.W. this weekend to do some work up there. I won't have any internet as I'm staying in my house, and not at my sister-in-law's. That way I can get up and start doing some things I want done before the furniture arrives to get in my way. I have both inside and outside things to do.

          Hope all have a great day.
          Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


          • karlinann
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            Jostoy you sure are a worker. Your cleaning the house reminds me of all the times we moved and I left the houses spotless and the movers always asked me why. Men!

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          Good SUNNY Morning! Not even suppose to hit 20 degrees today...BRRRRRR!

          Uncle Dave had a stent put in yesterday afternoon. He then had to lay on his back for 3 hrs...major pain for him, so they gave him lots of pain meds. They kept him overnight, and we'll see if the doctor releases him today or not. Long and exhausting day for Aunt J. She texted me around 9pm and planned to be back there early this morning to make sure Uncle D had help doing necessary things. He hates to ask for help, but sometimes you need it.

          Yesterday was pretty productive in the kitchen. I baked 4 carrot cakes & made 6 cream pies. Simmered a whole chicken all afternoon so that I can make soup today. Took Blaise to karate. Lazy evening. I've got a book that caught my interest right away. Books normally take me a month or longer to read, but I've been reading this one for a week & almost have it done.

          Yesterday Blaise had a Math test. I emailed his teacher & told her I offered an incentive if he got an A. She told me she'd grade it immediately & let me know. He did it! He almost has a B for the report card period. He got a solid F last 6 weeks. I was so proud of him! Now, the last 6 weeks was multiplication & division which was a real bugger for him. This 6 weeks it been time & shapes. Time was a bit confusing to him...story problems figuring out what time it would be if you add or subtract minutes. It's not like you are working with nice even numbers and obvious answers. You are working with units of 5's & 60's.

          Not sure what today will bring. Will probably take some soup over to Aunt J's. Making Italian Wedding soup. Need to go to the local butcher and get some meat.

          Hey, speaking of meat. I picked up a corn beef from Aldi's last week when they had it for $1.99/lb. I've never cooked one. How do I make it?

          Have a good one all!


          • Paula A
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            My corned beef always comes in a package with cooking directions that say to put all the juices from the package and the spice included into a pot with water to cover. Bring to a boil and then cook for the number of hours your size beef needs...I add the carrots much earlier than the potatoes and the cabbage I cook in the liquid after the meat is done, and I take the meat out, then cook the cabbage.
            Are you making colcannon, too?
            It is mashed potatoes with cooked shredded cabbage in it and I also add some green onions..
            So good!
            Pinterest has a lot of colcannon recipes.

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          I had a horrible thought as I was drifting off to sleep last night: what if warmer weather doesn't come?? that kind of woke me up for a bit and now I am ready to just make it a good day no matter what like JoG said.

          It is raining out. It started in the morning which meant we did not go out. And I had cleaned up the yard and swept all the water off the play mats (at the bottom of the slides) for nothing! There is water on the patio as well, so no playing there, either. It gets a little crazy for the kids to be inside so much. They all are used to a lot of outside time at their homes as well as a good bit here. Of the 6 children, 5 live in the country and the other child has a big yard and is outside all the time. the baby lives in the country, too, but you know...and most of these kids have boots and play out in the wet weather, too, but at home they have more clothes to change out of and a mom who has to change only one child who gets wet...

          Snowball bushes! We have those here and I have one in my front yard in the corner where I was thinking of planting some other flowers. My grandmother had a huge one in her yard. I also have a bridal wreath in the back. I had not known the snowball was a part of the hydrangea family, but it totally makes sense as the heads look like smaller hydrangeas. Lots of those around here, too. And crape myrtles.
          The camellias are in bloom now. Was it you, Karlinann, that said to hammer the stems when you pick them to soak up water better in a bowl? I have not done that and of course, they don't last long if you just pick them off and place the heads in a shallow dish, which is what I see people around here doing.

          I also came looking for information from Aunt Maye. Prayers continuing for them.

          The almond trees at my mom's are too old and produce a bitter almond, so no, we don't eat them. I do have friends who give me the large almonds that the stores sell. and lots of free walnuts! I grew up with walnuts that my grandmother would send home with us from visits and any recipe that called for any nuts got walnuts. it took me many years into my marriage before I started buying pecans. And luckily, most friends give out shelled walnuts. there are many walnut orchards that have their own shelling and processing plant so very few end up cracking their own nuts. And along the highway there are walnut trees that people go and pick up the walnuts that drop and then take and shell or let their kids do it and then sell them. the walnuts you buy in the store have to go through a bleach bath process to kill bugs, etc and that is why a lot of people get sores from eating walnuts and thnk they don't like them. Here, getting them from the rancher, we don't have that and we also have the top mild tasting walnuts, Mayettes and chandlers. I have also had a jred walnut! Looks great on the frosting of a red velvet cake.
          Ok, sorry for going off on nuts.

          I am ready for the day, or at least as ready as I can be, the toddler and the infant brother will be here a little later this morning will be picked up a little earlier. Their mom has a meeting at the Dept of Ed so that makes my day a little less stressful, especially at the end of it.

          I sure hope you all get the medical answers and help you have been waiting for.
          My DIL went back to work Monday and I guess that is a good thing: she must feel up to it. And even though she works in MD, the company is owned and run on the Japanese work ethic.

          I am just thinking about the sunshine above my clouds and hoping some of it is shining where you are.


          • karlinann
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            Paula, I am pretty sure they are not Hydrangea, but they are that type of flower head. I had them in TN, both the Sno Ball and the Nikko Blue Hydrangea. Beautiful.

            Mashing the stems helps any type of budding bush or tree force it's blooms. You can do it to peach trees, pussy willows, forsythia bushes, etc., but I tried it with the Camellia stems and they barely opened. I suppose they are unique. I just love them though. I am going to go online now and research the Sno Ball.

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          The Japanese Snow Ball bush and the Hydrangea have similar characteristics, but they are not the same species. The JSBB is actually in the Viburnum family. I love Viburnums, but I truly love all Hydrangeas too. I have two Hydrangea's in pots right now and I hope they bloom this year. They almost died on me. Florida is tough on Hydrangea's.
          "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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            I call my hydrangea a snowball and it no where ready to fact nothing is sprouting through this darn snow and cold and will not for a few months. Walnuts are like money in a shell around expensive and I only buy a small bag for cookies etc. My Texas sil sends bagged almonds every Christmas and I just sit and eat them...sometimes she sends some that also have cinnamon on them..yum! Never heard of a red walnut. Black are what we have around here.

            I am back from my errands and having my first cup of coffee. Did buy a coke for caffeine on the way home so I was not climbing the walls but coffee is coffee. I paid the tax man,,,grrr... and am getting a pittance back from the Feds...have to pay this darn old state again. I Hate tax season!

            Glad David is getting better. Hope Maye does not worry or work herself to hard in caring for him. He will feel so much better quickly.

            Guess we are having meatloaf for supper since that is what is sitting in the fridge. Jon mashed potatoes with philly cheese and sour cream last night so all I have to do is heat them up. They are a make ahead recipe. All I have to do is make a salad...last night he made hamburger helper for the two of them. I don;t eat that stuff and he has told me not to worry about cooking every night. Well, tell me that twice? Nope once was enough cuz I heard him!!

            My shoulder is getting sore never really stopped hurting and I guess I did something to it. Better learn to live with it and glad I did not buy yarn to try crocheting again. Guess those days really are over. Do need to get my eyes checked and I am putting it off because I bet the other eye is ready to have its cataract removed. I know it is easy but seems like there is just always something when you get old.

            Jostoy, my sister has had her house shown twice this week so maybe things are opening up. She got crappy offers so nothing was even promising but at least it has shown. I don;t think my son is even going to put his back up. If my other son would win the lottery I would be house hunting in a minute of his winnings! Hear that the billion dollar winner finally claimed his prize? Can you imagine? But i would not claim it until I was far far away from here for sure!!!! Enough dreaming..laundry is piling up. Temps in the 20s already and sun is still shining. Snow turning to rain predicted for tomorrow. Blues on the west coast tonight so a late game...should take a nap and prepare!

            Good luck with the cardiologist Jo, that who I got the blood work this morning. Everyone wants a part of me!!!!


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              did it say if the winner is still in their area? CA will not let you be anonymous in accepting your winnings.
              cream cheese sounds great in the potatoes!


              • maxie
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                I don't know if the winner fled the area or not but Jon did tell me you cannot be anonymous in Illinois either. That is why I would be long gone and set up in a new area before I came back here to claim it. Cream cheese and sour cream were always the 'holiday' potatoes when my mom was alive...took me a while to realize we could eat them anytime. Duh! And they are even better after sitting overnight. A leftover that is never leftover for long!

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              The only thing showing any growth here are the weeds. Oh, and the elm trees in the back yard are starting to bud their leaves. The pistach tree in front is either late or dead. Probably just late. But native trees on the block are all green here.

              Picked up myprescription today. We went to lunch afterwards. Our favorite restaurant is going to close in the near future, when their lease runs out. Village Inn, the only restaurant that has pie, will be gone for good. They wonít tell you when, exactly.

              Taters! The Golden veggie. The veggie that saved Ireland. Love potatoes (except with garlic, which I cannot stomach, probably since my mom made me eat raw cloves of it when I got sick). Cheesy mashed potatoes are really, really good!
              Hmmmmm. We are having pork chops in beans, and cornbread....wonder if E wants to split a nuked potato tonight, too.

              Create a beautiful day wherever you go.