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Monday, March 04

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  • Monday, March 04

    Good morning Rounders! March came in like a lamb for us, so that typically means it will go out like a lion, but I'm praying it won't. Currently we are having a soft rain, which is great because the wind blew really hard yesterday and dried everything up. Welcome rain!

    Today we will go to the Olive Garden to dig into the endless pasta bowl special going on. We will also swing by the imaging center and pick up the disk so we will have it before next weeks appt. with the foot doctor.

    I got plenty of sleep, but I need coffee and it's finished so here I go. Have a good day and I'll be back. Peace & Plenty.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Good morning...My parents rescued a dog on Saturday...she is with them on a visit for a week....They all are or were loving each other until this morning...when mom got up and stopped long enough to use the bathroom little Josie decided she couldn't wait and went on the carpet!!

    I was never more greatful to get a text from my sister at 630 this morning cancelling going to work out. It was just to cold to get up that early.

    Today is work...then groceries and cooking lasanga in my insta pot.


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      good Morning.

      sun is shining but it is COLD... got about 1 1/2 inch of snow. roads are bare.. so David and I will get out to the LIbrary,, and then on to Walmart.. a few groceries needed... plus we are almost out of Cat Food...that would be bad!

      crocheting up a storm.. thanks to donna , I have all this yarn I can use up... I have 4 and 3/4 of another Crib Afghans made. running low on some colors.. when the one I am working on is done.. the next one will be a wild assortment with lots of bright oranges ,reds. dark shades of blues.. maybe making a bigger afhgan for my couch .) but its all more productive than watching Tv ..

      hey be back later.. gotta get moving ,, love your blue print Bethina ....Karlin ,we went to a restaurant that serves It. Food (plus other goodies) and had spagetti on Sat.. huge servings.. D. and I shared the Small order and still have some to bring home. come with Hugh salad...
      HI Ladies one and all.


      • Paula A
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        Aunt Maye, our Walmart has s many bare areas on their shelves. cat food was one of them I am thinking the storms are slowing down the deliveries.
        toilet paper was another area that the shelves were not stocked. Neither of those two are things I can run out of!

      • maxie
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        When I questioned walmart about empty shelves they told me they have not back stock and put out everything that comes in. The last time I shopped was before our last storm so I understand people stocking up but empty shelves seems to be something new from walmart at anytime.

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      Beth, that is awesome your mom and dad are trying to rescue. It is a process and one that is so worth the effort. I bet the shelter or wherever they got Josie from will have some ideas to help make the transition.

      Karlinann, thanks for opening up each morning and being so positive. Just that greeting of Peace and Plenty is enough to make me smile and face my day: diapers, toddlers and all!

      Today will be a lot of green and tissue paper blossoms. Not the pom pom style flowers but little squares of tissue paper the kids scrunch up and glue on their construction paper tree to look like our trees which are in bloom. The fruitless pears that are planted near the exit ramps on the interstate are all blooming as well as the almond trees. I don't have any I can see from my house but you can smell them! At the end of my street, turning onto one of the main streets, you see them. This jpart of town was an almond orchard 100 years ago owned by my great grandparents. As they needed money they sold off acres and homes were built. Lots of those old trees remain. My mother's property is all that remains in the family and she has a number of almond trees on the perimeter of her property. Most are white but a couple are pink and so it is really pretty.

      I am calling about my taxes today. the suspense is killing me! I was hoping to go up this past Saturday to sign and pay, but now will have to wait until next Saturday, hopefully. Their week day hours do not work for me to get up there after daycare.

      anyway, it will be what it will be (said in my Doris Day voice). Patience is not my strongest virtue and what I have I pretty much use up in daycare!

      Rain has already fallen outside and it will not be an outside day for playing. I have learned that the three older ones can not be left alone for even a few minutes and when I say Don't throw rocks (which they had been doing) then the next time they threw mud..In the course of 5 minutes as I tried to keep the babies in and let the bigger ones play outside. So, we talked about why we will all be inside or we will all be outside. Teaching consequences is tough!

      I hope you all have a good day no matter what the weather and who you are with! You can always drop by here for some cake: Becky made a chocolate sour cream bundt cake and then a friend brought by a chocolate cake when we weren't home so now we are ready for company!

      Bless you all and your loved ones and your house for sale and anything you are dealing with! I am dealing with those taxes


      • karlinann
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        Make me a pot of coffee to go with that chocolate cake and girl I'm so there. I could not deal with running a daycare. You must have the patience of Job.

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      Good morning...yep Beth it is way to cold to get up this morning. 6* this morning with a wind chill of -10. School was cancelled because of the condition of the secondary roads. Winter just will not give up!

      My taxes are done so need to get them picked up...I did not ask for the results. Just to early in the morning for that! I will call for a haircut now and then get the blood work done. 3 jobs in one trip! Did laundry yesterday but did not finish. Always a pile somebody is bringing in. Did do the ironing that was stacking up. We went out to the mall and grabbed a quick bite. Went on down to the river and there was a search and recovery wrapping up. Going to resume today. Never saw anything like that before. It was so cold and windy and the river was flowing so fast...miserable weather for a miserable job.

      Jon sees the doctor today and will probably go back to work tomorrow. It hasn't been bad having him around..he did most of the cooking! And he would run out for those little things. He tried to shovel snow yesterday and stopped so he is not totally healed. But it is time to reclaim the house for many people around all the time!

      Time to fix another cup of coffee and start the day. Have a headache developing but think this is the sun bouncing off all that icky white out there...or not. The southern end of our snow storm brought a lot of tornadoes south. Those poor people in Alabama and Georgia. Seems like the the weather is always having some type of a hissy fit! Have a good day!


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        Good Afternoon. The sun's been shining off & on, but bitter cold out there. We got at least 2-3" of snow yesterday, which surprised me.

        Yesterday was primarily a relaxing day. Did get laundry done & bed stripped & put back together.

        Had energy when I got up this morning. Called Becca, and we met for breakfast up by her place, which is 40 min away. Got home around noon, and I'm exhausted...too many carbs maybe?

        Have a good one all!


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          Good morning.
          Today I see my NP. I hope the labs tests come out okay. I pretty much feel like Iím over whatever had me feeling bad these past 2 weeks.
          Last night, for a change, I got over 7 hrs sleep, possibly 8 hrs. Maybe. Must have needed it.

          My appt is noon for labs. So I should be there til 3 at least.

          Donít know whether E wants to eat out afterwards. I can swing a good dinner at home, too. Way quicker than restaurant food, and as good if not better. Thank goodness for Costco Ďs take out potato of the best we have had. Didnít have to add anything to it. I can reheat chicken, or make steakíums to go with it. And fruit. And shortcuts seem to come naturally to me. Too many years of working while raising kids does that. Mostly didnít work when I married E. He said kids come first, and I adore him for that.

          So back to today. Nothing else is bound to get done. Iím showered and dressed to go, so not messing with the stuff thatís being mostly discarded.

          The weathers nice in the 70ís today. Hotter weather coming. I think Saturday is a deep dive to the 60ís again, then up again. This is the weirdest weather. But the numbers may change unexpectedly. The thermometer has be mesmerized because of it. It always surprises me when a weatherman says ďUnexpectedly, the conditions are about to change with this drastic reason.Ē It happens more now than in the past, Iím sure of it.

          Wishing you all some unexpected break from winter weather, and shoo away those lions and lambs!
          have a good day.☀️
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Hope you get good news today...