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Tuesday, March 5

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  • Tuesday, March 5

    Good morning you beautiful Rounders! I'm very glad to be able to post to you each and every morning. Do you realize how many people in the world would love to have an opportunity to relate to others, share dreams and life changing ideas, troubles and woes, inspiration and hope? I'm sure there are many and that is why I'm proud to be among them.

    Ok, I'm not sure all of you saw my late post yesterday concerning the call from DH's foot doc's office. They called at 8 am to tell him to get back into the boot and to come in this Thursday for the pre surgical consult. So after that call dh immediately went into "Let's rearrange the computer and get everything on one level so I won't have to step down." Our computer was in the family room, which is a step down from the dining room on one side and the master bedroom on the other side. The MBR has double doors separating it and the DR is open. Personally I think it's a wasted room because it does not have enough wall space and there is a bkfst bar in it, a door to the garage, and sliders to the Lanai. Do you see the problem here. Anyway, we moved the computer to the bedroom becuz that is where the modem is located and we had stretched it under those double doors when we had it in the FR. You would not believe the dust bunnies where we had to move the bed over and we had one that was a full fledged bunny. I'm so ashamed. So everything got a good dusting and cleaning and it works, but I will be posting later every morning due to letting dh sleep and wanted to let you know.

    I pulled up weeds, and tree seedlings, (Live Oak), and transplanted another Lantana. The birds drop the seeds for the Lantana and I thought it was poisonous. What do I know. Those crows will eat anything. Hey, lately I've been seeing a Hawk really close to the yard. You have to be careful around them cuz one flew within inches of my head once and I do know they have attacked people and lacerated their scalp and face. Gory thought.

    Yesterday morning I could walk almost normal, but as the day wore on I was dragging that leg again. I'm still doing the exercises and hoping for a 100% turnaround. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good SUNNY Morning! It's sunny, but very frigid...-5. Surprised school wasn't delayed, but glad it wasn't. I don't think they've gone a complete full week since the beginning of January. There has either been a holiday, cancelation, or some delay every week.

    Yesterday was very unproductive. I got up, got Blaise on the bus, and then headed north to have breakfast & chat with Becca. Came home exhausted & took a nap. My get up & got just left the house yesterday. I did make taco meat, and iced a carrot cake. Big whoop. Took Blaise to karate. Ended up falling asleep in my recliner for the night, but I woke clear minded & with some energy this morning. I think I actually got a full 8 hrs sleep.

    When delivering the cake & pie to the restaurant which is only down over the hill from me, I ask the cooks if they happen to hear anything about the accident at our house Saturday night. Well here it ends up that the guy is the son of one of the prep cooks. Here the reason he was bleeding so profusely was his ear was partially ripped off. The girl messed up her wrist really bad. They both wanted to check out of the hospital AMA to go look for their dog, The Mom posted on FB early Sunday morning about the dog, and someone saw the post, went home a different direction to see if she saw the dog, and it was found! The Mom called the ICU unit immediately and told the nurse to inform the kids that the dog was found. That they'd both calm down, and they did. The dog was in the yard of the house across the road from ours. Thank the Lord! I was glad I ask, because I was wondering what happen. The accident literally happened only about a 1/4 mile from the Mom's house. Small world.

    This morning I plan to bake 4 carrot cakes for the freezer. I just did that a couple weeks ago, but the restaurant has been selling it like crazy, which is good for both of us. I guess people have given up on their New Years resolutions. LOL! Not sure what the rest of the day will bring. Blaise has karate.

    I had a gentleman email me asking about baking lessons. Don't know it that'll happen or not. He ask if he could join another class of people when I had the next one. I hated to tell him he was the first one to ask in years. I just have it on my card incase someone wanted lessons. Personally I think that would be a great wedding or shower gift.

    Time to get busy. Glad to hear your husband is getting taken care of Karlinann. Now if JoG's Ellis would get taken care of quickly.

    Have a good one all!


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      Good morning...I can't find my go this morning...I just don't want to leave the basesment at all today!!!!! I don't want to work...I don't want to deal with people...I don't know what my problem is!!!


      • karlinann
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        Oh, I know, I know! It's called having to work and deal with stuff and Asperger's Syndrome. I feel the pain.

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      could it be the winter blahs Beth? That must be a real thing, because I think we all have a touch of it.

      I called my tax office yesterday and the receptionist said they had called me and left a message that my taxes were ready...not sure how I missed that but it meand that Saturday I will be going up and signing and paying the office. I did not think to ask her what the result of it is. jEvery question I asked she had to keep going to look at it (?), like aARe they done? and How much do I owe the office? I didn't want to call back and ask anything else, so I will call today and not at 5:00 like yesterday. They do stay open till 6:00 but she really sounded a bit stressed when I called. Also, I want to ask (not sure if I really will) why my taxes cost so much more to do this year. Maybe the son is charging me as a new client, but I do want to know...if the dad was just being nice, or if this year's preparation was more work, whatever, I just wondered why it was 280.00 last year and 315.00 this year. It's all a deductible Next year, but I don't need more deductions, I need more income! lol

      I totally see your DR problem, Karlinann, because that is my living room problem: door and huge window on front wall, fireplace on another wall and piano on the third wall with the living room opening into the dining area where a fourth wall would be...makes for not too many ways to rearrange furniture. When I did not have a tv in the living room it was a bit easier. When I don't do daycare anymore and the daycare will once again become the family room, it will all be good. Looking at photos of the years we did not have a tv in the LR I really like it. In those days each kid had their own tv and we had one in our bedroom and one in the daycare...So the living room was always clean, decorated and ready for company!

      We have to watch for hawks around here with small pets. When we had puppies I would always see hawks flying around. You could never just let the puppy outside by themselves.

      Cookielady, maybe their resolutions were to eat more veggies! Carrot cake: works for me! Just too much work for me, I guess. I have not mastered the food processor and grating the carrots is just something I don't look forward to. Jus tfor special people and occasions.

      It seems one of us has something every night this week. When Becky was volunteering last night at the shelter she said the guests were sharing juice and sweet rolls they were given. I hadn't thought of juice. Becky said they have water and milk but people were loving the juice. I am going to take some in with the food Friday.

      I am happy to hear/read that the doctors are on it for your husband, Karlinann. And agree that we sure hope that JoGee and E's dr get on it for them.
      And that the real estate market starts moving and Jostoy's house is sold. I always think there is a house for everybody and we just need to get that right person to see her house.

      I need to move on out and do a little clean up in the yard. It is light enough and I have to clear the water away. I swear I want to lay down towels to soak it all up from the two low spots it always collects.
      Rain is coming in again tonight but we should be able to go out today.

      Sorry about that frigid air, happy for the sunshine!


      • karlinann
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        Paula, my awkward room is the Family Room. Our Dining Room is part of our Living Room and it's an open concept, but it does have a chandelier. That Family Room is a wasted room in my opinion.

        Your food processer should have a steel blade that came with it and that is the fastest way to chop foods. Mine has the shredder blade but that is too much work for me, so I just use the steel blade for almost everything. Try it.

        Whoa! Your taxes are expensive girl. I would definitely ask why.

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      Your problem is called WINTER is just so darn depressing especially since we are not used to winters like this around here anymore. I saw the weather earlier and the temp was 11 with a wind chill of -6. But the sun is shining. Know what you mean about these kids not having a full week of school either. Actually I hope they take a day or two from their Easter break to makeup a couple of days. I like school ending in mid May. Kids are done and over school and so am I! However, I see them going into June this year. To much snow and ice in a rural area for the buses to handle safely.

      Jon is back to work today. Sierra spent the night with a friend so the house is empty. Funny how everyone can be in bed and I am up alone but when they are totally absent from the house it has a different feel. Andrew will be back tonight and I have to find something to cook. Wonder if a box of mac and cheese qualifies as a meal? Naw, I wouldn't do that or would I? Tomorrow I have a big day out. Taxes are finally finished. Did not ask the out come just the price of preparation...they only take cash or check so I need to have one ready. Then getting my hair cut! Boy do I need this cut!! But first I have to have fasting blood work. I'll do that first then hop over for a coke and gas before starting the rest of the running. Must have caffeine and I do not drink coffee from strong! But that is all tomorrow morning early so I may have to be coming here later in the day.

      We have the word of renewal of Sierra's car insurance. They moved her into risk. We are angry since they lumped all our indiscretions into one and punished her. Her monthly insurance has raised to almost $300 a month. Her entire paycheck will pay insurance. Yes I am angry but I am also angry with her and have decided to bow out. I actually decided to bow out a few weeks ago. She must make her own mistakes and pay for her own errors, weather they be in poor decision making or gotchas from the world. I know people get gotchas and you gotta roll with them but you have to also learn from them and I just see her not caring. I would move out but it helps Jon having me here. It has helped him get his life in shape and I would move out in a heartbeat if he would find a nice lady. My helping with the bills and being here for Andrew has helped him but my being here for Sierra has just extended a relationship that needs to go to another level. I am not her parent and personally I am tired of parenting her. Life lessons need to be learned by yourself but watching her throw it all away is hard. Her maturity has gone backward with this bum of a boyfriend. I am 71 years old and have raised my boys and obviously did not do a very good job with the granddaughter so it is time to get out of the mommy business. Yep, that is a whine...but I gotta do something for my own mental health and not worrying about her mistakes would be a big step. I know none of what she has done is immoral or illegal but it is so damn dumb and if she would just listen. Or see that therapist on a serious basis. Ok, done and over with the whine. Now back to bitching out the weather!!

      Oh Paula I saw that Southwest airfare to Hawaii...OMG! Can you imagine? Last fall they had some icelantic air or whoever to Greenland for the Northern lights at like $69 and my sister and I kicked ourselves for not taking that seriously. That is on my bucket see the northern lights and Cardinal Spring training.

      No plans for today...been attacked by rabid dust bunnies a time or two Karlinann. They do grow up to be big guys! Our power went out yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours so I cleaned out my jammie drawer. Found my lost jeans, I know, how did they get into the jammie drawer? Threw out some old jams and found an entire new package of socks. Now I need to clean out the sock drawer to make room which is probably why they were in my jammie room in the sock drawer. But the power came back on so I could go back to the tv.

      I am on a gibberish run here again with a whine thrown in for drama. Will give you a rest and sign off. Going to miss you being here bright and early mornings Karlinann. I really like getting up and knowing you have been here to greet us.


      • karlinann
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        Maxie, dh does not sleep much past 6 am so I won't be too late posting, but it may change after his surgery. I'll have more to do.

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      Good morning.

      Had my checkup yesterday. Told my NP about the last 2 weeks....she thinks I had flu symptoms plus allergies. Told her about my sporadic heart beats, so she had me walk up and down the hall with her a bit. She thinks I may be developing a cardio problem. But E will be monitoring me on the gizmo we have at home and save the results for my next visit.
      We will see if it goes away, but if it gets worse I can call her.
      I told her about the cardiac doc (a very old man) I saw after surgery, and that he scares the begezus out of me. I had an A-fib in the hospital....just one, a fluke. He said my heart had a very slow drip, nothing to worry about. But then he said itís at the back of my heart where they canít get pictures to see it. Heíd love to open me up and see it. And do I understand heíd have to break my ribs to do that. And in his office he would do little unexpected things he knows will scare a person, and heíd try to set off an A-fib on me. Iím glad I keep E close by! Anyway, my NP was shocked at my description, and shook her head saying doctors are NOT supposed to scare patients, but make them feel better.
      I go back on April Fools Day

      As for E, he is totally frustrated with this hospital. His chest pains started in late Dec/early January. He has had the bloodwork, the ďpicturesĒ taken (99 to them), wore the monitor for 6 weeks. The doctor he saw never got back with him. He managed to get an earlier appointment to see what is going on in him. After many hours on the phone, mostly on hold, he has an appointment on March 15, but with a different cardiologist.
      It looks like he got a call from the hospital, but he answered and they hung up. He called the number back, but you only get the switchboard for the entire hospital system. There is no way to find out exactly who called.
      Frustratingly enough, he was waiting on a call for his medication. He called the doctor for a refill 3 days ago. Yesterday he took his last pill. He checked his online hospital records, and itís not even listed there now. I think he will drive over to the clinic today and ask the PCP to write the prescription.
      E is already making plans to drop out of this hospital system. He needs to call Medicare for some answers, but go to other doctors. We will share the PCP, as she isnít affiliated with any of the hospitals. (I will stay with my NP til we leave, because she is so very good to me.)

      Well, thank you ladies for the well wishes with the doctor situation, yesterday and today. You keep me knowing the problem isnít us, itís them!

      So that is what is going on here. The medical part isnít too far flung from a soap opera, isnít it?

      Well, today is Fat Tuesday, or Paczki Day, isnít it? Gotta get my Paczki (Jelly Donut) today.
      Itís pronounced ďpunch-keyĒ. I wish we had a Polish bakery here...I think authentic Paczkis are a different, richer recipe. But donuts are donuts in the long run.
      For Fat Tuesday (ďEat, drink, and be merry to excess, for tomorrow is the beginning of Lent and 40 days of fasting til Easter!Ē) and itís the end of Mardi Gras. Such decadence does sound sinful, doesnít it. LOL
      i think Lent is a perfect time to lose a few pounds, and cut out the snacks. The man spoils me, I not only still have valentineís candy left, but he has picked up some Easter sweets, Girl Scout cookies, and I donít even have to ask if the Easter Bunny is leaving candies, too. Well, I can always save them in the cupboard for company.

      Which reminds me....Hersheyís has a new Kiss called Lava Cake. Itís chocolate candy kisses with a liquid chocolate center. Heaven!

      With that, I had better get my breakfast.
      i hope you all have a great day! ☀️

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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Just talked to my cousin Karen. She's taken her Dad to the ER with chest pains....of course Aunt J/Aunt Maye is along. They have a great sense of humor, and Uncle D said, "As long as I don't breath, I'll be fine."


        • karlinann
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          I sure hope he is okay.

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        I do hope he is okay, too.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Hope all is well with them Cookie. Keep us updated..


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            oh my gosh!
            prayers and thanks for letting us know


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              Cookie, that is exactly what Edith was doing. Having chest pains when she took a breath. She showed she needed 4 by-passes. She never came back to us from that 4 by-pass surgery.
              Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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                For what it's brother survived his quadruple bypass. So there is always hope.
                Funny thing, he was getting his surgery at the same time I had my first big surgery. We were 2,000 miles apart.
                He has recovered well.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.