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February 11, Monday

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  • February 11, Monday

    I researched the Statin drug and the side effects are dangerous. I'll call my doctor today and tell him I am not going to take that med. I will have to stick to a very healthy diet and lower that bad cholesterol myself. See, this is how the downfall starts, they put unsuspecting older people on these drugs and they don't tell them that they may get kidney failure down the road, not to mention the Myalgia and the many other side effects. Not this girl. That is too scary. Just go on WebMD and check out all the side effects.

    DH has a dr appt this morning and I hope she gives him a good report. I'll be going into the room with him. He has cabin fever so bad that it just makes me hurt for him. He has only had one PB friend to visit and a couple of calls from another. After this tile job is finished I'm taking him somewhere every day to get him out of the house. It breaks my heart to see him go through this. Friday is his birthday and I'm taking him to a nice Italian place.

    Okay my peeps, I need to inform all of you that I will be taking a hiatus from the forum in order to get my life straightened out. That is another thing to suffer if you have AS, the not being able to let go of things. I know I'll get centered again, but until I do I'm worthless to this forum and would not be the positive persona that you should expect.

    Thank you for your support and understanding in advance. You people are awesome. Peace & Plenty
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    Karlinann...I hate to hear that you are going to take a break...but as a fellow aspy I totally understand...I also know that these wonderful people on this board will accept you good band and ugly all in one...they all are some of the best at understanding...Maybe you just need maxi's closet for the while. is my day...

    I don't know if my coworker will be back today...I received a very sad text from her around midnight..she is having a really really hard time missing her dad. I was supposed to be at the funeral yesterday...they couldn't even have the funeral due to the ice and the person doing the funeral couldn't even get here.


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      Oh, Karlinann, you will be sorely missed while you are on hiatus. I do hope you and your DH will be feeling better very soon. .

      Good morning to all. ☕️
      I still am dealing with sinus congestion, but it is getting better. The stomach “bug” comes and goes.
      Today we will hit the mid-50’s, tomorrow 70° (I’m concentrating on warmth). The thermometer yo-yo’s between those numbers. This is the craziest weather ever. I shouldn’t complain, as my DD in WA is (or about to be) clobbered with 10” of snow. I do not like cold weather.

      I wish E was doing better ... he has a daily run-in with chest pain. But he says “it’s under control”. I just encourage him to “sit a while”, and he gets absorbed in reading. He did have a little fall in the garage, and his entire pinkie finger is one big dark bruise. How do you land on a pinkie anyway?

      Stuff is getting done here, but at a slower pace. I will be frying up a bunch of hamburger meat today. Part will go into a mushroom sauce for stroganoff, the rest in spaghetti sauce. Then I’ll cook pasta and see which sauce he will want.
      Actually the mushroom one will go over cooked or baked diced potatoes as well, with a side veggie or salad. I’m using smaller plates for smaller portions, so E can concentrate on losing some weight.

      And i I guess I’d soon best be scrounging up something for breakfast. Right now I’m sipping some blackberry tea, and it’s yummy.

      I wish you all you all a good day today. ☀️

      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good Morning! It's a white one here. Oh Karlinann….you'll be missed! Hurry back.

        Yesterday was a busy one. I spent the afternoon cooking. Tried 2 new recipes. Both need tiny tweaks, but will definitely be done again. I made chicken pot pie and soft pretzel nuggets. The crust for the pot pie was very good. We had fun playing cards.

        The snow started falling not long after we got there, but it was a wet one, so I didn't worry. Around 830 my youngest niece come upstairs sobbing. Here 4 young girls on their way to a Young Life meeting were in a horrible car accident. Two of them died instantly. One of the ones that died was very close to my niece. Maddie mentored her. Maddie is just devastated. Please pray for all involved.

        This morning me, my 2 girls, my SIL, & niece were suppose to clean at my Mom's house, but Mom canceled it last night due to the weather. She didn't want to worry about all of us being on the roads. The roads are fine now. Think I'll do some paperwork. First I need to find some energy.

        Have a good one all!


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          Oh, donna, that is awful! those families and friends are going to be suffering and will need all the prayers and comfort tht can be offered. I will sure be praying for them.

          Karlinann, First: thank you so much for the exercises! One of them (bend knee and pull over the other leg) was exactly what my physical therapist showed me to do when he first saw me limping. And I have been doing the others since you told me and I think that is one reason Saturday went so well.
          Please don't think you have to be 100% Up for us. We are all here for each other and sometimes we need someone else to help make up the difference when we are down. Whatever it takes for you to feel good, but I am going to feel anxious until I see your name again! I also just realized I didn't keep your return address on the baskets you sent so I would love it if you would send me your address so I can send a message....

          I do feel much better this morning. I did not stay for my organizational meeting after church; I had coughed once into my handkerchief and one of the other women very quietly, and slowly just started leaning away and moving back and I thought, She is very nervous about being around me. thank heaven I did not cough once more during our church meet. During the middle hymn I did walk out to get a drink of water and cough...I decided to just go home afterwards and then stayed in and just relaxed.
          We ahre watching The West Wing series. In Season 2 now and watch on the weekend. Relaxing and takes my mind off of pretty much everything else.

          Now, back to my regular programming (remember when the tv announcer would say that after they interrupted with some news report?)
          Kids and gathering all the numbers for the tax appointment on this coming Saturday. (Are you as tired as I am of hearing me say anything about taxes?) One good thing: kind of: I read that people were upset because they were getting less of a return than normal. Which I thought was kind of good in that the IRS was getting returns to people. I can't remember exactly why it is, but I do remember that last year my accountant said I was the first client that it looked like would be effected. So that is one reason I am trying to find all deductions and expenses to lesson any effect. One thing I did this year was I wrote down any and all cash donations (REd Kettle) and sales which usually go unlisted, like yard sale toys, etc. They make a difference when I added it all up. jI am also just a bit nervous about seeing a different accountant; I know he probably uses the same software his father does, but I don't know him...

          Ok, I better get moving.
          Praying for all of you. The girls and their friends and families and
          Karlinann, that you can feel good. You brighten my day and so many have said the same thing!
          Jo, tell E he is in my prayers, too and I am so grateful you guys have each other.
          all of you Rounders, make such a difference in my life. thanks so much!


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            Good is damp and cold and suppose to rain buckets. An Ice storm yesterday and then inches of rain today. I know my eldest has been dealing with rain for several days and is about flooded out. I think I am tired of listening to the weather guy...he never says anything good!

            I have no idea what to do for supper. I know we need a supply of meat but that is not my job to purchase. There is chicken in there and I could throw gravy on it with mashed potatoes. Yes, you should feel sorry for my family...I would live off fast food and stuff from a can if left alone. Both my brothers and my sister are very good cooks and think nothing of producing a meal and that gene sure jumped over me! My boys cook but maybe that is because their father was a worse cook than their mother? I'm a good eater but a horrible cooker!

            Oh, Karlinann you will be missed. Can't we convince you that we do not care what your mood is? We just like having you around! But take a break if you must then come back quickly. Take care of your husband and that injury. Cookie, so sorry for your niece and her loss. We lost 3 of Sierra friends last year in a highway accident and it is devastating. Jo I also wish E could get a diagnoses and then some relief. I will be happy when you settled in a smaller place and can relax.

            No plans for today. The temps warmed up yesterday so the ice melted. Sierra said the secondary roads were much better than the interstate yesterday morning. I need to grocery shop but do not want to get out and be hauling groceries and slide on ice that didn't melt. Jon is off today but has a doctor appointment at 1:00 so that breaks the entire day...he won;t be home until almost time to meet the bus. He is going to drop off Sierra's taxes and deliver the missing paper from his. Been reading stories of really mad people not getting returns. Hope my family fares better. I wonder if the government shuts down again Friday if the people who owe have to pay up on time while the people getting refunds need to wait?
            I wonder if the republicans would really have the nerve to do it all over again? Nothing surprises me anymore. Not even this stupid not normal winter...

            Well guess I need to get moving. There is laundry but the house has stayed clean. Blues won in overtime and I finished my book so it was a good weekend. Time to start a new week. Karlinann do not be gone to long...will miss you not starting our day and remember it doesn;t have to be cheery...I am a grouch and still check in daily!

            Stay warm everyone..


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              This computer has made me sign into my accounts. how do I remember my passwords? Then they send you new passwords and this is a big fat hassle! Especially since my email account was one I could not get into...and I hate sending my phone number! Sierra has been using my computer and i think she is leaving my accounts and going into hers and not bringing me back. Anyway..I think I am back in to all my little places and the computer guy called and her computer is finished. Jon is picking it up on his way home from the doctor. Guy then called back to say she needs a new battery and he will get one ordered and she can drop off the computer and he will put it in free of charge...oh we pay for the battery but his 'labor' will be free. I hate when things do not go to my plan. I like everything in order and my way. And I hate unexpected bills! And I really hate stupid anyone with any computer smarts could not get into anything they want on my computer. I am the only one locked out!!!!!! Ya know?


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                Good evening,

                I had all day , ( well, almost all day) to come join in conversation and here I am at 10pm.. writing..... 3 hours were spent from 10 to 1 . David had Pcp appointment.. the Dr. loves his patients and just won't be hurried... he goes over all little details . of the tests David had made. and so we did not get out of his office until an hour later.. went to pharmacy. then the Library.. ah , the Long stop,, the Library... then lunch...

                but the rest of the day was spent, Reading and Crocheting, and Resting.. Loved having son home for a weeks visit but takes a lot of energy..

                Karlin , no no no... I will miss you!!! love reading you post each day.. BUT I do understand the need to pull back and let life settled down....Life can get over whelming. to add to the others comments.... The Round table folks have always been ready to listen, share and comfort each other.. and we will be here for you whenever you need a shoulder.. , give you computer Hugs. so pop back in whenever you feel like it.. in the meantime, you will be Missed!.

                Donna I will return someday.. will call you
                Maxie I smile as I read about you calling yourself a Horrible cooker.... I have never been a fabulous cooker... and don't enjoy cooking.. and now I have
                forgotten how to make many things I once did automatically.. but we are surviving.. and thats good enough for me.
                Hi to everyone I did not name.. time to go to bed. my brain is tired.. read almost a whole library book today..